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When I was still a beginner in my field of work, I created a deviantART account in order to have a place for all my art and animations. I trusted this place to keep all my masterpieces safe.

:iconterkoiz: and :iconhyun1990: were the ones who first inspired me, they were the ones who made me what I am now.

Yoyo vs FLLFFL by Hyun1990

Yoyo vs FLLFFL - one of the first stick-figure animations that I've ever seen. This is an entertaining battle created by Hyun against his fellow buddy, Terkoiz. This is about FLLFFL (Alfa) and Yoyo fighting each other in some kind of battlefield full of pillars and elevated platforms. Terkoiz owns Alfa while Hyun owns Yoyo. Since of course Hyun animated this, he let Yoyo win, and he also won their animation battle.

So I started to animate in 2011. I sucked, lol.

Epic Parkour by Fordz-Anims

Epic Parkour - one of the animations I made during 2011, specifically on December 31st. It's not the first since I started during August of 2011. I improved a lot on this animation compared to others before this.

I continued to animate, and in 2012, I was a whole lot better in animation.

NinjaFordz Demo 2012 by Fordz-Anims

NinjaFordz Demo 2012 - NinjaFordz is, from the name itself, a ninja wielding a dual bladed scythe that has blades that can extend via red cables inside the scythe's handle. I finished this on March 7, 2012. It was one of my best animations at that time. I really improved a lot.

Last Stand || Zetabrand Tribute Entry by Fordz-Anims

Last Stand || Zetabrand Tribute Entry - Well, after NinjaFordz's Demo, I continued to practice and practice. By May 25, 2012, I finished this animation. It's about NinjaFordz and Nhazul working together to beat Charged (formerly named Fordz, still an O.C.). I was so proud of this one, was really improving fast.

2012 was also the year I first joined a competition, this competition was named Best Sequence Execution Version 4

BSE V4 - Round 1[ Stickpage ] BSE V4 - R1 by Fordz-Anims

BSE V4 - Round 2[ Stickpage ] BSE V4 - R2 by Fordz-Anims

BSE V4 - Round 3
[ Stickpage ] BSE V4 - R3 by Fordz-Anims

BSE V4 - Round 4
[ Stickpage ] BSE V4 - R4 by Fordz-Anims

BSE V4 - Round 5
[ Stickpage ] BSE V4 - R5 by Fordz-Anims

BSE V4 - Round 6
[ Stickpage ] BSE V4 - R6 by Fordz-Anims

BSE V4 - Round 7
[ Stickpage ] BSE V4 - R7 by Fordz-Anims

And so after the 7th round of BSE, year 2012 has ended. Now begins the year 2013.

BSE V4 - Round 8
I won in this round of the competition
[ Stickpage ] BSE V4 - R8 ~ Round Winner by Fordz-Anims

BSE V4 - Round 9
Unfortunately, I was unable to join this round. I didn't finish my animation due to school tasks.

BSE V4 - Round 10
[ Stickpage ] BSE V4 - R10 by Fordz-Anims

I then won 2nd place for being persistent enough to join at least 9 rounds :)
I received $150, it was worth it...

I took a break and watched other animations to inspire me to keep on going...
Even while taking a break, I still managed to create small animations for collaboration entries, just to keep me from rusting.

A lot of people who used to look down on me became my friends. I made a lot of friends with awesome skills in animation.

Some of them were :iconyuzas:, :iconrebwastaken:, :icontyrannosaurus-resh:, and :iconsyriusi:

Some works by Yuzas (Guz)
Exercise by YuzasDM Intro by Yuzas

Some works by Xrebellion

Some works by Tyrannosaurus-Resh (Resh)
RHG Umbrella v Franky by Tyrannosaurus-ReshUmbrella: Hypersonic by Tyrannosaurus-ReshUmbrella: Overdrive by Tyrannosaurus-Resh

Some works by Syriusi (Syrius)

Speed by SyriusiMass Carnage by SyriusiMBC2 part by Syriusi

Because of these guys, my major inspirations in animation. I have reached this far.
This 2014, I have improved a lot. A LOT.

These are my works for this year~

Dual Bladed Scythe || Nemesis BYE Tribute Entry by Fordz-Anims

BSE V5 - R1 by Fordz-Anims

BSE V5 - R3 by Fordz-Anims

~~And my latest animation, submitted to deviantART on August 11, 2014~~

Scribblenauts Unlimited: Rescuing Stickpage by Fordz-Anims

Dear deviantART, thank you for you support!


Your loyal member,

Everyone has an angel.

A guardian who watches over us. We can't know what form they'll take. One day, old man. Next day, little girl. But don't let appearances fool you. They can be as fierce as any dragon. Yet they're not here to fight our battles but to whisper from our heart reminding that it's us. It's every one of us who holds the power over the worlds we create.

We can deny our angels exist, convince ourselves they can't be real. But they show up anyway. At strange places. And at strange times. They can speak through any character we can imagine. They'll shout through demons if they have to, daring us, challenging us to fight.

And finally, this question: The mystery of who's story it will be. Of who draws the curtain. Who is it that chooses our steps in the dance? Who drives us mad, lashes us with whips and crowns us with victory when we survive the impossible? Who is it that does all these things? Who honors those we love with the very life we live? Who sends monsters to kill us and at the same time sings that we will never die?

Who teaches us what's real and how to laugh at lies? Who decides why we live and what we'll die to defend? Who chains us? And who holds the Key that can set us free?

It's you.

You have all the weapons you need.

Now Fight.


An excerpt from the movie: "Sucker Punch (2011)"

Message copied from :icontwillowzabbyfreak:
Study by N-Maulina
Gwendy Taekwondo by coreylandisTired by XxBirtaxX

"This was MyWeekThroughArt. How was yours?"

DeviantART Membership

Sun Jun 2, 2013, 11:40 PM by Fordz-Anims:iconfordz-anims:
Okay, since I've earned some money. I decided to become a 2-year DeviantART member.

I also want you guys to help me find some cool features for premium members, I don't want my earned money to be a waste. I want to get all the awesome features of being a premium member.

Thank you DA for helping me upload my artworks and animations.
Now, I have become a premium member for you.


Intro (Christine):
There will be moments where you will fail to realize that you will regret the decision you have made. There will be tens, hundreds, even thousands of those moments; moments you can't alter; moments that will haunt you for the rest of eternity...

Like when the one who believed in you before, failed to reciprocate your feelings now; especially when that person you love now, once loved you.

Narrator [First Person as Sonia] (Christine):

It was a normal day at school. The cacophony-like chatter of the classroom; the drone of the boring old incoherent history teacher gibbering something about a battle in Mactan place thingamajig; some pea-brains at the back were nodding off, couldn't blame them really. Generally, I was stuck in purgatory.

You could say I'm a loner, not that I care, no.
Tss. I don't care at all... [Voice wavering and unsure]

Nobody understood the fašade I had to keep, I don't want complications.

I can't trust anyone.

It was Valentine's Day or should I say Dooms Day, the sissies came out of their sissy holes and was giving their measly attempts on luring poor girls into oblivion, no one made the mistake of getting near me. Not until this creature popped out of nowhere.

Sky (Mirwen):
Heya Sonia! [Says excitingly]

Sonia (Christine):
Oh... Hello... [irate and looks away]

Sky (Mirwen):
You don't look so good, mind if I gave you this? 😊 [Gives flowers and chocolate]

Sonia (Christine):
Why are you giving this to me? [Surprised but talks uninterested]

Sky (Mirwen):
Oh nothing, you seem so lonely. So I just thought of giving this [Says happily]

Sonia (Christine):
Oh...Uh...Thanks. [Looks away. Ew, what a dweeb]

Sky (Mirwen):
[Looks a bit sad] So, uh. I'll just put this in your desk.

Sonia (Christine):

*Classmates Whispering*

Sonia (Christine):
...[irked and undisturbed]

Narrator [First Person as Sonia] (Christine):
The dweeb had guts. But still, he can't fool me. I know that for him, I'm just another pretty face.

After class that day, he came... running...

Sky (Mirwen):
Hey Sonia! Wait Up! *pants* *coughs*

Sonia (Christine):
What do you want? [Talks irritated]

Sky (Mirwen):
May I have the honor of walking you home? Haha. [Says happily but exhaustingly]

Sonia (Christine):
Fine [stalks off undaunted]

Sky (Mirwen):
Wait up! [panting]

Narrator [First Person as Sonia] (Christine):
So it turns out Sky was my classmate, never really noticed. Who cares anyway? Thing was, he says he was once part of the outcast scene...what happened there? Weird.

*Walking by the sidewalk*

Sky (Mirwen):
Uhm, so hey. What did you do to my gifts. I don't see you holding them. I also didn't see you eat those chocolates.

Sonia (Christine):
I threw them... [cold and unwavering]

Sky (Mirwen):

Sonia (Christine):
You just gave them because I was the most convenient...
You didn't give them because you wanted to...
You made me feel like a trophy... [Cries and runs home]

Sky (Mirwen):
SONIA!!! [Chases]

*Both runs*
*Sky catches Sonia and grasps her arms just before she enters the gates of her house*

Sonia (Christine):
Let go of me! [Cries]

Sky (Mirwen):
Sonia! Listen!
I gave them because I love you! [Exclaims sadly]

Sonia (Christine):
[Shocked] *Sniff* eh?...

Sky (Mirwen):
I gave them because, I love you, Sonia.
I understand your feelings of loneliness, I know it hurts to be lonely.
There's something in you, something that would make me feel happy every time I see you.
That's when I realized that I love you.
[Says hesitatingly and slowly]

Sonia (Christine):
LIES! LIES! [Cries]

*Sky loses grip on Sonia*
*Sonia enters her house*

Sky (Mirwen):

Narrator [First Person as Sonia] (Christine):
I pretended to be alright when I was inside the house or my parents would suspect something happened.
I ate dinner with a normal look and a fake smile. I slept crying.
Still thinking that he's lying...

The next day after class, he came to me while I was heading home.
I tried to hide but he already saw me...

Sky (Mirwen):
Uh, hey... Sonia...
Want me to accompany you home? [Say hesitatingly]

Sonia (Christine):
That won't be necessary. [Walks away]

Sky (Mirwen):
*Grasps Sonia's Arm*
I love you Sonia so it's my duty to protect you, don't you love me too? [Smiles]

Sonia (Christine):

Sky (Mirwen):
Uhhh [Shocked], I mean... as a classmate?

Sonia (Christine):
No, now let go of me.

Sky (Mirwen):
Well whatever, I heard that when a boy treats the girl right, she'll be in-love with you. Haha
I'll follow you home, just to keep you safe.

Sonia (Christine):

*Walks home*
*Safely arrives*

Sky (Mirwen):
Welp, were here!

Sonia (Christine):
Yeah. You can leave now.

Sky (Mirwen):
I... I guess I'll be going now... bye then... stay safe... [Says sadly]

Sonia (Christine):
Ah! Uhm, Sky.

Sky (Mirwen):
What is it?

Sonia (Christine):
Thank you for accompanying me back home. I appreciate it.
Though, I won't love you no matter what you do. *giggles*

Sky (Mirwen):
Haha! Let's just see about that! XD
Don't worry, sometimes people tend to lose their love on one person if the person they love doesn't love back.

Sonia (Christine):
Let's see you fail *smirks*

Sky (Mirwen):
Maybe you'll even love me before that! Haha

Sonia (Christine):
I don't think so. [smiles]
Bye, Sky.

Sky (Mirwen):
[Says happily]
Bye Sonia! 😊

Narrator [First Person as Sonia] (Christine):
We became friends on that day.
He was my only friend.
He understands me, how I feel.
As time passed, I started to like him. I'm always happy being with him.
He always asked me if I loved him, I always denied it. I was scared to trust him that much. What if he asks me to be his girlfriend? I can't be unfair to him, I can't chain him into my world of grief.

One day, he introduced me to his new friend.

Sky (Mirwen):
Hey Sonia, this is Maya, a transferee. She just transferred from her school due to some problems.

Sonia (Christine):
Oh, hey there Maya!

Maya (Yna):
Uhm, hi [Says timidly]

Sky (Mirwen):
The three of us would make great friends!

Sonia (Christine):
Yep! Haha

Maya (Yna):
Yeah... [Smiles]

Narrator [First Person as Sonia] (Christine):
I had a strange feeling. I felt less happier than before. It's like Maya is in the top of his priority. Also, the way he looked at Maya, it was the way he looked at me before.

It was summer, class was over.
Me and Sky were on the park, laying on the grass together under the shade of a tree.
Then Sky said something, something that hurt a lot...

Sky (Mirwen):
It's a great day isn't it!

Sonia (Christine):
Yeah, I guess so...

Sky (Mirwen):
Hey Sonia, guess what?
Me and Maya are in a relationship!

Sonia (Christine):
Uh, what [Says hesitatingly]

Sky (Mirwen):
I wish it was us, but my love for you faded away.
You never even loved me anyway. Haha.

Sonia (Christine):
Oh, Well then I'm really happy for you [musters a brittle and 'barely-there' smile ]

Sky (Mirwen):
You're still my best friend though, haha.
Hey, next school year, I'm gonna transfer to another school.

Sonia (Christine):
WHAT? Tell you're joking.

Sky (Mirwen):
My family is having some problems here, so my parents thought of transferring to my grandparents house. The best thing is that, Maya is transferring too because of the same reason, we're gonna go to the same school!
Don't worry, I'll stay connected with you 😊

Sonia (Christine):
Uhm... Alright, don't forget about me, ok? [Smiles]

Narrator [First Person as Sonia] (Christine):
It left me sleepless, I regret the fact that I denied him.
Now he's on a relationship with Maya, it hurt so much.

The day he was going to transfer, he was with Maya.
I didn't know Maya was my neighbor. It seems like his parents were friends with Maya's parents.

They left together, I just stared out the window.
When he saw me, he waved then entered the car. When I waved back, he already entered the car.

I felt like my goodbye was useless.

His destination was pretty far, I don't even know exactly where they are...

During class, I felt lonely again, I feel like I could never bring back the moments.
Those moments where I felt loved.

Though, every after class, he always had time to chat to me.
We chatted a lot. Months later, he slowly started to stop chatting.
He didn't reply to my messages. Now that he doesn't reply. I feel a lot more lonely than ever.

One day, I was strolling out of our house, I saw him walking with Maya...

Sonia (Christine):
Sky? [walks pensively and approaches]

Sky (Mirwen):
Oh, hey Sonia...

Sonia (Christine):
You're not replying to my messages, explain! *HAHA* [Says nervously]

Sky (Mirwen):
I guess I've been too busy lately.
Look, we have to go. [Says seriously]

Sonia (Christine):
I think me, you and Maya should stroll around here, for old times sake 😊 [Smiles]

Sky (Mirwen):
No, we have to go, let's go Maya.

Maya (Yna):

Sonia (Christine):
C'mon! Pleaaaaase! [I'm desprate]

Sky (Mirwen):
Maya just wanted to look around here so she could bring back pictures for keepsakes. We have to go. I'm sorry, Sonia.

Sonia (Christine):
...ok... Be sure to visit again, ok?

Sky (Mirwen):
*Sigh*, yeah whatever. Let's go Maya. [Turns around and walks away]

Maya (Yna):
I... I'm sorry Sonia. He has his problems... [Follows Sky]

Narrator [First Person as Sonia] (Christine):
I went back home, sat down in a corner of my room, feeling the loneliness again. It hurts more than it was before.
I looked up to my study table and see the wilted flowers he gave me.
Flashbacks started roam in my mind, recalling those precious happy moments. It hurt a lot.

It's one of those moments.

Remorse really is at the receiving end of bad decisions.

I understand that he doesn't want to be friends anymore, but to barely talk to me at all feels like a sordid knife of pain wedged inside my hollow void of a chest cavity; he took my heart him him and it fucking hurts.

The worse thing is, I lied to him about throwing his gifts that day, I should have told him that I actually ate the chocolates and kept the flowers in my old untouched vase.
A vase that I long hoped to be full of flowers, flowers of love. Instead, it's filled with flowers of remorse.

~Moral Lesson~
"Never pass out a great opportunity if you know it'll change your life for the better"...


Idea by Mulford "Fordz" Samper
Main Assistant: Mirwen "Crizimir" Cuares

Script Maker: Mulford Samper
Script Editor: Christine Ann Origenes

Character Modeller: Mirwen Cuares
Character Editor: Mulford Samper

Mirwen Cuares as voice of Sky
Y˝a Tejol as voice of Maya
Christine Ann Origenes as voice of Sonia
Mulford Samper as voice of Ford

Consultant: Christine Ann Origenes and Marielle Jasmine Monteros
Critique: Christine Ann Origenes and Marielle Jasmine Monteros as Critique

Thank you to
[Some Stickpagians here]

After credit animation:

-Sonia is sitting alone in the park then suddenly,

Ford: Hi there.

End of Story. [Or "Part One" of the animation, I guess]…

They're the raps that we worked on. Enjoy reading it all if you can.
As usual, thinking of your own creation is merely impossible for unimaginative beings. So I just wanted to help you guys a bit by giving advices.

Here are some things you might want to consider:


    ~This is something you really should consider. Look around you, it's a vast universe, full of mysteries and undiscovered facts. Try looking for some objects you can turn to weapon. Should it be a spoon for it's bluntness to a pencil for it's sharpness. Be imaginative and turn those innocent little things to the deadliest weapons one could ever imagine. The best weapon that I know about is the Sonic Yoyo by Hyun (Eric Kwon). It blasts anything it encounters, it can also give a blast that will rip your head off. (Though, this is taken, try something else)


    ~Those old fashioned boring weapons are something you can change. You might think these weapons are sore losers, think again. You can modify these things into something creative, you can break the sword apart, make it extend or even make it invisible! Another example is the Jet Sword by Terkoiz (Philips Lacanlale). It's a sword with a jet, basically. It can take you to heights you can't reach, useful for emergencies like when you are falling from a cliff or some high place


    ~"These things are for kids who haven't reached puberty", you say. It's actually useful, for creative dudes. Try scribbling your pencil on your paper, make weird abstract shapes in different proportions. By chance, you might see a weapon there mate. From a weapon so tiny that can pierce anything, to a sword with a design impossible to break.


   ~Sometimes, just thinking about what your weapon will do or how it'll function will make you think about the weapon's structure itself. Thinking is something that can be useful, especially when you're trying to analyze something. Thinking of a chain could lead you to a weapon that extends, thinking of an explosion will make you think with a explosive gun bullet, etc.

    ~The best way to create something original is to get advices of your current boring creation. For example, you made a sword that can stretch. Let the others criticize it, they would say, "If you want your sword to stretch, make it realistic, use linking projectiles like chains, gravity, etc. Don't just make it plain that it would stretch due to molecular disorder, it would certainly be repulsive". Also, don't ignore the CnC (See and Criticize), it would be much easier if you would accept your mistakes to make something a lot more attractive.

So yeah, that's all I can think of, have fun.

Sincerely Yours,
Hi Guys, it's me Fordz, just trying to be a newscaster for TV Patrol. LoL.

`Anyway, as you all know, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 occurred last August 31, 2012. It occurred on the 42nd charter day of Surigao City. Some say it was 7.6 but it varies on different regions of the earth.  It was a strong earthquake that cracked up most infrastructures near the epicenter. Speaking of epicenter, it was located in the east coast, 91 miles off the town of Guiuan in Samar province at a depth of about 20 miles. The quake was centered in the Marianas Trench in the western Pacific Ocean and was felt in the country's east. This could have made some bad results if it was inland. I live in Surigao City, which is located northeast of Mindanao so I experienced much of the shock. Most parents say that a tsunami's not gonna happen and I wonder why most of what they say is true. It struck on Friday evening.

`Tsunami waves ranging from 6 to 7 inches to a foot and a half were recorded in the province of Surigao del Norte, with waves of an inch reported near the cities of Davao and Legaspi. Though, thank God that the big wave didn't arrive wipe us out. Those waves did no known damage, but the earthquake triggered a landslide that killed one person and injured another and this happened on Cagayan de Oro, a part of Region 10 in the island of Mindanao. It was due to heavy rain mixed with the earthquake that triggered that tragic event. Cagayan de Oro was the last location of the Field Trip of St. Paul University Surigao 2nd Year High Schoolers last August 27-29. If they were to be staying there for 5 days, I'm sure parents would have been more than worried. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a warning for much of the region, but cancelled it about two hours later. Philippine authorities maintained their tsunami warning for longer, after ordering residents to get out of coastal areas immediately. They cancelled it more than three hours after the quake. The last major earth quake was Japan's with a magnitude of 8.9 and it triggered a 30-Foot tsunami which killed a lot of people and still, they were included in the tsunami warning but luckily, it just didn't happen.

`Because of all the prayers that we've done, God protected us from a tragic event that was supposed to happen. He knows we still have dreams to accomplish and He knows we all trust in him so we should pray and thank God for making the tsunami cease to exist. I hope you learned a lot from what I'm trying to say and if not, then learn it yourself. God Bless.