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Slytherin? Hex prone

pick your house

(checkee outee the others : D )
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I took a test and i'm definitely Slytherin.
Maybe that's why my sis messes with me all the time...
MiikanHolland's avatar
Totally Slytherin :3
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I love how animated all of your drawings are. They're enjoyable to look at and it's a refreshing change from the millions of (admittedly rather boring) static poses that seem to be so popular nowadays.
On the other hand, his sinuses are bound to be clear at this point, so there you go.
GibbonMoon's avatar
I'm a Slytherin! XD
Softcorelumberjack's avatar
I get sorted into Slytherin every single time, no matter what quiz, on what site.
Th1nk-G33k's avatar
XD WOO! Go Ginny!
Scari-Senpai's avatar
Awesome! I like Malfoy... so stop with the hexes!
Nutmeg44's avatar
soldier629's avatar
haha! that's hilarious! I'm faving this one!
acjub's avatar
I took a fansy psychological test thingy..and this is my stop with the hexes!!!
I love thisXD
leftxunbroken's avatar
I [HEART] Slytherin because of the purtiful colors! My favorite colors. XD
Being a badass would be awesome!!!
vetoast's avatar
YOU KNOW WHAT, GINNY? *stomps over and curses her into next week* lawls! Love this. Heart Slytherin. Eeetsh the besht.
Slytheringrl81193's avatar
Slytherin is da best!
the-zilla's avatar
ooh, delightful illumination of Bat-Bogey. Before, I hadn't realised the "bogey" part, being altogether too caught up in the "bat" part.

His nose is excellent. Ginny is incredible.
..but his left leg. Is one of the bogeys flapping up his pants now? o__O
This is excellent! I really like the outfit you designed for him.
dracothan's avatar
Love the pointy-ness.
kingpig666's avatar
Yep, still definitely my house.
Mysticsins4's avatar

XD Draco's expression is priceless.
ProonyPotter's avatar
love his facial expression. so choosing slytherin... but i'll check out the other houses now :P
jewelaine's avatar
MWAHAHA!!!!:evillaugh: Draco is so P.O.'d.:D
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