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AfterMask - Q and A by forestchick501 AfterMask - Q and A by forestchick501
Running a Q&A for chapter 50 of AfterMask! Be sure to toss some questions over what's been happening in AfterMask so far~

(If your question has to do with Sarah or her partner Darkness be sure to tag that question with :iconxxdarkblue-magexx: as the characters belong to her!
Same for any questions aimed at :iconmemebun:'s Nabi~!)
Memebun Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
1. Jin, what're your thoughts on Johan? How do you feel about him?
2. Gasun, how's it going trying to keep Logan from knowing you're free?
3. How does it feel being a TAL now, Jenna?
4. Ho, how do you feel about Ignatio? Ignatio, how do you feel about Ho?
5. Seo Jun, what do you think now that Gasun is staying (sorta)of his own will?
6. Hiljo, having fun being MuYoung and Ho's father-in-law?
7. Supposedly, those who can't feel pain are less likely to have empathy. Is that why you're such a dick Ji-U?
8. Seo Jun, do you regret what you did to Ho?
9. Logan, why do you work with Ji-U if you hate him so much?
10. How do the TALs feel about Ignatio?
11. Which of the Kings does Sarah like more?
12. Has your ability gotten stronger now that you're a TAL Maru? Are there any drawbacks?
13. Maru, do you ever miss your blond look? MuYoung, do you ever miss his blond look?
14. Mano seems pretty fond of fidget toys. Has he started a collection of them yet?
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