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Holidays in the sun





Artist // Hobbyist // Photography
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My Bio
• Name: Teti
• Occupation: Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.
• Height: 155 cm

❤ Languages ❤

• Native: Bulgarian
• Fluently speaking: Bulgarian, English, French
• Little knowledge in: Japanese, Greek

❤ Likes & dislikes ❤

• Likes: History, archeology, photography, Canada, East-Asian stuff, cosplay, animals, flowers, real beauty, Photoshop, short people, books, foreign languages
• Dislikes: Racists, Literature teachers, annoying people, stupidity

❤ Hobbies ❤

• Photography
• Singing
• Reading books
• Writing stories and poems
• Eating
• Making huge walks in the nature

❤ Favorites ❤

• Animes: K-ON, Bleach, Naruto, Wolf's rain, Shingetsutan tsukihime, Kaze no stigma, Kamichu
• Animations: Lion king, Mulan, Avatar: The last airbender,
• Bands and artists: SCANDAL, Tarja Turunen, Nightwish, ZONE, Evanescence, Within temptation, YUI, Scorpions, SNSD, НЛО, БТР, Conjure one, Kalafina
• Movies and serials: CSI, House M.D, Criminal minds, Andromeda, Mutant X, Medicopter 117, Water rats, The mummy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ye yan, Shinobi, The sword with no name, The restless, The house of flying daggers, Memoirs of a geisha, More than blue, A moment to remember, Avatar, Musa, Hero, Hotaru, no haka, Mulan
• Books: The river god, The seventh scroll, Vampire academy, Chronicles of Narnia, The shamer chronicles, Memoirs of a geisha

• Fruits: Cherry, orange, water-melon
• Flowers: Cherry blossom, tulip
• Drinks: Sprite, ice tea
• Foods: Fruits and moussaka

❤ Wanna visit ❤

• Canada
• Egypt
• France
• Japan
• China
• Korea
• Germany
• Russia
• Norway
• Finland
• Australia
• Italy*
• Poland
• Croatia

*Already visited

❤ What not to tell me ❤

• Are you 12 and pretending to be older?
• Are you Russian/Ukrainian?
• You are a weeaboo.
• Any other country or people is greater than yours. (we are all equal)
• Asians/Blacks/Inidans aren't as great as the Whites.
• Are you photos stock? (no they aren't...)
• Do you speak Turkish?
• Are you blond and blue-eyed?
• Your English suck. (Your Bulgarian too, at least I'm trying...)
• Do you like my art? (If I did, you wouldn't be asking)
• You use Photoshop to edit photos (yes I do, so?)

** If you ask any of the above you risk a mad tiger to jump on you...
❤ End ❤

Favourite Visual Artist
Photography, Fanart, Digital
Favourite Writers
Roald Dahl
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
Many XD

2012 recap

2012 recap

I came back from Poland today. I left the Warsaw crying. It's the first time ever that I just didn't want to go back home and I felt I could stay there forever. My boyfriend's family was amazingly kind. Everyone was so nice to me! They even made food for me that I liked. I bought many many awesome stuff. My Sunshine gave me a panda hat for Christmas! <3 Poland was kinda snowy and gothic. Like a winter fairytale. I want to come back when it's warm so I can look at the historical places more. So 2012. First of all and most important I met the most amazing person ever! This was like the main and lead event in my life for the past year.

Are you excited about new school year?

  |  11 votes
  • No, not really. >w>
  • Kinda, I miss seeing my classmates.
  • Yes, I can't wait for the school year to start. ^^
  • I don't go to school anymore. ;w;

I don't know anymore.

I don't know anymore.

Sometimes I wish I had the same chances as everyone else. Why is it so easy for someone people? I don't even know why I am writing here. I guess because people have always been nice here. The person I love the most in this world lives in Poland. While as you can see I live in Bulgaria. But not for long, next year I am planning to go study abroad. For many years the destination was Canada. But it came out it won't be possible for him to go there. He offered me to go in Poland. But I know nothing about their education, their language is extremely complicated (with the sounds I can't even pronounce), and I am sure I will disappoint my family

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snowmariteHobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday, dear Teti! :hug:
Хей, честит рожден ден! Вдъхновение и чудесни емоции!
VergilsBitchHobbyist General Artist
You've got lovely pics in your gallery, but I really dropped in to say that I love your avatar :meow:
uruhas-unicornStudent General Artist
Thank you for the watch~ ^____^
athrawnHobbyist Photographer
мерси :)
samoholicHobbyist Writer
Just wondering if anyone knows what's up with Always motivated?
forest-goddessHobbyist Photographer
Honestly, I have no idea. I have been inactive since months and I just came back to dA few days ago.