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(SO A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FARAWAY, I made a oneshot Pokemon drabble. I went looking at the newer pokemon and my Maru muse went 'I WANT THAT ONE'. ABOUT EIGHTEEN TIMES. So! Here's a new drabble about the EIGHTEEN Pokemon Kang Maru would adore having regardless of universe. I don't own Pokemon or TAL, those are the property of Nintendo and Kang Im respectively, so please support both the franchise and the webtoon on Naver~!)

The first one he finds is the ghost one. A little black wisp with a tree trunk section around its head, the poor little creature crying its heart out in an alleyway. Maru locates it easily, but spooks the critter who darts behind a dumpster to hide. A bit of coaxing gets it to come back out, and soon it finds a nice perch in his arms where he coos soothingly to it and gives small minute squeezes as hugs. It follows him home later, and just as he turns in for the night he finds it hovering near his pillow.

Maru discovers Phantumps are actually excellent to hold while sleeping.

The next one he finds because Phantump is curious. The little ghost leads him into the alley they met in looking for something, when the new critter pops out of the shadows, its disguise toppling over much to its embarrassment. But Maru encourages the faux head back up, smiling as he pets the Mimikyu's face behind the covering on the 'Pikachu's 'stomach'.

"Guess we're both wearing masks we don't really fit, huh?"

The next time he has to bleach his hair, Mimikyu helps out by holding the bucket full of shampoos and conditioners, happily trilling as he carries out his task.

When this one pops up, Maru's startled off a rooftop. Not that it posed any true danger for him, but the little kitty pops onto his back, and suddenly he's safe and sound back on the rooftop. Phantump cries in relief as Mimikyu studies the Abra's closed eyes, before its disguise suddenly changes to a poorly made imitation of the other pokemon. Abra stares(?) back before yawning and moving close to the other, Mimikyu suddenly bashful as it's used for the psychic type to cuddle while dozing.

Maru buys a dog bed, and the three are very pleased to have it to themselves.

He's startled by this one too, the chipmunk-like critter popping out of nowhere with a squeal, pointing its tiny claw in his face. At first he's confused, because his little trio is at home and thus there's none to cause a fuss around him, when the chipmunk points out something he hasn't noticed; the wet cement in front of him which already has a few stuck shoes and little knick-knacks lost to its inescapable grip. Maru thanks the critter generously, even ruffling it between the ears and comments on how good of a look-out job it's doing.

When he gets home, he finds out it followed him as well, standing at the window to glare out at the world beyond his balcony. It's amusingly creepy when he feeds it from a spoon, the creature never tearing its gaze from the glass.

Patrat locates this one, and the two bop their tails together in greeting, which Maru finds too adorable for words. When Sentret freaks, however, and scales him to rest on the opposite shoulder Abra is, he's confused up until he hears the braying of dogs in the distance.

"Uhm, kitty? We might wanna hurry."

Sentret is much more expressive when Maru feeds it, but sits next to Patrat when it's bedtime, keeping a vigil out the window.

Feebas and Magikarp:
By now he has a better understanding of these creatures invading his home (and doing such good work as houseguests too! He comes home to find everything neat and tidy, and it turns out the ever-watchful eyes know how to cook after watching him almost obsessively. Though all they can really make is curry...) so one day, he finds he's got a surplus of cash, and decides to find some treats. While out and about, however, he finds two fish-like beings flopping about as children heckle them. Maru shoos them away, and locates a nice little pond to drop the two grateful fish in.

But he knows these two can't survive in such a small place. So quickly he has Abra and his two 'minions' watch the fish while he contacts his boss. An aquarium? What? The situation is spelled out, and within a few hours MuYeong is gaping at the two fish now playfully flitting about their giant tank in his house as the other Pokemon sans Mimikyu and Phantump explore the building curiously.

"Look, strays are..."

Maru knows; feed one stray and many will come. But he explains how the house has been kept up, how his two sentries keep them all safe. And look at these fish Hyung - they can't move about on their own now can they? MuYeong concedes to the reasoning, Feebas staring at him as it floats near his shoulder in the tank. But Maru's the one who's taking care of these things.

He almost steps on it. Maru doesn't notice the bug until it gives a cry and runs about, the ground suddenly so clean that Maru falls on his back with a thud as he attempts to sidestep the poor frantic thing. He recovers enough to sit up and finds the bug Pokemon resting on his knee, the enormous eyes full of guilt. No no, it's okay I'm fine, and the bug's carapace gets a good rubbing.

It then occurs to him that this bug just CLEANED the street around him.

Jin is overjoyed when he returns from school and finds the chores are ALL done and every TAL is sourly on the roof as the Wimpod runs about cleaning the floor. When he tries to pet it, it isn't surprising the bug scurries right over to Maru and clings to his back.

The small creature is given away by Patrat, who halts the equally-blankly staring Pokemon when it approaches them in the park. Maru's attention is called, but he finds the being just too adorable for words, going to ruffle its ears when the critter cries out and covers the appendages protectively. Again Maru's confused, but lowers his hand to scratch the Espurr's fluffy chin instead, an act the Pokemon immediately enjoys far more as its eyelids droop and it waddles closer.

Espurr winds up in the pile with Abra and Mimikyu, Phantump pulling a blanket over them all and giggling as it covers them completely.

On that same afternoon, a little fuzzy thief is caught by Patrat, who's immediately stunned by a Thunderbolt which sets off Sentret and Espurr, the entire squad moved into action to try and capture the squirrel who wants to make off with Maru's home-made riceball snacks. The chaos is observed by Maru himself and the others, Sae Ha gaping openly as Espurr calmly drags the squeaking bundle by its tail in a manner he instantly remarks reminds him of MuYeong.

A light scolding and one riceball offered in pity, and the squirrel makes itself cozy at home around his neck, Feebas and Magikarp leveling even glares at it from the tank in a wagon Yi Mae had pulled them in.

When Wimpod is eventually stepped on by accident, Maru has a meltdown, to the point MuYeong has to hold him off the ground by the arms to keep his tiny subordinate from actually fighting Yi Mae who's already being scolded harshly by Jin. A vet? Unlikely. A vet would think it's just a bug and say to let things go naturally. Sora? She's got no experience with these things, MuYeong's sure, but seeing Maru heartbroken and cradling Wimpod breaks his resolve, and they hurry to the hospital.

She brings out what MuYeong swears is a faerie pig hybrid, all squishy looking and delightful and cheery as it somehow heals Wimpod with a soft glowing light it spreads over the bug's body. Maru's so grateful he hugs the cute little nurse Pokemon - and immediately finds she's not letting go.

This one literally fall out of the sky on him. Maru's alerted by a gaping Sentret who points his attention to the skyscraper they're walking past, and he dives forward just in time to be landed on by the little dragon. The Pokemon immediately cries, clearly shaken that he's hurt, but he waves it off and hugs it tight, asking Abra to tell him what in the world this little guy was thinking. A few minutes of explanation, and Bagon is hoisted into the air as Maru jumps along the rooftops, Abra and Sentret clinging for dear life.

"See?! A dream is never impossible! Even if it's not quite the way you think it'll happen, it will! I believe in you, alright?!"

MuYeong later gets called because Bagon's attempted aerial antics have caused a rock slide in the mountains.

Woobat and Noibat:
While MuYeong is trying to smooth over things and keep the peace, Pachirisu goes exploring which means Phantump tries to keep an eye on the troublemaker. They both come running back in fear and hide in MuYeong's jacket as two bat Pokemon fly into a startled Maru, who falls on his rear with the powderpuff and big eared bats in his lap.

Pachirisu is scolded while Maru gives them back their food, adding to it with some cookies he made, and later that night while having dinner at Jin's, the house gets a plus two visitors who have a rather big collection of delicious looking berries. A few weeks later and Jin still has plenty of jam and sauce, to his household's joy.

This one gets startled by Maru, actually. It gets found running around the marketplace trying to get away from a rather enthusiastic chef, and runs into Maru's legs knocking itself stupid for a moment. When it comes to, it leaps at him chirping frantically, and it's only thanks to Patrat halting the short human that Maru gets the poor thing calmed at all. A very tall guy approaches them, grinning as he picks up whom turns out to be his boss, and apologizes to the little chicken who puffs a fireball in his face.

He laughs and calls it cute, ruffling its head and Maru's hair for no reason as he strolls away.

An hour later, a robin who spits fireballs makes itself comfy atop Maru's head, Torchic chirping shrilly at the rude invader. Maru doesn't bother moving it.

This critter boldly strides up to Maru while he watches Bagon repeatedly throw itself off a safer cliff. The little lizard bows its head respectfully to him, earning a bow back as Maru's never one to be rude, and gets into a fighting stance, raking its claws back in the dirt and huffing.

It never gets the first move as Magikarp angrily launches itself from the tank MuYeong had been tugging around, and headbutts the dragon right on its forehead, knocking it out cold. Magikarp then struggles and flops about until Sentret retrieves it and dumps it back in the water. Audino scolds them both as she heals them, MuYeong quietly commenting it really is like a baby Sora.

The owl just appears at random one day. It follows Maru around and helpfully gets his attention on sale items, which is great because it's grocery day and he has a REALLY big household to feed like Jin (He now empathizes with the Second King; so many mouths and attention needed by the flock he's amassed). When Yangban moves himself in, the round bird is right there to screech rather loudly when the aristocrat makes any move towards Maru's general area.

Later it proceeds to fly in and out of the house with stolen towels, blankets, and pillow cases to make an enormous nest it headbutts Maru's legs into.


"Maru, this has gotten kind of out of control, don't you think?"

The brunette looked up at his employer, sunset eyes blinking in polite confusion as he pulled his bangs out of the way. "What do you mean?" MuYeong facepalmed and walked over to a curtain, yanking it back to show the several enormous dragons, large birds one of whom looks like a professional brawler, a possessed tree carrying Audino, Mimikyu, and the smaller evolved forms of every Pokemon Maru's taken care of over the years. All waiting outside on the other buildings.

"..." Maru sheepishly looks away. "Well...You said they can't come in here, after all..."

MuYeong facepalmed with both hands.
I don't know if I'll draw Maru with all his Pokemon, might leave that to b a project for next year, but WHEW BOY I'M GLAD I GOT THIS OUT.
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I can definitely see Maru choosing those Pokemon!
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And in all of it, he never technically /caught/ them :3c

They decided 'yup this is my master I will follow him' because he's so lovable~
xXDarkblue-MageXx Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2016
Certainly possible with Maru~
forestchick501 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Meanwhile MuYeong gets a bunch of horse pokemon and names them after MLP characters :3
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