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The US Government's Proposed Copyright Protection Racket

Read all about it!
Not only am I alive, but I'm actually submitting stuff! That would be because I'm just a tad bored. Yeah...just a tad.

Anyway, I don't actually plan on posting any more fanfic here for various reasons, but silly little pictures are fair game. As long as I'm entertained and you get a giggle, it's all good right? ^_^

If you're watching me for fics, I'd say to visit my website except that I haven't updated there in a long time *hides head in shame* I was keeping a fic journal on GreatestJournal, but they're closing up shop, so it's gonna die soon. It's pretty up to date on what I've been doing, except for my big project. The thing I've been working on the most lately has been a collaborative project with the lovely daevakun. For more info on that, check out Inky Fingers which is completely up to date.

So, yeah, that's what I'm up to. Exciting isn't it!
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I finally put up a new icon. It's about time! I've had that other one for four years O_O The one I made for y-gallery was just a little too big though, so a smaller one was required. Anyway, new icon yay! *does a little dance* feel free to throw moneys at me ok ^_~
So, I've had all sorts of icons up on deviantart since 2003. And just now, they get deleted with some nameless, faceless moderator person accusing me of plagiarism? WTF Assholes.

Aren't you a little slow here? Yeesh. That stuff's been up there for four years. FOUR YEARS and now you get around to taking it down and attempting to slap my wrist. Wow, I feel so chastised. No, really I do *snorts* Whatever. I don't care that they're gone, I didn't do more than edit them, but don't try and tell me what plagiarism is, I'm fully aware of it.

In fact, I'm wondering why you only took down fifteen submissions and left all the rest of the icons up. What was the point of that? Really? Obviously, I didn't draw those either. But come on, grow a clue here people. Do your job all the way or buzz off. That was pure laziness.
Oi, moivng websites around it a pain in the butt. I just moved servers since the old one wanted to kick me of anyway. My new server had a deal so I ended up getting two websites actually. I'm in the process of moving in. Pain in the butt that! Ah well, now you can visit me at two new locations (well, one's old and one is new, but they're both in new places) if you even care. and
Recently I have acquired Paint Shop Pro 7, Animation shop 3 and a Live Journal, what all this means is lots of 100x100 sized icons are being churned out by yours truly.

For the curious, my icon journal is Mint Tea -…
And my Icon archive is at Mint Tea -
June 11 is my birthday.
Another year older for me.
Happy Birthday to me!
Hmm, since I was getting no comments on my avatars and such I was under the impression that nobody liked them or cared about them or loved them. Imagine my surprise to suddenly find them splashed around DA so liberally! Look!

:iconsanzoclub: the Sanzo Club picked up Sanzo (not surprising ^_~)

:iconsweetgirlinpink: This this person worries me, an apparent art thief...I don't really want to be linked to such a person *whimpers*

Anyway, I'm happy to see that people like the icons. However if I may, I please ask that if you plan to use them as Deviant Art icons you just let me know ^_^ I'll let you use them of course, but I like recognition, it is good, it allows other people to find me and also use the icons etc. Plus, if you ask nice I can personalize them, take requests, etc. Don't be shy, I looooooooove to hear from people ^_^ So, that's my request, just be nice to this humble avatar maker! Whee! *scampers off to post more avatars*
Hipkatze visited me. She noticed that she was visitor number 69 and asked me what her prize was. I told her I'd make her her own special hentai avatar/icon thingy. ^_^

So visitor number 96 must also get a prize, because I mean you can't have the 69 without the 96 right? So visitor 96 or the closest other can get something, if they want it, I mostly work with yaoi stuff but I'm not so narrow minded that you can't get some breasts or something going in your avatar.

Anyway, today I posted my first fanfiction on Deviant Art, depending on how it's recieved you might see more. If you can't wait for more, visit my website and get a fix, beware you could be lost in that maze for days and days on end though ^_^ Anyway, I should go to bed, work in the morning....but then again, when did I ever do anything that I should?
I think that I am now a hopeless Deviant Devotee. I just have so much fun running around on this site. Even if I still don't know completely what I'm doing, but hey, it's a learning experience. Join things, comment on things, corrupt people, all in a day's work yes? *grins*

I love putting up my avatars and all, but really I'm a writer, hence the crap of my drawings. Maybe later I'll put up poetry or something. Until then I shall influck upon everybody my avatars and various other pieces of miscellany! Until then, other avatars and junk can be found at my graphics site and my zillions of yaoi writings at For-Chan Cookies (see banner above) ^_^ Hmm, just writing this I am reminded of how much i have to learn about this site. Better get started.
How much Deviance it too much?I wonder if this is too devious for the deviants! At any rate, tonight I was RPing and I got to be both Elladan and Elrohir from Lord of the Rings. Of course in my world they're incestuous little naughty quarter elves with a serious brother complex. Beware Aragorn! They're after you and Legolas too! I don't think I've ever dominated a RP quite like that *grins* and then I have Lady M asking me "Have you ever done Fred and George?" And I'm like no, but then again they aren't real, and the kids from the movie are just too young for me *grins* Yesssss mindless babble is good. Yaoi is good. Am I not perfectly Deviant? There's no such thing as too much Deviance!