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((Just started writing, wow Yoong is a CREEPER. This is part of the Summer Bouquet series, aka YongRu drabble set.))

Maru sighed, turning over in his bed. The heat of summer had led to his cover being kicked to the floor, a tank top and his boxers the only clothing he wore. The window was partially open in an attempt to bring some faint breeze from the night in to cool the bedroom.

The opening was seized by five perfectly manicured, black-tipped fingers, a hand pulling the window the rest of the way open.

A tall, imposing robed figure slipped through the opening, silently pressing a foot to the floor and pausing for a moment as Maru shifted. Then, as he exhaled a soft sigh in his sleep, the figure resumed moving through the room, red hair glinting as Chau Yoong knelt by Maru's bedside.

The fingers that had allowed him in gently reached out to touch Maru's cheek, the elder reveling in the softness of the youth's skin. Maru's scent was so sweet and pure, nothing like scent of blood and roses Chau Yoong carried. He leaned over Maru silently, inhaling in slight surprise as the younger Chachaoong rolled over towards his presence. But Maru did not stir just yet, the elder smiling as his fingers brushed back strands of blond from the young man's face.

He knew the true color of Maru's hair, that dark ashy brown that would've made his amber eyes pop even more than the hay color did.

Chau Yoong's hand brushed back even more hair, and Maru's head shifted, the redhead freezing as his fingertips very clearly bumped into Maru's scalp, now buried between the strands of blond. For the moment that it took for Maru to frown, Chau Yoong felt his insides turn to solid ice. If he was caught like this, MuYeong would...

He immediately relaxed and even melted as Maru nudged his head further under the fingers investigating his locks, too deep in slumber to realize the presence of a hand petting him was abnormal.

The elder wanted to chuckle as he ran his hand over Maru's hair, his eyes drinking in the sight of the younger man's barely covered body and the peaceful expression on his face. His lips crooked up, and he chanced leaning further over the slumbering man, lightly kissing the top of Maru's head.


Teeth flashed as his lips parted, and he could resist it no longer. "Dongsaeng~"

Maru cooed the name again, turning back over and leaving a surprising amount of room on his bed. Chau Yoong slid into the space and made himself as comfortable as he could, arm sliding around Maru's shoulder to hold him. Now Maru's scent washed over him, and Chau Yoong dipped his head to press his nose lightly against the younger man's neck. Another sleep-riddled coo, and he kissed the exposed skin, smirking darkly as that earned a moan.

He had a few hours until sunrise, didn't he?
I don't own any of the TAL characters, please support the webtoon on Naver~
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June 26, 2017
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