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Welcome to the Star Catcher orphanage. Here, you may put your Star Catchers up for readoption, be it by trade for another or simply finding them a new loving home.

If you would like to give up or trade your Star Catcher, please comment below with a reference of the character or their original adoption sheet and if you're trading or just looking for a new home for them.

If you see a Star Catcher you'd like to rehome, just comment which one and an admin will help you.
If you would like to respond to a trade, reply to the linked comment.

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Star Catchers Looking for New Homes:


Currently none!


2 Star Catchers - defigure

1 Star Catcher - Mochiatu

1 Star Catcher - Wimpods
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I have this one and sadly haven't done anything with them:

I'm looking for $15 (I have permission from April-Cakes to re-sell them)
Will trade for art or other characters (will be picky)
Not looking for other Star-Catchers though

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I'd gladly give her a good home c: 
Note me your PayPal? 
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I've had this kid for ages, and lost attachment to her. So I'm tryna trade her.
I'm only interested in premade Starcatchers, preferably female. I love colourful and Halloween designs the best.
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Is she still available? o: I’ll snag her if so 💜
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Sorry, I'm only looking for trades

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Oh ... saw her toyhou.se said $ ... sorry about that ...
Uh ... well ... are you looking for art? Or other OCs?
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Hi! If your still looking to trade this kid, I only have two catchers I might be willing to part with. 

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Sorry for the late reply! I needed time to think about it. They're both really cute, but I feel like I wouldn't be able to connect with either of them. Thanks for offering, though!
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Gonna hide my last comment cause I moved the adopts to a new toyhouse account and I traded off one of them. Aaannndd I cannot edit my comment either D;

I am looking to trade these two starcatchers
Looking for pastel starcatchers, starcatcher myos or stuff from this favorites folder.
May also consider art or human/anthro customs.
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I just noticed this hadn't been updated yet, I am so so sorry!
I swapped out the link for you, best of luck trading!
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ahhhh thanks ; o ;
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Im looking to trade this starcatcher
I cant really click with its design and they deserve a better home ,,
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what are you wanting to trade for them?
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Ill take any offers besides another pony !
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Did anything In the link i sent appeal to you? i know its been a couple of years but i'd still love this beauty. Realized you moved accounts so tagging your new one? ndjx
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Hey ! I know im really late haha but you can have them. Im not as active anymore and id rather them go to someone who will take care of them

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thank you so much! they will have a lovely home with me and my other bubs!

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kitlynsolstice.deviantart.com/… I have all of these available for adoption. I am also willing to make a custom of your choice for them
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Alright :3 I added you to the trading list. If you would like to make a journal or something you may, just remember to submit it to the group and also to inform us if you find another home for it. :3
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I love this one: toyhou.se/153139.unnamed

I have this baby from a breeding in your Golly gallery: sta.sh/02ga1dz9xizr

Edited to add: I also have this SC for trade: sta.sh/01ci4zct2kvk and anything here: sta.sh/21c8mhulq2mf
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