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Egwene al'Vere

Egwene, when she got her braid, before they left two rivers

context note: In Two Rivers, (where (some) of the central WoT characters start out) when a girl becomes a woman (specifically is of marriagable age) she will then wear her hair in a braid.

female characters always take a lot more to win me over than the guys, i have to admit, but Egwene is really getting there, especially since all the stuff with the Seanchan at the end of book 2
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love this picture of her! I think it does really well to represent what she looks like. Meaning, she's actually pretty in this one, and not too old!
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hello! This was featured last week on Fan Art Friday on the front page of (a Wheel of Time fan community): [link]
Art that actually makes Egwene look good and distinct from the other female leads. Wonderful!
I love Your fan art! You are skilled!
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I have to admit, she’s not one of my favourites.
But this is pretty close to how I imagined she’d look.
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It's an odd thing about the female characters in the WoT books. It's almost as if Jordan wrote them to be intentionally inscrutable. Like... they almost TRY to not see the good qualities in the men around them. Simultaneously, the men all fob off trying to understand them by saying, "Women are so hard to understand. I'll never understand them." Yeah, well... doesn't make it any easier to get behind them as characters in a book we're reading, does it, Mr. Jordan. Great drawing!
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I hope you'll continue to like her as the books go on! She's my favorite character in the series - though Min comes very close!
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Did you know that they are making a movie(s) AND a comic(s)from the books? :D
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Realy now? I'd think a comic would be easy, but a movie?! :O That'd be near impossible unless they cut out alot from the first book and that's tricky to do without losing details.
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I wasn't quite clear, Movies, with an 's'. Tor Books, along with Robert Jordan's wife have sold the rights for a movie to some famous movie making industry in California. Admittedly, it would be a challenge to fit everything into a series of movies, and if they succeed, they would have to make at least 14 different movies, maybe more.
There will also be more video games (There already is a PC game), MMO's (there is one of those as well, etc.
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Ah I see. Well 14 movies is unheard of as far as I know, but it'd certuianly be fun. I'd probbly be close to middle age by then. :XD: I know of he PC game, which I hear isn't much like the book. I have no like for MMO's since I have slow internet but I did once contemplate trying to make a RPG maker version of it...Then I realized just how insanely hard that'd be ^^; Ah well thanks for clearing it up.
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The PC games is about an Ae Sedia who fights the Dark One and ends up becoming one of the Forsaken, so it's pretty interesting :P

I don't know how they are going to do the movies though... :/
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She's really beautiful =) Adorable!
Have you read the latest book? Anything involving Egwene in book twelve is basically just one long Crowning Moment of Awesome.
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She was close to winning you over then, what about now after all that's happened?
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Again, great work and I agree that the female characters really have to work to win me over and as of book 10 I still only really like Egwene and Min.

Anyway, sorry for inundating you with comments, I am probably one of many.
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This is really amazing, I love how you colour! :)
And the picture in general is just brilliant!
I love her face! I feel like you captured her perfectly - vulnerable, strong, and snappy all in one.
Very good pic of her. :)
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I love these novels and you really captured the characters! they're exactly how I pictured them, amazing work!
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I still don't like Egwene much and I've been reading the series for 6 years... but oh well, I've gotten used to her. And this picture is, I admit, EXACTLY like I imagine her... Very nice.
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Lol! I just barely started on WoT myself, and I looked on here hoping there was fanart. You're my hero!
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