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Q and A for Tale of TAL (Part Two) by forestchick501 Q and A for Tale of TAL (Part Two) by forestchick501
Because I do need to wait just a bit for the next few chapters to come out, let's have another round of questions and answers for Tale of TAL~! Feel free to send in as many questions as you desire about 'Tale of TAL' and any questions you'd like to ask myself or :iconinfernal-arms: herself!

As well I'll be doing more shipping drabbles, so feel free to request for those as well while we wait for the end of both these wild rides!
Sara0jan Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016
Sorry for being late, here ar the questions ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ I'm sorry if some of them were dumb m(__)m 

1- ryuguheul, how did you meet gotaya?

2- Jin, how do you feel in your new body?

3- eu-chan, choose, yi-Mae or Jin?

4- hil jo, how do you feel after you became able to see again? Do you think that your daughter and min chan are cute?

5- igantio, if you had to choose between your twin and your lover, which one would you choose?

6- bi gak, can I kick you somewhere(?) just for a second?, don't worry I will make sure that it will hurt ^^♥︎

7- jack, what do you think about your granddaughter?

8- Jenna, have you met your grandfather? How do you feel about him?

9- igantio, do you always carry LeonII with you? 

10- Yangban, what do you think about Noah's voice?

11- min chan, Noah, which one of you is better at singing?

12- Noah, how does it feel to be a ghost?

13- mu-young, I am going to adopt Jin, ok? ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

14- maru, when is the marriage going to be?

15- igantio, are you prepared to be min chan and Noah's father ?

16- cho-yi and igantio, which one of you is going to wear a dress in the marriage?

17- Jin, can I be your mom? ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

18- Eu-chan, did you know that Jin and ei-Mae are the same person? If you did then how did you find out?

19- gasun, what did you feel when you met Noah for the first time?

20- Yangban, what do you think of sae-ha's eyes ☆v☆?

21- Mano, what would you feel like if your teacher was going to marry?

22- mu-young, did you fall in love with maru the moment you met for the first time?

23- Noah, did you secretly have any progress in your relationship with gamun-be?

24- chau-chau, you didn't mind being a parent for more children?

25- min-chan, are you okay with your crush being in love with someone?

26- gotaya, what would you do if ryuguheul carried you bridal style?

27- gasun, are you in love with someone?

28- Jin, are you happy now that you're taller?

29- cho-yi, with what is happening recently when do you find Time to work?

30- Noah and min chan, what are your favorite colors?

31- Noah, do you have a secret hobby?

32- gasun, when Jin became in another body why were you the most confused one between the others? Yangban was confused as well but I noticed that you were way too confused compared to him or is it just my imagination (・ω・)?

33- Noah, now that Jin became in that guy's body... Where did that guy go?

34- cho-yi, do you know that when min chan lost her eye Mano kept poking her eye socket?

35- min chan, how is the scenery from cho-yi's shoulder?

36- haje and Mir, to what extent did your relationship reach? ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

37- Hiljo, how do you feel about your son being taken away?

38- ha na rin, what do you think of Jenna?

39- igantio, do you want to be called by 'uncle' by Jin?

40- mu-young, don't you feel anything at all to let your NOT son see your romantic relationship?

41- mu-young, just a thought popped in my head, if Eu-chan were to marry Jin then... Will not he be your son in law?

42- bi-gak, how did you find Noah?

43- maru, do you feel jealous from pinkie pie sometimes?

44- can I ask everyone how were their reactions when they saw ga ram an ga be's handmade dolls for the first time?

45- min chan and Noah, have you ever tried to change yi-mae's hairstyle?

46- Noah, which one eats more? Eu chan or cho yi?

47- Ella, did you make a magic show in the house? If you did then how was it?

48- ja-yun, do you have some conscious when you were Jin?

49- chau-chau, have you ever wondered how did Noah know about the relationship between you and the twins?

50- chau-chau, how do you feel when you see the romantic relationships your children have?

51- chau-chau, how were you playing with the twins when they were children?

52- Eu-chan, how do you feel when Jin eats your food?

53- shadow, does shade still dislikes you?

54- igantio, have you ever called chau-chau by father? If you have then how was his reaction?

55- Eu-chan, how did you feel when you saw Jin wearing big clothes? (Which were mu young's)

56- Eu-chan, did you feel jealous when ei-may wore the same scarf as Jin?

57- min-chan, what do you think of your boss when he gets pissed?

58- Noah, how was the English lesson with maru?

59- maru, what did mu young do when you told him the English sentence Noah told you to tell him?

60- Noah, did the old man somehow see eu-chan with you? If he did then how did things end up?

61- gamun-be, how was eu-chan when he was a child?

62- Eu-chan, do cats get attached to you?

63- ara, what do you think of Jenna?

64- Hiljo, did you know that when Jenna went to jin's house she went to propose to him?

65- usa, who do you like more? Shade or shadow?

66- min-chan, if I give you a mountain of tteokbokki would you give me Noah? (You can keep usa though)

67- cho-yi, who is cuter? Min-chan or Noah?

68- cho-yi and igantio, how was min chan when she used Usagi's Rampage mode for the first time in front of you?

69- Mir, how did you feel when you saw haje for the first time?

70- everyone, have you ever tried to play the king's game before? (You know, the ones we see in anime when there are sticks and the one who becomes the king gets to order the others by numbers) if you did then how was it?

71- jun, lun, tae-ho, why do you think that min-chan and Noah are errors?

72- jun, Mano, which one of you can smile better?

73- cho-yi, how did you feel when usa started to call you grampa?

74- ha-na-rin, do you like gasun?

75- Noah, do you like carrot?

76- Noah and min-chan, when ara foes with you to help at work... Does she... You know, still use axes?

77- igantio, when you help cho-yi and Noah and min-chan at work, you braid you hair, right? Do you do it yourself or does someone do it for you?

78- bi gak, why don't you admit that the cause of all you losses is mostly 『you』?
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