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Aloha!! TAL by forestchick501 Aloha!! TAL by forestchick501
"Okay, this island should be the last one to check." Mano uttered as he, Ignatio, GamunBe and his charges departed from the boat they'd traveled on.

Ignatio cracked his neck and yawned. "And why is it we came here again? It's so hot~ There's so many bugs~" He promptly gagged as Mano hit him in the throat with the clipboard the doctor was holding onto.

"One of the colonies living on these islands supposedly has flowers that can cure any common ailment when used as medicine. We're here to find where they grow, and YOU'RE here to beat up the locals if they get in the way." Mano said with a tired tone as GamunBe looked around them. "The girls always go where he does, no way around that part."

Ignatio recovered, rubbing his neck. "HUK-! Ho-How will we even find which flower it is? Don't they all look the same?"

"You're an idiot. Does a red flower look like a blue one? Are you saying a daisy is the same as a rose?" Mano uttered in a fast pace in reply, Ignatio backing up at the look on the doctor's face. "Ugh, leave that to me. GamunBe, keep your eye on this guy. He'll cause us trouble."

Ga Ram tugged on Mano's labcoat. "GamunBe cannot."

"Eh?" The doctor peered down at her, the little girl then pointing ahead of them.

GamunBe seemed to be frozen in place as Ga Be hung off him, and a bright splash of color among the dense foliage revealed why. A beautiful native had emerged, deep sun-kissed skin marked with vividly pink floral tattoos on his shoulders, the same hues of pink in the local's eyes, which were holding GamunBe's attention as he smiled and waved. A hibiscus was threaded in the man's hair, and a hibiscus charm held the ribbon tying up the local's skirt.

"...Oh you BETTER not have gotten a crush." Mano hissed as GamunBe's face glowed with red.


This was an idea I got WAAAAAAAAAY hella back. Noah, or 'Kapua' (offspring of flowers) was born on an island where his healing powers developed in the form of flowers that grow when he touches seawater. He's revered as the son of a goddess in the native's eyes.

For some reason, sticking Mano, GamunBe and Ignatio together just delights the absolute fuck out of me. They're a good trio.

The only character I own, however, is Noah, please support the TAL webtoon everyone else is from~!
xXDarkblue-MageXx Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017

I like the picture!
forestchick501 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Doing the tattoos was my favorite part. I'm surprised how well the flowers came out though, I suck at flowers normally.
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