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by ButLova

Yep, this picture has nice written all over it. But let's ignore the nice "plot" for a second and focus on other aspects, because I do ...

I have to say, it's always a pleasure whenever I see Riddle School Fanart. It's severely underrated IMO. Anyways, for the art piece its...


DB Bios
Death Battle bios, basically. it can be any character as long as
-it's on a site/system I can get to
-I don't hate it
Also, check my journals for potential discounts

Newest Deviations

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Roulette Rumble: Spiderman vs GLaDOS :iconforceofnatureandcorn:ForceOfNatureAndCorn 0 2
MAKE MY EARS BLEED by ForceOfNatureAndCorn MAKE MY EARS BLEED :iconforceofnatureandcorn:ForceOfNatureAndCorn 2 1
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OFC1B: Spongebob Battle of the Fireworks :iconforceofnatureandcorn:ForceOfNatureAndCorn 0 0
Squidward's House is in the House in Death Battle!

Squidward's House
Full Name: Squidward's House
Species: Sentient House (modeled after an Easter Island head)
First Appearance: Squidward's House in Real Life (2014)
Likes: Chocolate Cake, Being away from Squidward, Money, McNuggest, Cookies, Windows, 

-sprouted a body and left Bikini Bottom to start a new life, his own image
--even did it before Spongebob
-roasted the second Spongebob movie

-can rap (albeit, not very well)
-killed Patrick
-is a mega TV star
-roasted Squidward on facebook
-killed Squidward
-became a house makeover artist
-created a let's play channel
-took a selfie with the devil
-beat Spongebob in a head throwing competition


-even in the real show, he was able to turn his head while just a house
-without his body,
:iconforceofnatureandcorn:ForceOfNatureAndCorn 7 6
CLAIM: Phoenix Wright vs Isabelle by ForceOfNatureAndCorn
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CLAIM: Phoenix Wright vs Isabelle :iconforceofnatureandcorn:ForceOfNatureAndCorn 6 16
OK KO: Let's Be Heroes Season 1 Scorecard by ForceOfNatureAndCorn
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Pinkie Pie vs Pucca - Preview

Lo: Alright, we covered everything we needed, it's time for the moment of truth
Dy: Two fighters enter...
Lo: ...One fighter leaves...
Pinkie Pie: YouknowIalwayswonderedwhyyouguysalwaysopenyourfightslikethatwhenometimescharactersactuallydontdieinthemIknowit'slikeyourthingbutstillafewactuallylivedexceptforDanbuteventhenthatwasstillakindofmeantrickImeanIwwanttofeelsorrybutsomepartofmestillfindsitkindoffunnyamIabadpersonIknowIaskedthisbeforebutIreallythinkaboutiteverynowandthenthisisiprobablygonnatakememonthstowritemanfuckwritersblock...
Lo: Dear God, won't you please shut up! God, it goes on and on with you, doesn't it?!
Pinkie Pie: I could say the same to you, Mr. Grumpy Pants
Lo: ...Pucca, do me a solid and kick her ass
Pucca: {nods}
Lo: Ugh, let's get this over with
It was a quiet, spring morning in Sooga. The sun was out, hardly any clouds and the sounds of chirping birds and running water from nearb
:iconforceofnatureandcorn:ForceOfNatureAndCorn 4 8
Nobody suspects Octodad in Death Battle!

Name: Octodad
Species: Octopus
Height: 3 ft
Pshyic: Soft
Origin: Octodad (2010)
Color: Orange

-raised a loving human family, all while disguised as a human
-can convince people he's a normal human by wearing a suit (see below)
-built a decoy of himself (see below)
-climbed a ladder (which is way more impressive than it sounds
-can preform several human tasks as an octopus
-plugged up several leaks in a giant fish tank
-sneaked his way onto a fishing ship
-took down Chef Fujimoto
-saved his family from a crazy chef


-can hold onto things really strong (most likely thanks to his tentacles)
-can easily knock things down by running into them
-knocked down a tower of blocks even larger than him
-managed to tackle down a chef about
:iconforceofnatureandcorn:ForceOfNatureAndCorn 11 5
DBX Rotty Tops vs Yuki by ForceOfNatureAndCorn DBX Rotty Tops vs Yuki :iconforceofnatureandcorn:ForceOfNatureAndCorn 2 0 Claim: Sugar Bear vs Tony the Tiger by ForceOfNatureAndCorn Claim: Sugar Bear vs Tony the Tiger :iconforceofnatureandcorn:ForceOfNatureAndCorn 3 18

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I am a Death Battle fan...
the end

FREE Kanna Pagedoll by rimuu


I haven't even finished Pinkie vs Pucca yet!


Okay, fuck it. I'm done screwing around. I'm gonna focus al my attention to my writing for today. I took too many breaks

I'm gonna handle these things in order from least ammount of time to most. I promise you all I'll get at least one thing done by the end of today.


your daily reminder there are two fucking genders. The fact that people don't know this is proof the human race is on a very steady decline
Given the poll, I'll be reviewing every episode of Family Guy next, but don't worry, I plan to get to all of them
I know it's been a while since my last poll but fuck it, I am curious
fuck it, I deleted some heat of the moment stuff but I'll say this
-I'm still salty at the shitter roster
-I'm still supporting Trump
I think the reason I love One Minute Melee so much is that I don't have to worry about length. I can make it as short as I need to because hey, it's supposed to be a minute in length, I can work on making it short and sweet
Reminder: There are two genders, and if you think otherwise, you need a fucking biology lesson
I've said a couple times I was planning on boycotting the Simpsons, but with them dropping Apu, now I'm serious. And a special fuck you to the whiny, over-sensitive twats who complained about him in the first place
Message to, more or less, the entire vs community
I use whatever the fuck information for bios I want. And if you have a problem with it, you can kindly fuck off. My bios, my rules.
Just gonna update y'all.Will finish Roulette Rumble today, gonna make it 500 words at least. (A low goal because hey, GLaDOS does not have that much to work with but what there is, should be fun.) Then upload another cartoon review thing, then get to work on the rest of the stuff I had planned, (Death Battle, 3RDT, Tag Team Explosion, etc etc)
Never mention Mario vs Kirby to me again. That fight was bias and bullshit and Tendo should fucking feel ashamed for unleashing it onto this Earth.
Reminder: I fucking hate Invader Zim and you can pin 90% of the blame on Death Battle
Okay, things I need to catch up on...and I realized I never even did that Q&A. Fuck. Gonna have to do that to.

Also, thanks to everyone who's been incredibly patient with me
Literally scrolled all the way down on this phone for this. Good times
If you want a tip for writing Death Battles, take this: Don't do what Ultimate Cartoon Fight Club does!
I've been listening to Super Jail's I'm Coming Home theme for days, someone help
Change of plans: NEXT year will be the year I improve myself. By January 2019, I already got the plan of at least releasing a bio or so every month, and I'm gonna start as early as now.
Out of curiosity, how many of you checked out that podcast? Just asking because the main runner (Diddle) thinks that that my link here caused the most traffic, with me having over 100 watchers and all
Have you ever seen something and thought, "That has to be to be true?

That is exactly how I feel seeing Enter doing an Animated Atrocity on "Let's Not Be Skeletons" my most hated episode of OK KO.  I already have a feeling Enter is going to take at least somewhat of a stance for gun control or some other shit that's gonna end up making me cringe just as much as the actual episode
Finally got around to the first episode of the second season of OK KO, and honestly, I'm still debating with myself if I even want to see the rest. The fact I still really only find four of the main heroes likable (if you count Carol, I think she more counts as a minor character at this point), the fact they killed at least one of in my favorite human characters (at least, in the top 5)  and the fact I have a strong feeling the "Rooting for the Empire" thing is gonna pick up to the point where I actively want them to succeed yet things are just gonna go downhill for them makes me extremely hesitant.

Side note, I'm gonna finally catch up on Adventure Time since it ended and maybe make a few bios...who knows? 


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Hey, have you seen that Slender Man movie? from what I've heard it's bad, but it gives Slender Man some strange details- if you don't plan on watching it I can just tell you what the movie describes about him, since I watched a review of it that summarizes what happens. 
ForceOfNatureAndCorn Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Actually, despite the reviews, I plan to see it in theaters, just because I love the character. I'll try and keep down in my head the feats as well
ProfessorSodaMan Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2018  Student Writer
Ah great then, I didn't want to ruin it for you before you saw it! It's an hour and a half, so if it ends up not being your thing, you won't have to worry about suffering too long.
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 Okay, great. I mean, from what I've seen, it looks alright. As long as I get some Slender action, I'll be satisfied
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