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DB Bios
Death Battle bios, basically. it can be any character as long as
-it's on a site/system I can get to
-I don't hate it
Also, check my journals for potential discounts

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to revive- Dipper and Mabel vs. Phineas and Ferb by ForceOfNatureAndCorn to revive- Dipper and Mabel vs. Phineas and Ferb :iconforceofnatureandcorn:ForceOfNatureAndCorn 4 2
OK KO AU ch 1: Let's be Villains
Author's Note:
This is based off an idea I had for a while and mostly for just finding Boxmore and Co. slightly more interesting than the actual heroes. This is  based off a series of RPs I had with a certain close friend of mine who helped me get some ideas for this

KO took a deep breath, feeling pretty excited. After a few lengthy discussions, he had finally got to stay for a while at a certain relative. One who went simply as "Boxman", his very own uncle. KO hadn't seen the man in a couple of years, and he didn't know too much about him. So, when he was dropped by a giant factory, he was in awe, and seemed to ignore the small bodega behind him. Not wanting to waste another second, he stepped past the gate and knocked right on the front door
Soon, the door opened, with Boxman, a shorter and older man with half his face and even his arm made of some metal alloy, being moments away from yel
:iconforceofnatureandcorn:ForceOfNatureAndCorn 2 0
Not Gonna Do It Justice by ForceOfNatureAndCorn Not Gonna Do It Justice :iconforceofnatureandcorn:ForceOfNatureAndCorn 1 3
Mature content
Batman is fuckin' Batman in DB! (April Fools 2019) :iconforceofnatureandcorn:ForceOfNatureAndCorn 1 18
Riddle School: Extended Fancomic - Ch 1 -Part 3 by ForceOfNatureAndCorn Riddle School: Extended Fancomic - Ch 1 -Part 3 :iconforceofnatureandcorn:ForceOfNatureAndCorn 2 2 Thinking of Claiming: Gumball vs K.O. by ForceOfNatureAndCorn Thinking of Claiming: Gumball vs K.O. :iconforceofnatureandcorn:ForceOfNatureAndCorn 10 10
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Splendid swoops into Death Battle :iconforceofnatureandcorn:ForceOfNatureAndCorn 5 3
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I like to write stuff sometimes, IDK
Chuck norris Gae Taosenai by ForceOfNatureAndCorn
(8-Bit Chuck Norris vs. Air Man (Air Man Ga Taosenai/I can't defeat Air Man)

Dy: Here we are, the first fight we're doing in 2019!

Lo: And it's....a fucking meme fight?!

Dy: okay, look. We need a fight to get into the swing of things again, this will hopefully be entertaining and this is to help promote the bios of a friend of mine

Lo: Fine....8-bit characters who can't be defeated, let's go!

8-Bit Norris

Chuck Norris V Pack Man T by ProfessorSodaMan


Age: Presumably around seventy (like his real life counterpart)

Height: 4'1 (based on comparisons with NBA players)

Weight: 120 lbs (based purely on scaling to the real deal)

Likes: Rampant destruction, winning, killing, showing off, karate outfits, the easy way, video games (maybe)

Lo: Daneboe, known mostly for Annoying Orange....and that seems to be all he does anymore

Dy: Well, that's depressing

Lo: But before that, he specifalized in sprite animation, specifically games crossing over with other games

Dy: But one seemed to stick, 8-bit rendition of famous meme, Chuck Norris!


Beat Super Mario without taking a single step, killing Toad in the process and scoring himself a princess

Destroyed a Tetris game for no good reason

Interrupted a Mario Kart race and killed everyone, even Lakitu

Burst into an NBA Jam game and killed all of the players

Managed to beat Flappy Bird, and kill Mario while he was at it (and Toad a second time)

Effortlessly won a level of Pac-Man

Subverted the one rule of Temple Run to end the lives of some scary monkeys

Image result for chuck norris 8-bit
 - Knows how to get himself into any game, regardless of if he is even acceptable as a player or is even playing the actual game
 - Also knows how to break rules to games he jumps himself in, such as Temple Run (where he stopped running so he could give the monkeys a curbstomp)
 - Shows prowess in manipulating game mechanics, like jumping into the "Next Block" box in Tetris to put himself inside the game, but for real
 - Quite skilled with a grappling hook I guess

Screenshot 2019-02-25 at 6.39.04 PM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Able to pull the Mario castle at a speed of 149 mph all the way across the level with a grappling hook
  - Using the castle's weight, the force used here can be found to be 5.7 tons of TNT- fittingly, this is a Large Building level feat 
 - Threw the Flappy Bird (estimated around 30 lbs) at a speed of 70 mph, with enough force to smash through steel pipes
 - Casually punches heads off like its nothing (which it most likely is for him)
 - Able to punch and kick Go-Karts with enough force that they fly off like paper airplanes, and can easily lift one and use it to hit another Go-Kart as if he was wielding a bat
  - Go-Karts can go up to 175 lbs (and this was the classic Mario Kart, before they had different sizes)
  - Also jumped into the air and threw a Go-Kart right into the ground with enough force that it exploded with not even a drop of blood remaining (as someone was on said Go-Kart)
 - Ripped a tree from the ground and used it to smash an attacking monkey, and only took a second to do so
  - Trees can weigh around two tons, and this tree was indeed fully grown.
 - Kicked a monkey with enough force that it exploded when it landed (around hundred feet away) 
 - Lifted the entire Pac-Man board in order to eat all the dots and most of the ghosts through a hole

Screenshot 2019-02-25 at 7.30.54 PM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - While destroying Mario Kart, at one point ran at a speed of around 22 mph
  - This was fast enough to leave flames in the track that were capable of burning Mario into a skeletal figure
 - Shows incredible reflexes, kicking and punching Mario Kart racers as they drive by without trouble 

 - Takes no harm to his fists or feet with his incredible punches and kicks, even when punching heads off or kicking Go-Karts through the air
 - Didn't suffer any friction or rope burns from pulling the sixty million ton castle across the first level of Mario to his feet
  - Nor did he get damage on his feet from running fast enough to ignite flames 
 - Tanked a small explosion within a few feet of him and just stood there without blinking
 - Unharmed by completely destroying the very game he had jumped into using a Dragonball Z-esque attack
  - It is entirely possible this is not as impressive as it sounds, as he was an invader of this game anyway
 - Other than that, shows no feats here worth mentioning 

Image result for chuck norris dane boe
 - Has an affinity for causing destruction, whether its in defense against enemies or not
  - Literally destroyed an entire game of Tetris with the same aggression used to fight someone with ill intent
 - Displays no concern for the well-being of others, and most likely even enjoys causing harm and death
 - Does not care about having a fair fight either, as seen when he entered NBA Jam and brutally murdered the players who were only there to have a good clean match 
 - Does anything it takes to win, and will therefore go for the easiest and bloodiest option (ex. using a grappling hook to bring the castle, and then Peach, all the way to him without ever taking a step) 
  - Takes great joy in being victorious, despite never breaking a sweat, making it seem as if he simply has a big ego 
   - the fact that he will alter the game's name to contain his also shows this
  - Enjoys doing things more dramatically than necessary, treating everything like he's in a Kung Fu movie 


Go Kart

 - Appears to be around the same size as him
 - Never actually is seen riding it in game, but does so smoothly in the title screen
 - It's not clear if this would do him any good, but it makes the bio longer 
  - He isn't exactly that much faster than how we see the Go-Karts move, so maybe this won't be too much of a change for him


Grappling Hook
Thumb-2572 by ProfessorSodaMan
 - A seemingly standard grappling hook, although does not come within a firing mechanism like Mabel's- Chuck is too good for that
 - Can be used to reach things too far for him to reach without wasting precious steps
 - Has a seemingly endless reach, most likely working off the video game logic of "continuing to extend until reaching its target" 
  - Cartoonishly went through worlds in a matter of seconds to hook into Peach and bring her all the way to the first steps of Super Mario Bros.
 - Rope also seems very hard to break, as it endured the force needed to pull a castle all the way to Norris's feet

Can Make Anything He Wants Into A Weapon

Light Reality Warping
Image result for chuck norris mario kart
 - Capable of altering whatever game he is in to make it entirely focused on him, changing the title and allowing him to make the game to his liking
  - Used that to give him an infinite amount of lives of Mario (or specifically, Infinity to the Power of Four lives) so even if he dies he can restart 
 - Also uses this to destroy what regular video game characters would be unable to reach, like the Game Over boxes in Flappy Bird 
  - This shows he knows full well if and when he's in a video game
Death Glare
Image result for chuck norris pac-man
 - With a glare (and saying 'boo'), he made a Pac-Man ghost explode like a stick of dynamite
  - Granted, this ghost had already been weakened because of him eating the large dot (in fact, he ate all of them)

 - As seen above, can eat a large amount of food in a short amount of time with no negative effects
  - Possibly works different with real food, but we can't know for sure

Energy Absorption
Screenshot 2019-02-25 at 8.05.25 PM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - If ever needing to use more power than usual, for any reason, he can absorb energy in a similar manner to Goku absorbing energy in order to summon a Spirit Bomb
 - Has used this two notable times- once to destroy an entire Tetris game and leave empty space behind him, and another time so he could destroy an entire Angry Birds pig tower with just one touch, leaving it a smoldering pile of ash 
Screenshot 2019-02-25 at 8.15.13 PM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Is still limited to his world's rules to some extent, and is not as well-versed in reality warping as the real Chuck Norris
 - Has very limited durability and speed, especially compared to the memed Chuck Norris 
 - Never has actually been in a one-on-one fight, only opting for causing destruction and death to either people trying to have fun (like Go-Kart racers and basketball players) to just destroying things incapable of defending themselves (like Tetris blocks)
 - Doesn't form any strategies, opting for just causing wreckage without care
 - Stature does not lend itself well for a one-on-one fight
 - A dead meme

Air Man

Image result for air-man mega man

Age: 31 (at least that's how long it's been since they first appeared)

Height: 6'5 (as said in one of the memed videos)

Weight: 344 lbs (a rough estimation)

Likes: Winning, defeating Mega Man, stopping people from beating him, fans, Dr. Wily (most likely), himself



Image result for can't defeat air-man

Its strange design was deemed to be such a success by Dr. Wily it was called the "Air Man type" design and was imitated later on

Even in its original game, was a very hard boss to beat, mostly because of its barrage of tornadoes it would throw at you

Became one of the earliest Mega Man memes on the Internet, along with getting a kick-ass song

Managed to pose a real threat to Mega Man, who has endured the likes of meteor showers 

Wind powers give Aang a run for his money

The only time Air Man has been seen losing to Mega Man, his dead body ended up killing him afterward

Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 7.34.44 AM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Shows exceptional knowledge in combat, enough so to combat and beat Mega Man many times over 
 - Appears to know Mega Man's attacks well enough to counter them very quickly
 - Quite skilled in using its abilities, to the point of making it seem effortless despite how impressive the actions are 
 - In general is a quick thinker in battle, able to form a plan of attack pretty quick and leave their opponent defeated or exhausted
 - Shows sentience based on its words and actions

StrengthScreenshot 2019-02-26 at 7.21.41 AM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Capable of throwing Mega Man a distance unable to be seen with the naked eye
  - The human eye can see something up to thirty miles away, Mega Man was thrown this distance in a mere second, and he is said to weigh 105 kg (or 230 lbs). With this information, we can find out that the force needed to pull this off would be over 2.44752255 × 1011 joules, aka 5.8 tons of TNT- enough to destroy a large building
 - His punches are able to cause actual harm to Mega Man, and somehow at one point made him bleed slightly
  - Mega Man tanked the explosion of a giant temple point-blank
 - Throughout his fight with Mega Man, shows the ability to knock him around quite easily
  - Is still fully capable of such displays even when severely weakened
 - Able to jump many times his height, despite being so heavy

Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 7.41.55 AM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Able to catch up to Mega Man both on foot and in the air, and even catch him off-guard in many cases
  - Mega Man has shown the ability to react to (and move at) speeds faster than light
 - Along with Mega Man, able to move fast enough to reach the clouds in seconds, which are at least a couple miles above the ground
 - After making impact with Mega Man, was able to have what looked like a multi-second fight in only half a second or less
  - This also shows his reaction speed to be pretty darn fast 
 - As seen in the image, can move fast enough to appear as a blur or a streak of color
  - This is known as the Teleport System, something Mega Man himself uses to move around fast

Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 7.50.58 AM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Survived the explosion caused by both he and Mega Man's blasters firing at each other point-blank, only losing a couple points of HP
  - Said explosion engulfed the two of them in flames and even knocked Mega Man back
 - Is able to walk off shots from Mega Man's blaster, and in some cases is completely unaffected
  - These shots are able to leave shots five feet in diameter in solid stone
 - Endures the vacuum of space and is unaffected
 - Can take many hits from Mega Man and keep fighting at the same pace
  - Mega Man is able to fight Guts Man on an even playing field, who can lift two tons, and Mega Man himself held up Dr. Wily's collapsing fortress by himself
 - Unaffected by rain
 - Both he and Mega Man were sent far out of the galaxy by the destruction of their fight, and he kept fighting til the end
 - Was forcibly taken from cloud-level back to the ground in a couple seconds and was just fine

 - Is never shown to get tired, never stopping his fight even once
  - As a robot, most likely is incapable of exhaustion, not needing to eat, breathe, or sleep

Image result for air-man mega man
 - Shown to be quite an egotist, and can annoy people with how much he talks about himself
 - Quite enjoys being the center of attention, and most of all loves to win
 - Is very determined to defeat Mega Man, or whoever challenges him 
 - Despite his flaws, is shown to have generally good character, and does not appear to have any intent on performing dirty tricks during battle
 - At points seems to respect Mega Man as an opponent, showing he's either a very good sport or he respects anyone who can give him a good fight
 - Will give a battle his all until the end, not stopping even if his health drains 
 - Is not above gloating if a battle is in his favor, with his favorite tactic being to mock the opponent for thinking they could beat him (i.e. "It's useless, you can't beat me, it's pathetic you even try.")

Mega Blaster
Image result for air-man mega man
 - Possibly based on Mega Man's, as it functions the same way
  - In fact, it was able to directly counter against it, causing an explosion mentioned above
 - Not its main weapon but will use it if necessary
 - Can fire both the standard energy bullets and tornadoes, but energy bullet-sized tornadoes

Air Shooter
Related image
 - Its main deal, and quite a powerful force
 - Capable of stopping Mega Man's arm cannon bullets in mid-air and blowing them back at him
 - Can blow things away, or suck things toward him, potentially causing danger because of its sharp blades
 - Able to create tornadoes with its wind, ranging from the size of someone's head: 
 Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 8.16.36 AM by ProfessorSodaMan
To the size of an actual tornado: 
Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 8.19.49 AM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - The size does not change how long it takes to create (which is a mere couple of seconds)
 - If the tornado is the same size as him, he can ride inside of the tornado and have it double as a disguise, since he can create multiple of them at once
  - The tornado he's in will still cause pain regardless 


Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 8.22.52 AM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Able to fly through the air at speeds resembling DBZ characters, to the point that this is all that can be seen of him
 - This allowed Wind Man to move fast enough to warp from the strange other dimension they had fought in briefly to the battlefield from before

Medium Traversing (whatever you call this)
Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 8.33.56 AM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Has shown the ability to enter the real world in a smaller form (a couple of inches), but still retain his powers
 - The fact that the art style of his fight shifted greatly as it went on, this power could've caused it

Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 8.26.54 AM by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Capable of having his fan clogged up, which is why he is able to be defeated by Wood Man's Leaf Shield 
  - Whether someone could be fast enough to take him off guard and clog it is another story)
 - Only ever fought Mega Man, and is programmed to combat him specifically, so he may have some difficulty fighting other opponents (although that won't be too much of a problem)
 - Its meme status ended, and ironically was overtaken by Wood Man when Siivagunner came into the scene
 - Is shown to be quite cocky and enjoys bragging during fights when it is going in his favor (although when you're this powerful, you'd be cocky too)
 - Medium Traversing is not very useful 
 - Despite its theme song, is able to be beaten, and Mega Man was even able to use a powerful enough blast in another bigger form to take it down 
  - It was only on one point of HP at this point, though, which says a lot


The only, and I mean only way I'm seeing that new Sonic movie is if Arnold Schwartznegger plays Knuckles. No CG for him, though. Take Arnold, take his shirt off, spray paint him red, give him gloves and put his hair in dreadlocks, that's the only true way to show Knuckles!
IDK if anyone else does them now but I would like to try some more Death gauntlet bios. Still got some I wanna try myself. So far, my ideas for these bios are Spooky's Mansion and the wasteland from Don't Escape 4
An extra special 'fuck you' to Smash Bros Ultimate for removing that Konosuba Aqua stage before I could even refind my Switch

if anyone knows how to still get it, recreate it or something else, that'd be great
My plans are finish up an Itchy and Scratchy bio, then finish up another fanfic general, then get to work on Air Man vs Chuck Norris
Are you allowed to upload a story to both and Wattpad at the same time? Actual question
just a head's up, I have a account now and any feedback would be appreciated…
Can someone please name me some sites where I can find certain memes without an overly-toxic community besides KYM?
Finished up another story on my laptop. Only problem: Power outage! Can only use my phone for now. Will upload assoon as I get my internet back.
Getting Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies finally! Time to read the Phoenix Wright wiki on all four cases of Apollo Justice because fuck if I'm ever gonna play it
Looking back at the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books made me realize how much of an asshole Gregg Heffley is...then I got an idea

Gregg Heffley vs Earnest Jones

battle of wimps who are also jerks
worst fight idea I have ever had

The FNAF animatronics vs Wendy Oldbag

now they're against a security lady just as scary
It's finally not cold or miserable outside today so I'm prolly gonna take most of it off just to enjoy it
I have officially completed every case in the Ace Attorney trilogy. Now I plan on actually reviewing the cases, but for now, lemme just say the order I'd put them in, but I love all of them, don't get me wrong
1. Trials and Tribulations
2. Ace Attorney
3. Justice for All
what's the difference between an untrustworthy duck, a tube of glue and a lazy man with a stomach ache?

one's a queasy slack, the other is a sleasy quack
I decided to install and replay Undertale and, you know what, it's making me actually wanna go back to my Deadpool in Undertale story I left dormant. I will be updating it with my new wrting experience,plus there were so many jokes I never got to
finished watching this show on Netflix called Hilda. Very cute show about a girl, whom I can only describe as a slightly more sane Nikki from Camp Camp. Very entertaining and cute
I've been watching a lot of Nostalgia Critic recently, it's hard to quit for me.
Since I made one for my normal vs fights, do y'all think I should also make a template and title for my non-research fights?
Feeling good with myself today. Gonna get some stuff done and fast.
Okay, I know. I got overexcited with my new tablet and made a bunch of drawings and nearly forgot about writing. But don't worry. I'm gonna get to work on some stuff right now and hopefully, by month end, you should have a new One Minute Melee


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