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.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu You may not make your own Star Catcher. They are a closed species and may only be made or bred by the admins of this group, April-Cakes, LeoxLinx, Reixxie, LillithCrescent, AzrealRou Ambercatlucky2, KurosuAi, Kitsune-no-Suzu, and PygmyOwls.

.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu Be respectful. Please and thank you's go a long way, being rude to others doesn't, so please be nice to your fellow members! This also means to please respect other's ideals and characters.

.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu Do not steal! Be it designs, tracing or full pieces, theft will not be tolerated. Stealing will likely result in a ban from the group and possibly the species.

.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu Please keep adult language to a minimum. Some may not mind foul words or humor, but we also must consider those who may. We try to keep it PG13 at least.

.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu Always try to submit to the proper folders. If you think you may have mixed them up, just let us know and we'll move it where it needs to be.

The rules may be updated as we need them to be, so be sure to check in on occasion to make sure!
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Is it still possible to commission a custom Star Catcher?
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I'm doing Star Catcher Customs starting at 300:points:/$3USD