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Masquerade (MuRu) by forestchick501 Masquerade (MuRu) by forestchick501
"This is so not funny, Boss."

MuYoung lowered his eyes from the crowd currently in front of them to a set of familiar amber colored irises. "What was meant to be funny about it? You look nice." And no that wasn't just his personal opinion; considering he'd counted no less than thirty men and about fifteen women eyeing Kang Maru since they'd arrived.

"I swear I'm going to get revenge on you." His Maru muttered shortly, arms crossed over his chest. The magenta and orange dress he'd had his subordinates clean and ready for this social looked beautiful, accentuating Maru's body and showing how well the younger man had grown over the years, though MuYoung did internally admit it was cute that Maru had thought a pair of platform knee high boots would help him with their height difference issue. "I can't believe those two helped you with pulling this off."

The older man smirked and lowered his voice to where he knew only Maru would hear him. "If you're that eager for 'pulling it off', we'll take care of that later." He heard Maru choke on a squawk of mortification as MuYoung watched the hole in the crowd open up a little bit more. "Besides, this is our chance to have some fun. Should I get you a glass to help you unwind?"

"I am not drinking when I know you're thinking dangerous things, Boss." Maru growled, very aware of his employer's hand stroking his hip and being just a little more than agitated by it. "Besides I'd probably wind up throwing any drink you give me at you."

MuYoung took hold of Maru's hand and swiftly pulled him towards the circle of empty space. "You'd clean it up, wouldn't you? Moreso than I do, you hate messes."

A song began to play, a fast-paced melody that MuYoung swung them into following immediately, smirking at the resignation on Maru's face as the sides of his dress opened a bit, allowing his legs more movement. MuYoung's hand held Maru's, the other set firmly on the younger man's back as they began to dance together, the crowd moving even further back to allow them room.

"...I suppose putting up with you has to be someone's job, in the end." And there was the sight MuYoung liked most - the little smile as Maru's cheeks flushed pink and he shyly avoided MuYoung's gaze. "And since I've done it so long, it's only obvious that I have to be the choice in the end."

MuYoung's smirk grew a fraction more, just enough for his teeth to slightly poke out over his lip. "Haven't you always been my first choice~?"


I don't own the characters of TAL, Kang Im does please support the webtoon on Naver~!

(And if you want the song they're dancing to, look up 'Masquerade' by M2U :3c)
xXDarkblue-MageXx Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2016
Looks like they're enjoying themselves~
forestchick501 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MuYeong slightly more than Maru, but only because he admits it :3c
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