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Q and A for Tale of TAL by forestchick501 Q and A for Tale of TAL by forestchick501
Since Tale of TAL hit 13 chapters so far, how bout for the rest of the week the readers send in some questions?

If there's enough I'll post a special answering as many as I and :iconinfernal-arms: can give away, or if I'm not too busy, there'll be drawn answers.

Just ask your question here on this in the comments section and I'll get to it asap. Please only ask questions pertaining to 'Tale of TAL' and the characters featured in it.
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Sara0jan Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016
1- Actually, I was wondering about this for a long time, why did min chan choose to have bad legs? 

2- Can you please tell us about Noah's bunny ears? Like how they appear or how he hide them?

3- Noah, after hitting on chau-chau and making him fall for you, do you still want to hit on him?

4- Noah, if you had to choose between gamun be and chau-chau which one would you choose?

5- Min chan, do you intend on confessing to your crush?

6- Does min chan have cat ears or are they just the hat?

7- Min chan, how do you feel about bi gak after and before what he did to your shoulder?

8- Noah and min chan, do you hate Yangban?

9- Noah, do you miss being a girl?

10- How did you both know manhwa TAL ?

11- Min chan, can you please tell us about your brother?

12- Noah and min chan, do you enjoy annoying cho yi?

13- Ei mae, how do you feel about min chan and Noah?

14- Chau chau, do you miss Noah?

15- Ella, how did bi gak react when you braided his hair? ☆▽☆ 

16- And a question that was bugging me for a while, gamun be, Leon was rescued so ... How the hell did you end up making bi gak turn you into a moving corpse?!!

17- Jin~ ^-^♥︎ you used to feel irritated whenever the number of the people living in the house increased, so how do feel now when they are increasing even more?

18- Maru, do you want to make Jin your son?

19- Gamun be, how is the life in jin's house?

20- What does Eu-chan do when Jin is around?

21- Sora, how do you feel about the new relationship between mu young and maru?

22- Ga ram and ga be how do you feel about you new rabbit-mommy?

23- Bi gak, do you feel irritated now since things aren't going the way you want them to? ( ^ω^ )

24- Eu-chan, is there something you can't eat?

25- Noah, tell us 10 facts about your sister 

26- Cho-yi, does Noah call you by 'dad' anymore? And did min chan call you by that?

27- Noah, why do you like Mano? 

28- Min-chan, Noah... Do you not care about ei-mae's happiness?, hey! Ei mae, do you have a crush on someone?! ... Ah.  Σ(゚д゚)what about Ryu-Guheul?

29- Min chan please tell us more about your abilities (★ ^ ★)

30- Noah, why do you call min chan by 'panda'?

31- Ei-Mae, do you enjoy seeing min chan and Noah tease igantio, Jin and everyone in the house (・ω・) ?

32- Cho yi, do you know that you're being watched while you're asleep?

33- Ga ram, ga be did you kill the pink haired girl? >>>please say no( ;  ; )<<<

34- Hiljo, how is the life with Yangban?

35- Noah, is it a usual thing for you to burn yourself with the boiled oil? ~(・・?))

36- min chan, just a question out of curiosity, what will you do if one day Noah came and told you that he is pregnant?

37- min chan, do you always wear your glasses?

38- ei-mae, do you like usagi?

39- Noah, min chan how tall are you two?

40- min chan, how is cho yi with you at work?

41- what would happen if min chan and Noah exchanged bodies somehow?

42- Mano, what are you doing now since the people you used to spend time with are gone? 

43- gamun be, how did you first see Noah and how did you feel and do? 

44- gamun be, what do you like about Noah?

45- Mano do you like someone? ★▽★

46- Noah, do you hate the height difference between you and chau-chau?

47- Noah and min chan, how did you both get a phone?

48- Mano, from your point of view, how was gamun be doing after meeting Noah?

49- min chan, what are your favorite characters and why do you like them? (・ω・)

50- min chan, how was your night with cho-yi when you were in the hospital?

51- Noah, if you had to choose between having acupuncture from sae-ha or going to the hospital, which one would you choose?

52- min-chan, do you want to have another acupuncture?

53- cho yi, how did you end up growing father's feelings toward min chan and Noah? And do you want to take revenge from bi-gak and gamun be for hurting your beloved children? (o^^o)

54- Noah, what is the cause of the scar on your chest?

55- gamun be, what did bi gak say about min chan and Noah?

56- chau chau, do you know that something is going on with Noah and gamun be? If you do then how do you feel about it?

57- ara~ *\(^o^)/*, are you still in love with Jin?♥︎ If not then is there someone who caught your attention?

58- haje, what do you think of min chan?

59- chau-chau, what would you do if Noah was a girl?

60- min chan, what do you think of jack?

61- Hiljo, what do you think of min chan?

62- igantio, when you played video games with mu young which one of you won? To be more certainly how many times did you lose? 

63- mu-young, when do intend on marrying maru?

64- bi-gak, how did you feel when you woke up finding your hair braided?(^∇^)

65- min chan, do you like spicy things?

66- jack, what do you think of min chan?

Finally finished !!
forestchick501 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Th...That's a lot of questions w@;

I'll be getting to these questions as a side chapter post once I've collaborated with :iconinfernal-arms:, though that's a bit too many for drawing answers to. Glad to see you've really gotten into the story, though XD
Sara0jan Featured By Owner Edited Jun 5, 2016
I wanted to reach to 100 q but somethings came out and I would be kind of busy so I ended up submitting it before I reach to 100, well .. Maybe … I over did it? *sweat drop* 

i will be looking forward to it ★^★
forestchick501 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
=W=; Th-That's okay. We're having fun doing the ones right now.
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