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Hello, I submited a few Tanz der Vampire themed drawings about a week ago, but today it said they are "expired and will not be approved". Can sombody explain what that exactly means? Will they not be approved at all or do have to submit them again? (Sorry, but I'm new here) Sweating a little... 
Hi sorry! I was on a trip and didn't check in. Please feel free to resubmit! 
Thanks and no problem! I just felt uncertain.
I figured out I could ask here.. Does anyone know where can I watch the russian version of Tanz Der Vampire, a.k.a Bal Vampirov? Preferably with english subs? ;-; 
Hi! I'm a big Notre-Dame de Paris fan :D 
I made this top 20 best song of the musical ^^ Hope you'll see it and tell me what do you think (even to have an exchange ;) ).…
I have a question for anyone who knows about the musical The Count of Monte Cristo. I just found the soundtrack online and when I looked at the song list, I noticed a few missing, the main one being a reprise of my favorite song in the musical I will be there. Does anyone know where I can find it or where I might be able to see a video of it
Are you looking at the English version? That album is just a concept recording so it doesn't have the complete score. The show hasn't been performed in English yet but, you can listen (and see videos) in German and Korean! It's called Niemals Allein in German and it's at the end of the curtain call in the Korean version.……