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Lustrous MuRu by forestchick501 Lustrous MuRu by forestchick501
"D-Don't worry, Quartz-Nim! Jade-Nim showed m-me how to apply the glue, so..."

A moment of only their footsteps making any noise in the hall followed Topaz's shaky assurance. "...We are so getting yelled at..." Quartz finally sighed, looking again at their broken arms. "...I wonder if silver would be an okay replacement-"


Topaz's remaining hand was shoved in Quartz's face, smearing even more of the skin powder off. "...I was joking...Jade is going to be so angry. The berries needed for this powder is even more rare than your white powder..." Not to mention Lime was always in need of it since they often wound up getting wet with no resin to glue the powder down.

"Oh, don't worry about that." Topaz lowered their hand, smiling. "I went out once the sun came up and fond a whole bush intact. You'll be fine."

Quartz had the oddest feeling in their chest at the sight. "....Thanks. Think we can sneak in before Jade is-" They saw Topaz's smile had dropped to a fearful expression. "....Jade is right behind me, right?" The large Gem was yanked off the ground and suplexed into the floor as the 'prize' for guessing right.


I binged (Land of Lustrous) Hoseki No Kuni, both anime and manga, and this is the result XD Happy New Years, here's the MuRu pair as Quartz and Topaz!

I own neither series nor the characters, respectively they're owned by Haruko Ichikawa (HNK) and Kang Im (TAL) please support both the series and the TAL webtoon on Naver!
(Edit: I just realized I forgot to tag FFFFFFFF)
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December 31, 2017
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