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Hufflepuff? ....shame..

pick your house

(check out the others : 3 )

'whistle to a watch and have it sing you the time'
: ( poor cedric
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... im still a hufflepuff and i dont FIND it shameful at all ;) 'its avada kedrava o'clock'... LOL XD
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avada kedavra o'clock XDDD
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I thought in the movie Moody says something like "He can turn a whistle into a watch and have it sing you the time." Because in the books it was known that Transfiguration was his best class.
Sorry, I had to do that xD

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why would you do that to cedric?
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Voldemort turned Cedric Diggory into Edward Cullen!!
Anyone else wanna kill Old Voldy for that? *raises hand*
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*raises hand with narrowed eyes* I join
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Voldemort killed Cedric, and turned him into Edward. Sad day. =(
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I just love the singing watch! it's hilarious! I want one that could say,"time for you to get a watch." whenever someone asks me for the time.
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I thought Cedric had brown hair. Whatevers. *sniggers*
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Well, I'm obviously a Hufflepuff (after I did some strange psycho tests) and I say: We're underrated!!!

Yay for Hufflepuff!
Even if all the other houses are way cooler.... we've got a badger!
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Fight on, Hufflepuff! Even if you insist on fighting rather passively.
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:highfive: Fellow Hufflepuff! If you look, we get lots of our own icons. My favorites are "You think we're nice? That's cute" "Embrace yourself, I'm going to hug you" "I don't know whether to hug you or snap your neck" and..."Hufflepuff: The reason God invented safety scissors"

Badger pride!
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Do you speak Badgertongue? LOLZ!
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FRSMRCH! *kaff* Not ironically funny at all...
Nope, not at all. *stifling giggles*
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A little morbid.
Funny, in a depressing way.

so screams mental-conscience-thingy.

I always pictured him as a brunette, though, but your interpretation works.

What is that disc on his chest?!
At first I thought it said "Disco / -----" but then I figured "Diggory / -----".
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Diggory Rules. One of the Slytherin-created badges that changed from Diggory Rules to Potter Stinks.
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thanks! haha i ought to have realised that.
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lol That's fine, it took me a minute too.
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ho ho ho. I need a talking-death-watch.
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Lawls thats funny.

Poor cedric...*sniggers
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I totally find this funnier than I should. Stop, Avada time.
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Haha. Sounds like a good Wizard Rock song =D
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...I find this funny as far as black humour can get one ^^ but really ...the 'cannon-fodder house' occur to anyone else when they think of hufflepuff?
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