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Early Nights by forestchick501 Early Nights by forestchick501
He'd hoped it wouldn't come to this.

The kid he'd brought home was so small, and somewhat disconcertingly quiet. Ashy black hair and vivid tangerine eyes made MuYeong think of a little cat he'd once seen, a stray he'd fed crackers to as a child. Maybe that was why he'd brought the kid to his house and was looking after him without really having any reason to do so.


MuYeong glanced up to see the kid standing in the doorway to his study, his street clothes still on as MuYeong's clothing swamped the skinnier frame. "...Couldn't sleep?"


The kid walked over towards his desk, one arm wrapped around and holding the other. It had only taken one warning from MuYeong to ensure the kid didn't touch anything he wasn't allowed, yet...The obedience that rule was met with disturbing. A kid this young should still be a little shit who'd go and mess with things not belonging to them anyway. MuYeong'd had to order the kid to eat, for crying out loud!

"...It's too loud..."

He jolted, looking down and finding the kid was now sitting on the floor, knees draw up to his chest and the whole of his body curled up into a tiny ball. Christ, did he even have the ability to put on weight?! "Loud?"


The kid's gaze suddenly lifted to the TV MuYeong had on for white noise while he worked, and he immediately grabbed the remote to turn it off. "You heard it all the way in the guest room, huh? That's impressive hearing." The compliment was met by a nod, the kid's eyes now on the floor. "...Hey, look. You...can be more relaxed here, you know." Those eyes darted up at him, distrustful and cautious. "I'm serious. I don't have any reason to harm you when I've gone through the trouble to look after you."


MuYeong turned his chair to allow him to face the kid proper, watching as the skinny, too skinny frame began to tremble.

"...You reason to..." The kid rubbed at his face, MuYeong's sight easily seeing the hues of his skin changing. "Our kind don't look after others, not normally. Not unless there's no choice. So why'd you, even though I did that-" At his pause, MuYeong recalled the tense moment when the kid had tried to snatch his wallet, and instead was scared nearly to death by MuYeong easily catching him in the act.

He watched as the kid quickly composed himself - quickly, too quickly, as upset as he'd been in that moment crying for his life to be spared a child this yong should've been shedding tears not holding them back - before MuYeong replied. "Because I felt like it. I felt that a kid shouldn't be resorting to stealing to get food, and since there's room in this house, it was fine to do that. So?" He saw the kid's eyes fly wide open, shimmer with watery tears as he gaped at MuYeong in astounded awe. "There's no problems with it."

"..." The kid's jaw clenched in an ugly way, his expression pinching, and as his head dropped MuYeong reached out and heard his own chair creak while he leaned forward.

His fingers combed through the kid's messy locks, tears squeezing out and rolling down reddened cheeks.

"Do not cry. I am here." MuYeong quietly spoke as he watched the kid do exactly that. He'd really need to give him a name at some point.


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