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Warning, this one might be a bit more gore-ish than usual.
I don't paint things like this often but it felt... nice.

Spent slightly less than 2 hours on this after I finished chapter 39.
Celestia... she gets so flying feathered up...

Shoutout to Somber for creating Blackjack, a character I have come to really love in a story I always wait for in anticipation.
Project Horizons - [link]
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Kmn483's avatar
Security saves ponies, but Security can't save herself.
Masterbuscus's avatar
I have seen this pic a few times around the net it looks great. I just finished chapter 26 and cant wait to see what happends next. Blackjack is an amazing character and seeing this makes me read in horrified anticipation when she endures worse and worse as time goes on.
artwork-tee's avatar
Incredibly well done :D
BronyKymo's avatar
Just read this chapter today, torn apart lol :P
batosan's avatar
In her mind she is "Black Jack Devourer of Souls" , so this is not to far off if you look at it as a "mirror of the mind" perspective! Neat work!(don't know how I missed this one!)
Gordon-Weedman's avatar
Oh snap, when is this? During the time in the lab with Sanguine?
Foreling's avatar
My memory isn't really clear on it. I think when she just finished up in the lab yes.
Deusira's avatar
Foreling's avatar
Best Wasteland pony that's for damn sure o3o
Deusira's avatar
i meant in general but yeah that too
MLPMinis's avatar
Blackjack is possibly one of the best characters I've read from a first person perspective story, I feel a lot of sympathy for her and a strong connection to her band of friends.
Foreling's avatar
PH is currently one of my favourite stories out there, it is indeed well written but I do miss ol' badass Blackjack a bit now and then~ She should get drunk again soon xD
BloodyFatalis's avatar
its a well known fact that the blackjack is an extremely self-abusive creature, and is hell-bent on pushing itself until-*thunk*
Foreling's avatar
Her suicidal tendencies seem to have passed tho~
Still yep, a little bit VERY CRAZY!
BloodyFatalis's avatar
And still a tiny bit EXTREMELY RECKLESS.
Sporeplayer's avatar
She just looks... tired, really. Pretty fitting.
Foreling's avatar
Thank you, I really put some time into making her look exhausted (:
CaptainDerpy's avatar
awww so close - :iconmylittlebrony8:
Aulann's avatar
When I first saw this I thought it was my OC for a moment, but then I saw the color of the eyes. Really good work
Foreling's avatar
Oh wow you must have thought I completely flying feathered up your character xD
Thank you :)
Aulann's avatar
I was kinda hoping that lol
slicerness's avatar
this is the most horrifying thing i've seen in a LONG time. in other words, this was perfect in every way and really captures the HOLYFUCKSHITMYFACEISMELTING feelings blackjack must have been barely suppressing all chapter.
Foreling's avatar
I went for horrifying yay \o/
Thanks a lot, kinda wanted to portray this feeling.
Actually I think BJ did a pretty good job on not freaking out about it.
slicerness's avatar
i think most of it was because she had a very clear goal and a healthy dose of motivation in the form of killer robots though. take those away and she'd have collapsed, emotionally and physically.
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