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So, I'm back, in a way. Time to take some rest and look around.

To sum it up in a nutshell: 4 years ago I escaped from home. I got fed up with all the non-existent possibilites what Hungary has had to offer to me. No job, no friends, no life. I've spent 20 years in a small village, behind God's back and I was exactly on the right way to either go mad or to kill myself.

I took a deep breath, I escaped from home, quite literally, borrowing 50€ from a friend and leaving for Milano. There I got a job as a nanny. Spent there 5 weeks, then I re-located to Bolzano, South Tyrol. 

The first time I set my foot in South Tyrol, I felt at home. 

After some time, I thought I'd try my luck in Austria (my brother moved there some months after I left Hungary) Austria didn't work. I have to thank to Cambion-Art for his gracious help for he came to visit me and helped me to keep my sane mind. In short, I left Austria after 2 months and managed to get back to South Tyrol where I've been residing ever since. I'm not leaving this place ever again. 

In those 4 years I went through a lot, there were bad times, good times. I've grown. I got jobs, friends, a little flat on my own, I discovered who I am and what I want from this life. Mountain hiking became my passion and I've grown to love ice-hockey. I've learned the Italian language, so by this time I speak 4 languages: my native Hungarian, English, German and Italian. Being a polyglot has changed plenty of things for me. My horizons have broadened. I've learned a few musical instruments to play (harp, guitar)

In short, I've managed more in the past 4 years than in the previous 3 decades.

Somehow I feel now that those 3 decades where only a dark, muddy shadow of a real life what could had been. I never really lived, never really had interpersonal contacts. The book of my life contained empty pages with additional sketches.

Now I've begun to fill those chapters. 

Can't really tell what has droven me back to dA. I think it was the fact that upon visiting my parents in Hungary, I came across my old paintings, and I realized - quite in a shock -, that some of those I've gifted to a precious person and I forgot to send them back to him. Then I remembered dA so I thought I'd check back. Who knows, I might upload some new art again.

So. I'd like to say a thank you to all those wonderful persons who have helped me in the 3 decades and who I've (quite ungratefully) abandoned in those last years. Guys, you never were forgotten. But I had to find myself. 

Thank you once more, dear horai. Dear maryfenja .

And the biggest thank you and my heart goes out to you, to the one who for several years held the place being a best friend for me. 

I don't think I ever, ever have shown to you how much I appreciated you.

Thank you, Cambion-Art.
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horai Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2016
Oooh, thanks for the fave.
horai Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2016
I'm back too and it's good to hear you're OK.  :)
Cambion-Art Featured By Owner May 10, 2012  Professional Photographer
Happy b-day and all the best for today ;) :hug: I wrote more in the mail ;) :cake:
horai Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011
Thanks a lot for the fave. :)
HypnoticRose Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks for :+fav: :aww:
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