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SquirrelMaruAus by forestchick501 SquirrelMaruAus by forestchick501
After even MORE discussion we now have spinoffs XD

The original AU's Maru is meek, very clean-kept and all around a good pet for Mu Young, especially since that little fuzzyhead likes hiding in his shirt. The default squirrel!Maru tends to eat sunflowers but will eat any nuts offered. His hearing is about twenty percent better than canon!Maru, but he lacks the ability to produce weapons, and would be referred to as a 'pet Chachaoong'. All versions of squirrel!Maru will wrap themselves in their tails for warmth or to create a ball-like barrier.

Tiny Soldier AU:

In this AU, squirrel!Maru is more like his regular Chachaoong counterpart. He understands and can speak Korean, but tends to fall back on squeaking and chirping when in a frazzled state. This version of Maru can hyper-focus his hearing, tracking a single target's unique heartbeat in a full building. He carries a multitude of spy gear, like listening devices, flash and smokebombs, pinhole cameras, whatever is small and is what Mu Young needs to achieve his goals, and the insides of his hoodie are designed to carry every device comfortably. This Maru is serious and rarely acts like a fluffy sweet animal as his appearance would have you believe, but is incredibly polite and tends to resist overreacting in situations. His fur is naturally silky and slick due to the oils in the high quality nuts Mu Young feeds him, but sticky traps will still wind up being a problem.

Caff-Munk AU:

Cranky as fuck. This is normal Maru in a fifty-sizes-too-small body, whose been stressed to the point he no longer gives a flying fuck. While he'll be civil most of the time, he'll very quickly revert to being sarastic and rude, even going so far as to outright threaten people (Which is claimed to be something he learned from Mu Young). He still obeys Mu Young, but only after he either bites his Boss or slaps him with the very fluffy tail he wraps himself in. He can revert to the normal size of a person, but prefers being small since it allows him to actually hide from Mu Young. It's not that he hates his Boss; but he's having to go to school on top of commiting what basically amount to high-stake felonies and get put in constant danger for Mu Young's sake. He is so goddamn tired he just wants to sleep, maybe have a sunflower seed cookie, and have a peaceful day where nothing happens...Which he'll never get.

Of course neither of us own the original Kang Maru, he's Kang Im's property.
xXDarkblue-MageXx Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016
These are some pretty great ideas! ^^
forestchick501 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Caff-Munk is mostly my crack idea XD

But it's fun to see other people liking the crazy ideas we come up with ^^
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