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Welcome to Forbidden Wingz. We are an Art group where you can share your art, graphic and stories.

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Chapter 1: After These Messages
After a big sleepover in the Team Heartbreak windmill, the team members were half-asleep around said windmill. In one of the bedrooms, Joni Mitchell and Shawn Michaels suddenly slump on the edge of the bed, before the two unconscious lovebirds fall off to the ground, before the two sprung and woke up, causing Hunter Helmsley and Chyna to wake up too while the two were still embracing in another room. “Goddamn, that was an amazing sleepover we had last night...” Shawn Michaels said drowsily. “Yea, Shawn...” Joni Mitchell nodded slowly. Joni, Shawn, Hunter and Chyna then go into the messy living room where they spot Marty Jannetty laying half-asleep on the big couch and surrounded by bags of Doritos, Tostitos, Lays and Cheetos, as well as Twinkies, Zebra Cakes, M&Ms and Hershey's boxes and bags on the couch. His lower half was covered in a blanket and he was wearing a white t-shirt that says "I O Donuts" (the O being a donut). Standing next to the couch was his Wobbuffet and laying on Marty's lap was his Teddiursa. Across the couch was Marty's girlfriend Rindy Ross and the team's muscle, Diesel. “Marty had a hell of a meltdown after Heenan came here and insulted him.” Rindy Ross reminded. “Yea. So, it's best that we give him some space.” Diesel nodded. “Wobbuffet.” Wobbuffet said. Marty stirs his eyes before noticing a fourth wall. “Oh... this is Team Heartbreak; I remember it, so...” Marty Jannetty said tiredly, before eating a chocolate chip cookie. “Man, Marty's still upset, huh?” Shawn Michaels said, before Batista came into the living room with a tray of coffee. “Yea. Poor guy.” Batista said, as his Bewear stood behind the couch. “Well, I'm sorry, guys; because ever since last night... we had a big sleepover with alcohol, junk food, bitches and party games and such... and when those hateful remarks were made by Bobby Heenan, who showed up here uninvited, I've been doing a little thinking, asking myself some questions, like... what the fuck am I doing with my life, man? Other than being an Ultra Guardian and saving the world with Interpol while having fun in the meantime? Is this really what I wanna be? This weak, pathetic, autistic loser?” Marty Jannetty lamented. “Marty, don't say that. You're not a pathetic loser, you're special the way you are.” Rindy Ross assured her boyfriend. “She's right; don't believe a word Heenan says to you.” Fran O'Toole said, lighting up a cigarette. “Thanks, guys; but still... I can't get the words out of my mind... so, I do what I always do after a meltdown and when I get really depressed afterwards... I watch old nostalgic TV. Wobbuffet, if you would...?” Marty Jannetty sighed, before Wobbuffet turns a TV on which shows a Sgt. Slaughter commercial. “Wow. Never in my life have I ever seen Marty so depressed like this.” Joni Mitchell said in concern. “I know, right?” Shawn Michaels agreed. “Oh, Sgt. Slaughter... you represent a simpler time when your last name could also represent illegal war crimes or when your most biggest problem was NOT collecting the latest action set...” Marty Jannetty sighed. “Wobbuffet.” Wobbuffet said. “I may be a former criminal mastermind, but even some ex-convicts like myself have a heart. Poor Marty, he didn't deserve to be insulted by the likes of Bobby Heenan.” Dwayne Goettel said. “Fight the good fight, Sgt. Slaughter...” Marty Jannetty moaned in a depressed way, before taking a handful of Doritos and sadly eating them. “Marty's aura indicates that it's a dull violet. Very depressing, indeed.” Eric Stewart stated. “Yea. What did Marty ever do to deserve this?” Hunter Helmsley asked. “Nothing; Heenan was being such an asshole to him last night.” Marv Ross said, before another commercial was shown. “Wobbuffet...” Wobbuffet said, pointing at the screen. “We're heroes in a half-shell, we're baking a surprise! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pies!” the ad sang. “Oh, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pies... I remember when the line 'Fresh from the Sewer' actually sounded appetizing... like a chocolate cake...” Marty Jannetty lamented. “Teddiursa...” Teddiursa agreed. “Fresh from the sewers to you!” One of the turtles said on TV. “Oh; Heenan wasn't the only one that showed up last night. Apparently, JBL also showed up and he intimidated Marty as well. I don't know what made both Heenan and JBL hate anything to do with autism, but it wasn't very nice of them to hurt Marty this way.” Batista said. “God, is this the only thing that brings me pleasure after a meltdown? Just pure, pathetic nostalgia? I'm a wreck!” Marty Jannetty sobbed, before his Wobbuffet patted his back. “Wobba, Wobbuffet...” Wobbuffet assured. “Fucking commercials... what is it about them that draws me to them? They're so conniving and yet so inviting. It's like they're in their own little world, a world that wants to be nice to you... but scam you at the exact same time... something about them strangely gives me comfort...” Marty Jannetty sighed. “Yea. All of us could actually watch these ads all day.” Hunter Helmsley said. That one little phrase was when Marty wasn't drowsy or depressed anymore. “Actually... that's not a bad idea, Hunter. Maybe we need to take a break from our duties and take a look at the stuff in between the shows and movies.” Marty Jannetty said, “Leif, head over to the Royal Snatch. Tell Ambrose to get the theater ready.” “Sure thing, Marty; I'm on it.” Leif Cassidy leaves the windmill and runs to the Royal Snatch casino. “I mean, I loved watching these commercials growing up. They got me excited for all the things I spent my hard-earned money on.” Marty Jannetty grinned. “Yea, Marty. Every time you watched these ads, you felt like you were making some kind of deal with them.” Diesel said. “It's like this; you buy their products and they, in return, deteriorate your intelligence and physical health. It's a good trade.” Hunter Helmsley smirked, before Leif came back to the windmill. “Done; in 30 seconds fast.” Leif Cassidy joked. “How could such cunning manipulation go unappreciated like this? You know what? Fuck it. We're gonna take this whole day, we're just gonna watch commercials in the theater. Yea, this is a tribute to all the plastic, sugar-coated nonsense that we all loved growing up.” Marty Jannetty decided. “This is a little segment that Team Heartbreak likes to call 'After These Messages'.” Shawn Michaels said, “Here we go!” (After these messages...) (After these messages...) (After these messages...) (After these messages...) (We'll be right back!) EPISODE 1: Commercials! (After These Messages...) Team Heartbreak was now in the casino's theater, where all of Team Wynaut was finding their seats. “Are you guys doing this in order or...” Dean Ambrose asked. “No. We're not going in any order or tie them together in any theme, it's just gonna be commercials, commercials, commercials. So find your seat and let's get started.” Shawn Michaels said. “This had better be good, man.” Jimmy Hart said from far away. “Oh, it will. Trust us.” Hunter Helmsley said. “Wobbuffet!” Wobbuffet saluted, before the lights dimmed and a film projector was turned on. (Commercial #1: Apple Jacks) “Look, it's Jeff Armstrong eating Apple Jacks.” a girl said on the screen. “Ah, Apple Jacks. You remember these commercials, right? It always starts off with a group of kids eating this cereal and some snooty know-it-all always asks why they like eating it if it doesn't taste like apples.” Dwayne Goettel explained. “That's a good point, man. Why the hell doesn't it taste like apples?” Laura Nyro asked. “Yea, that's like if Cocoa Puffs tasted like Oat Bran. It's kinda false advertising.” Bret Hart said. “Look, it's Jeff Armstrong eating Apple Jacks.” the girl said again. “He's cool.” another girl said. “We'll see.” a third girl nodded. “Yea; we'll see if he's cool by subjecting him to the Apple Jacks test.” Brian Pillman grinned madly. “Not the Apple Jacks test!” Jane Vasey said out loud. “Hell yea, the Apple Jacks test!” Brian Pillman shot back with a grin. “You're eating Apple Jacks? Shouldn't it taste like apples?” the second girl asked. “Actually, that's not why it tastes good.” the boy said. “Then why?” the second girl asked. “Cue the 'Holy Grail' scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade mixed with this commercial and...” Mickey Finn said, before pointing at the screen. “They just do.” the third girl answered. “They have chosen wisely.” Mickey Finn said. “Kellogg's Apple Jacks cereal is part of a complete breakfast.” a male teen announced. “Good points, guys.” Tommy Bolin said, “You make very good points.” “And then they all end with the kids taking a picture together, but my absolute favorite is the caption at the bottom: Apple Jacks '94. Somebody actually looked at this picture and called it "Apple Jacks '94", as if to say this.” Dean Ambrose said, before pointing at Roger Waters. “God, I remember that summer. That was the summer of Apple Jacks. The summer where anything was possible. The summer where boys became men and girls became women. THAT was Apple Jacks. I know. I wrote it on a picture.” Roger Waters said. “Roger, do you think the kids from It did that; like when they all took that picture together, they simply labelled it the summer of Apple Jacks '54? You know, instead of the summer of 'Oh, my God, a killer clown! A fucking killer clown! Don't ever forget the killer clown! A killer clown!'?” Richard Wright asked. “Eh, it could happen.” Roger Waters shrugged. “Kellogg's Apple Jacks cereal is part of a complete breakfast.” the male teen announced. “I don't know what she sees in him.” the second girl said. “We eat what we like.” the kids said, before posing for the picture. (Commercial #2: Popples) “Pop, pop, pop your basketball Popple.” the ad sang. “How about Popples? That was a clever idea. It was a series of sports balls that could be turn into cuddly creatures.” Jane Vasey said. “I got a Popple!” a kid said. “Pop your basketball Popple.” the ad sang. “Who's got the ball?” a chorus sang. “I got a Popple!” another kid said. “This raises a few questions, though, like why were they playing with a furry pillow-like ball to begin with? Just why?” Tom Keifer asked. Glenn Frey notices Eddie Guerrero sitting a few seats away from him. “Hey, Guerrero, you got our basketball?” Glenn Frey asked. Guerrero gives Glenn a thumbs-up and he throws a Popples ball at him. “Oh, wow, that's a hairy fucker and it doesn't even bounce in the slightest. This will do us well.” Glenn Frey said, before throwing the Popple back aside. “And then, of course, when they go after the ball...” Bret Hart said, before pointing at the screen. “I got a Popple!” the kid cheered. “Well, shit. He's got a supernatural creature that hasn't been discovered by science yet, but where's that damn ball, man?” Eddie Guerrero asked. “Okay, I felt bad playing with these because I always felt like I was giving the Popples a migraine. I mean, you're kicking them around, throwing them... doesn't it hurt? The Popples wouldn't come out normally, they'd look more like hospitalized.” Joni Mitchell said in concern. “Yea, Joni. But, oh, well. You can't fault it on still being a clever product.” Shawn Michaels shrugged. “They're new from Mattel!” an announcer said. (Commercial #3: Giggles Cookies) “Okay, I don't know what the fuck this kid is on, but I want some.” Dean Ambrose said. “Same here. No drugs, but more precisely if I'd like some Sharpie markers.” Brian Pillman said. “...two kinds of cream inside. He likes Giggles' funny faces. There’s fudge and vanilla cream in each one.” a teen boy explained. A child, however, was giggling on the screen. “Oh, my God, people stoned out of their minds don't laugh this hard!” Jim Neidhart exclaimed. “New Giggles Cookies: Two kinds of cream in each funny face.” an announcer said. “Will you let me eat that?” the teen boy asked. “Turn the gas off! Turn the gas off!” Marty Jannetty exclaimed. “Or better yet; don't give him any drugs!” Bret Hart exclaimed. “Nabisco!” the ad sang. (Commercial #4: Crossfire) “It's some time in the future…” an announcer said. “Oh, this ad was unbelievable. This is, like, one of the most fucking epic commercials ever put on television.” Brian Pillman said, grinning madly. “The ultimate challenge: Crossfire!” the announcer said. “Look at it; it's set in this apocalyptic future where the fate of the world rests in the hands of two kids who sit at a table and throw marbles at even bigger marbles.” Diesel said. “Crossfire! You can count 'em in the Crossfire!” the ad sang. “It's like the world of Tron if it was run by Lucas from The Wizard! It's the most badass commercial ever!” Greg Hawkes grinned. “Crossfire! You can count 'em in the Crossfire!” the ad sang. “Go, Billy! The fate of Armageddon lies in your hands!” Chyna cheered. “Count ‘em in the Crossfire! Crossfire! Crossfire! Crossfire!” the ad sang. “This could be it, Wobbuffet! This could be it!” Marty Jannetty grinned. “Wobbuffet!” Wobbuffet smiled. “Crossfire!” the ad finished, causing everyone to burst with excitement and anticipation. “Hell yea!” Dean Ambrose shouted skyward in victory, before blue lightning struck him and covering him in smoke. He coughs once. “Man, you just got played.” Roger Waters chuckled. “Hey, Waters? Shut up.” Dean Ambrose snapped. (Commercial #5: Santa Claus Hotline) “Santa has a very special Christmas message he wants everyone to hear.” an announcer said. “I don't think they do these anymore, but a long, long time ago, they used to have hotlines for everything. Including Santa for the Christmas season, which we're all happy about because we saved his life twice.” Shawn Michaels said. “Call 1-900-909-4300; $2 first minute, 45 cents each additional.” the announcer said. “Look at that, Eddie; just $2 for the first minute and only 45 cents every additional minute. It's pretty fucking costly for the 1980s!” Ric Ocasek pointed out to Eddie Money, who nodded. “I see.” Eddie Money nodded. “And Santa needs your help to spread the Christmas cheer. Be a Santa's helper!” the announcer said. “I always remember, you'd call them up and Santa would talk to you about what you wanna get for Christmas and how nice or naughty you've been during the holidays of the year. Although, it does eat up time and takes your money.” Hunter Helmsley smiled. “No; how I remember it is that you'd call them up and some jerkoff would talk to you as slowly as possible so he could make sure that he eats up your precious time and your fucking money. What a dickcock!” Dean Ambrose said irritably. “Ambrose, behave yourself.” Laura Branigan reminded. “Get your parents' permission to call Santa's special phone number now.” the announcer said. “Actually, this sort of takes on a different meaning nowadays, doesn't it? When you make a call that costs money, there's usually a different idea behind it and the idea of Santa being a part of that is pretty freaking creepy.” Bret Hart said uneasily. “Pedophilia, much?” Edina Pop asked. “Possibly.” Bret Hart nodded. Guerrero calls the number on his iPhone. “Ho-ho-ho! You’ve reached Santa's hotline! Have you been a naughty little boy? I bet you have. What are you wearing, naughty little boy? I have a candy cane in my pants for you, big boy.” Santa said on the phone. “Jesus Christ, man!” Eddie Guerrero shouted in shock, dropping his iPhone. “Ho-ho-ho! Get naked!” Santa said on the phone. (Commercial #6: Fruity Pebbles Christmas) “Season's greetings in our souls…” the ad sang. “Speaking of Santa, how many of you get nostalgic like Marty whenever you see this commercial every Christmas? It's practically a staple of Christmas now.” Laura Nyro said. “Yabba-dabba-fruitylicious-do.” Santa sang. “Ho-ho-ho, I'm h-h-hungry…” Barney sang, before sliding down the chimney, “Santa? My pebbles!” “Your pebbles?!” Fred asked angrily. “'Tis the season to be sharing, Fred.” Santa reminded. “Happy holidays, pal.” Fred smiled, sharing his cereal with Barney. “Aw, Fred.” Barney doted. “Hey Bret, how can they celebrate Christmas if Jesus isn't born yet?” Owen Hart asked. “That's for them to know and for all of us to speculate.” Bret Hart said. (Commercial #7: Nintendo Cereal System) “Nin-ten-do! It's for breakfast now!” the ad sang. “Get this: When Nintendo was all the rage, they actually made a Nintendo cereal. Yeah, it wasn't a Mario cereal or a Zelda cereal. It was just Nintendo in general. What a weird idea. It's kind of like making Internet: The Cereal, isn't it?” Greg Hawkes asked. “Although it would probably be the first cereal where you have to be over 18 to eat it.” Laura Nyro said. “And it wasn't just called Nintendo Cereal. It was called the Nintendo Cereal System. What the hell does that mean? Do you really have to put the word 'System' at the end? Are we really gonna confuse this Nintendo for another Nintendo?” Dwayne Goettel asked. “Nintendo Cereal System is a super part of this nutritious breakfast.” a kid announcer said. “Oh, they meant the Nintendo Entertainment System! I thought they meant Nintendo the... Animatronic Horse That Only Eats Toothpaste and Circus Midgets. It's very big in Sweden, you know.” Shawn Michaels said. “It was kind of cool, because it was technically two cereals in one. That means there were two bags in each box, like let's say, family sized jumbo boxes of cereal. But I remember it was kind of a pain. Once you open the bag, you can't really close it, so if you open both of them and pour it out, you'll get double the cereal all over the place. Maybe that's why it didn't last so long, because half of it was on the floor instead of the bowl. Well, if it had Nintendo on it, you know we were gonna love it anyway.” Marty Jannetty commented. “Wobbuffet.” Wobbuffet said, eating said product. “Two cereals in one! Wow!” the ad sang. (Commercial #8: Burger King Kids Meal) “Skeletor is trying to take over Castle GreySkull!” a kid read on the screen. “Just like today, fast food joints handed out toys with their kids meals and sometimes you get a cup, like these He-Man ones here at Burger King.” Tommy Lee said. “They always told epic stories or, at least, as much as they could, being on a cup, but here's my favorite part of the commercial. Chyna, if you please.” Hunter Helmsley said. “Sure thing, Hunter. The part was, the kids get the cups and what do they do with them? Use them as swords.” Chyna said. “Man, those must be some pretty ghetto kids. I mean, was a stick really too expensive to use as a sword, so you have to use these?” Batista wondered. “Were these your birthday gifts right after they took you to their party at Dollar Tree? Hardcore, kids. Really hardcore.” Marv Ross said sarcastically. “Aren't you hungry… for Burger King now?” the ad sang. (Commercial #9: Toy Trucks) “Come on, guys, there's work to do! Let's move!” a kid ordered. “Okay, I don't know what the hell this kid's problem is, but he cracks me the fuck up.” Hunter Helmsley smirked. “Go! Make!” the kid ordered. “Listen to him; he's taking fun-time just a little too freaking seriously, man!” Eddie Guerrero said. “Go! Move!” the kid ordered. “Calm the fuck down, kid! You're building sand castles and Lincoln logs! You're not a contracted construction worker!” Jim Neidhart laughed. “Move!” the kid ordered. “Why are these kids even hanging out with him? All he's doing is yelling at them all day! He's like a junior Sam Kinison!” Bret Hart grinned, wiping a tear from his eye. “Yea!” the kid ordered. “Yea!” Brian Pillman shouted with a grin. “Move!” the kid ordered. “Move!” Roddy Piper grinned out loud. “Go!” the kid ordered. “Go!” Batista said out loud. “Make!” the kid ordered. “Bake! What?” Shawn Michaels asked. “Come on, guys, there's work to do! Let's move!” the kid ordered. “I have to support a wife and kids working with you twerps, so let's get it right!” Meowth mockingly demanded. “Be a man, can!” the kid ordered. “Riggers and trucks. Power makes the cranes and hardhat. Each sold separately. Batteries not included. New from Revell.” an announcer said. (Commercial #10: Transformers Insecticons) “What is it?” a man asked. “It's the Insecticons!” an announcer said. “Hell, yea! Transformers! These were the coolest toys out there, even if they did take an hour to figure out how the fuck they worked! They were still awesome and we loved every minute of it. Except for the Transformers movies. The coolest one of these commercials was the Insecticons, the robots that looked like insects.” Dean Ambrose grinned, fist-pumping. “Why? Because, goddamn it, I'd like to think Tom Hanks influenced something in the movie Big.” Roddy Piper grinned. “Yea, we heard this idea, we thought this was awesome! And it kicked ass to suddenly see these things around.” Marty Jannetty grinned. “Wobbuffet!” Wobbuffet smiled, holding an Insecticon toy. “Transformers! More than meets the eye!” the ad sang. “Something that used to be in every Transformers commercial was an awesome but kind of creepy moment when the kids would say their 'robots in disguise' line.” Owen Hart said. “Transformers!” the ad sang. “Robots in disguise!” a kid sang in a low voice, eyes glowing green. “Jesus Christ!” Glenn Frey yelped. “I mean, it's kinda cool, but it's also pretty freaky. It's like the kid got possessed by Pazuzu from The Exorcist or something.” Richard Wright supposed. “But it isn't, Richard.” Roger Waters said. “Each sold separately. From Hasbro.” an announcer said. (Commercial #11: Connect Four) “1, 2, 3, 4/1, 2, 3, 4/ 1…2…3, 4/ Connect Four!” the ad sang. “Yea, can't go wrong with this game and the song, it turns out, was pretty catchy too. If you haven't played this game, then you have no childhood. The game was entertaining then and it's still entertaining now, if you're waiting for the dentist or the doctor and they have it in the little toy basket.” Bret Hart admitted. “But to be honest, it still counts!” Shawn Michaels added. “1, 2, 3, 4/Connect Four!” the ad sang. “Kind of a lameass joke they would do is that they would find as many puns they can do with the word four.” Glenn Frey conned. “Connect Four!” the ad sang. “For real!” a kid said. “For everyone!” a second kid said. “For laughs!” a third kid said. “Fortissimo!” a chef said. “For winning!” a fourth kid said. “Forget it!” a fifth kid said. “Forgive me!” a sixth kid said. “Forsooth!” a knight said. “Yea, those were good, but let's see how far we can really push it for this song. Imagine if Aragorn, Abraham Lincoln, Ronnie Barker and a general took part in Connect Four?” Leif Cassidy asked. “Connect Four!” the ad sang. “What else can you say about a solid game with a solid ad?” Mick Tucker shrugged. “Connect Four, from Milton Bradley.” an announcer said. (Commercial #12: Chia Pets) “Chi-Chi-Chi-Chia!” the ad sang. “Behold, the most boring thing in the entire freaking world!” Brian Pillman said out loud. “I was fascinated by kids who had Chia Pet. You know how they say something is so boring, that they'd rather watch grass grow? Well, now they made a toy out of it! They made a toy out of watching grass grow!” Hunter Helmsley shouted. “That's how bored apparently we got! And just look at the incredible selection they have here.” Chyna said, shocked. “Wobbuffet.” Wobbuffet said. “Chia Teddy Bears, puppies, kittens, rams, bulls! There's even a Chia tree!” an announcer said. “Tree? They actually put a tree in there? It's already a fucking tree! It does nothing except grow! That's all a tree does!” Roddy Piper ranted. “I agree, Piper!” Luna Vachon agreed in anger. “Chi-Chi-Chi-Chia!” the ad sang. “Chia Pet: The pottery that grows.” the announcer said. “If you liked it, good for you. But don't be surprised if you have a sudden fascination with Chia Paint Dry. And for the love of God, don't invite your friends over to watch it. It's a complete waste of time and you will be pitied.” Marty Jannetty groaned. “Like you, for the most part.” Rindy Ross said, patting Marty on his back. “Wobbuffet.” Wobbuffet said, also patting Marty on his back. “Chi-Chi-Chi-Chia!” the ad sang. “Ba-Ba-Ba-Bullshit!” Dwayne Goettel mocked. (Commercial #13: Micro Machines) “This is the Micro Machine Man presenting…” John Moschitta Jr. said quickly. “Oh, this guy named John Moschitta Jr. is awesome! He started off as the Fed-Ex man and then he moved onto a toy called Micro Machines, which, sadly, I don't think they exist anymore.” Roddy Piper grinned. “Of course, your mini Micro Machine vehicles plays a boast to the police station, the marine, the mini motorcycle repair shop, gas station, the construction office, work the real-working bridge highway, passing to wrapping garage doors.” John Moschitta Jr. said quickly. “This guy is an advertiser's dream come true. He gets out all the information you need in seconds, literally seconds.” Steve Priest smiled. “Wynaut!” Wynaut agreed. “The dramatically in sail triply trim rebel comes with the real thing that holds 25 Micro Machines with fabulous fantastic features, two totally tripping elevators, real-working hoist, runway and two cargo arms.” John Moschitta Jr. said quickly. “Every time he came on TV, you felt like you were doing ecstasy. Besides, everything just seemed so fast, that everything else moved in slow-motion after he was done.” Jeff Porcaro said. “And these play-sets fit together to form a perfectly precise Micro Machine world…” John Moschitta Jr. said quickly. “Wow, it's very confusing and misunderstanding as hell!” Steve Priest said in shock. “Wynaut, Wy!” Wynaut agreed in shock. “The Micro Machine Man here, carrier there. You can't have that, but you can have this.” John Moschitta Jr. said quickly. “Thank God this guy doesn't do audiobooks. That way it would've been much worse if he was talking fast like a sports car on crack.” Batista said in relief, “Me and Bewear prefer books better. Even I like coffee and she likes tea.” “I know, Batista. The toys were awesome and this guy was awesome. Let's hope they make a comeback sometime soon.” Roddy Piper smiled. “Remember, if it doesn't Micro Machines, it’s not the real thing.” John Moschitta Jr. said quickly. (Commercial #14: Ecto-Cooler) “Speaking of awesome, why the hell is there no more Ecto Cooler in the world? This was, like, the coolest drink ever and for the love of God, it was the only good thing that snotbubble Slimer ever produced.” Marty Jannetty smiled. “Wobbuffet!” Wobbuffet smiled, before taking a sip of Ecto Cooler. “Got some, pal?” Marty Jannetty asked, before Wobbuffet gave him an Ecto Cooler box, “Thanks.” “Hi-C Ecto Cooler: Slimer's new fruit drink.” an announcer said. “Though, speaking of which, what are we supposed to assume that stuff is? I mean, did the best thing to come out of Slimer literally come out of Slimer? It could be ectoplasm or- oh, my God, we could be drinking Slimer splooge! He already sort of looks like a giant sperm! It's like the sperm of a sperm or...” Shawn Michaels said in disgust. “Good God; I don't wanna think about it! That's disgustingly inappropriate, just think of this as ectoplasm, Shawn!” Joni Mitchell reminded her boyfriend. “Ah, screw it. Whatever it was, it was incredible and it lasted a real long time. But at some point, they discontinued it and by God, were we pissed off!” Bret Hart said in anger. “I also heard there's a new Ghostbusters movie coming out next year and I'm telling you right now, if they do not do a crossover with Ghostbusters: Afterlife and bring Ecto Cooler back, somebody really will be a fucking ghost.” Brian Pillman threatened. “Ecto Cooler. You've been warned.” an announcer said. “Wow.” a grocer said in amazement. (Commercial #15: Wet Banana) “Here's Wet Banana!” an announcer said. “Uhhhhhhhhh…” Hunter Helmsley said, looking around uncomfortably. “You can splish and splash on Wet Banana like Billy!” the announcer said. “Yes, be like Billy and take a ride on the Wet Banana.” Chyna smiled. “You can dip and slip like Ricky!” the announcer said. “Yes, dipping and sliding is a very good thing to do with your Wet Banana.” Dean Ambrose laughed. “Slippery wet fun for the whole gang!” the announcer said. “A very special kinda gang, but, yes, slippery wet fun is guaranteed.” Shawn Michaels nodded. “Could that be Mom on Wet Banana?” the announced asked. Marty does a spit take upon hearing this. “Wobbuffet?!” Wobbuffet gasped. “It is!” the announcer said. “Mom! Get off my Wet Banana! What would Dad say?!” Marty Jannetty shouted. “Wobbuffet!” Wobbuffet agreed in shock. “Regular Wet Banana 25 feet long and the new Wet Banana Super Slide 30 feet long!” the announcer said. “My, MY, that's a fucking big banana!” Obsidian said in amazement. “You need Jesus, you know that?” Dean Ambrose said to Obsidian. “Each sold separately from Koki!” the announcer said. “Caution; may hurt some women.” Leslie Mandoki said. (Commercial #16: Fraggle Rock PSA) “Down at Fraggle Rock! Down at Fraggle Rock.” the Fraggles sang, before a kid turned the TV off. “I LOVE Fraggle Rock!” the kid cheered, dancing in place. “So does Wynaut, but why did you turn it off?” Steve Priest asked. “Wynaut?” Wynaut asked. “Chris, why don't you read something?” the mother asked. “But the Fraggles are really fun...” the kid, now named Chris, muttered before the TV turned itself on and threw a few books at him through the screen, “Wow!” “Ah, yes, the TV that actually encourages you to read. That's something you don't see very often. Take it away, Ambrose.” Tommy Bolin said. “I'm so confident that you won't stop watching me, that I'm just giving you books! You can't rid your addiction of me! I won't die until the Internet's invented! I got ten more years, ya suckers!” Dean Ambrose said out loud. “No wonder. The commercial might be made in the 80's or sometime around that.” Tom Keifer pondered. (Last Commercial: Magic Potty Baby) “Magic Potty Baby…” the ad sang. “Oh, dear God; not one of these! Quit while you're ahead, commercial! You might be able to sell it if you stop now!” Rindy Ross shouted. “Help you with your training pants, you make me so proud.” the ad sang, before the doll started to piss in the faux toilet. “Mother of God!” Dwayne Goettel shouted in disgust. “What the fuck is wrong with this commercial?!” Brian Pillman asked in shock. “OH! NASTY!” Brian Connolly shouted in disgust. “Talk about a bus station toilet, that commercial's fucked up, ese!” Eddie Guerrero shouted in disgust. “It's fun to help Magic Potty Baby learn to use her potty.” a female announcer said. “NO, IT'S NOT! IT'S FUCKING GROSS!” Diesel shouted in disgust. “I agree, man; that's fucked up!” Hunter Helmsley shouted in disgust. “God; some can say men can be disgusting! Not all of them, but my God!” Laura Nyro shouted in disgust. “Magic Potty Baby, I'm so glad…” the ad sang, as the girl kissed the doll on the cheek. “Don't kiss it, you don't know where it's been! For sanitary occasions!” Marty Jannetty shouted. “Wobbuffet!” Wobbuffet agreed in shock. “Magic Potty Baby and her magic potty. No water, no mess.” the female announcer said. “Just pray that thing doesn't go to number two.” Shawn Michaels hoped. “Let's hope it doesn't, Shawn.” Joni Mitchell agreed. The film projector stops and the lights come on; Waters gets up from his seat. “Okay, we all spent the half-hour watching commercials! Nothing but commercials! Oh, my God, that's even more pathetic! We spent all our precious time watching this shit that people skip?!” Roger Waters ranted, before he heard sniffling from Marty. “What the hell's wrong with me...? This isn't life, it's faux pas! Heenan was right, I'm pathetic! I'm not a man! I'm not a man!” Marty Jannetty sobbed, before his Wobbuffet patted his back again with Rindy following Wobbuffet this time. “Did you really have to be that loud in front of my boyfriend?” Rindy Ross asked Waters, looking very disappointed at him. Everyone looked at Waters with a disappointed look on their faces. “I... I didn't mean to...” Roger Waters said uneasily, before running out of the theater. “Wobba, Wobbuffet...” Wobbuffet assured, before Bobby Heenan showed up. “What's Heenan gonna do with Marty?” Hunter Helmsley asked. “Heenan better not...” Rindy Ross snarled. “Look at yourself, Jannetty. You had such dreams ahead of you, such promise. You were perfect back then. You had birth-control glasses, teeth like a chipmunk and a Dumb and Dumber haircut that only got dumb and dumber.” Bobby Heenan taunted. Marty winced when he heard Heenan's voice coming his way. “Leave me alone, Heenan... I just wanna be alone...” Marty Jannetty sniffled. “He's right; Marty's already had a meltdown last night, he doesn't need another.” Diesel snapped at Heenan. “There's nothing left for you anymore, Jannetty! You're a loser! JBL and I were right! You're a loser; a weak, pathetic, autistic loser!” Bobby Heenan taunted with a laugh. But Rindy and Diesel were having none of it; they stormed over to Heenan and Diesel grabbed him by the shirt. “Now listen here, Heenan! Marty's not a pathetic loser, he's one of the nicest people I've ever met in my entire life! What you said to him was uncalled for and completely hurtful!” Rindy Ross shouted at Heenan. “Yea and plus, that was a very mean and disrespectful thing for you to say to my friend! How could you say those things to him?!” Diesel snapped, “Apologize right now!” “No. Why? Because I'm not sorry and I'd love to do it again!” Bobby Heenan laughed nastily, “He's so lame, so there!” “Oh; that's it, you nasty son of a bitch!” Diesel shouted, “Since you refused to tell Marty you're sorry, my friend Batista has a Bewear and he's not afraid to use her!” “Wait, what?!” Bobby Heenan asked in shock, before Diesel threw him to the ground. Batista and Bewear walk over to Heenan, Diesel, Rindy and Marty. “Diesel, we'll take Heenan out of here for you and Rindy.” Batista said, before turning to face Heenan, looking very disappointed, “As for you, Heenan; we're taking you out of here right now and we're gonna have a long talk about your little stunt last night!” Bewear walked over to Heenan and she began to drag him out of the theater, ignoring Heenan's pleading, screaming and attempts to break out of Bewear's arms along the way, with Batista following her. Marty felt like the mood was tampered when Heenan stormed into the theater. He didn't know what he was going to do if he and his friends did the next commercial review. With that, Rindy turned around and knelt down to Marty's level. “It's okay, Marty. He's gone now.” Rindy Ross assured, “I'll have a word with Monsoon about it.” “Yea. Besides, Batista and Bewear's dealing with Heenan right now.” Diesel nodded. “Thanks, guys.” Marty Jannetty sighed, “Since this is the first time we reviewed these commercials, we should do this again some time.” “Yea, now you're talking, Marty.” Shawn Michaels smiled. “Wobbuffet.” Wobbuffet smiled. “Anyway,” Marty sees the fourth wall, “This is Team Heartbreak; we remember it so you don't have to.” (fin)...
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Zero's Delicious Revenge
Downwards into the dark yet unknown torture room, somewhere hidden or secret underneath the Hunter Base, that no one, not even the pacifist hunter would even try to find out about it. For it is unlike any other styles that anyone saw into a horror movie or shows watched on TV. Someone crazed for domination to arrive towards humanity to become rid of from earth before the true beginning of a new world for only the strongest reploids to stand by his side until there's nothing left. A former commander of the Maverick Hunters whose morality have morphed from sane to mad due to the unavoidable Wily Virus, have been chained against or to the walls built with auto control restraints just to cease him from planning to flee. He is known as Sigma, supreme king of the Mavericks. He would slowly open his eyes to regain his consciousness. The last thing that he had remembered is from the previous battle with the rival in crimson Zero, now becoming stronger than he was in the past and won. Secondly, thinking about trying to become victorious until the continuation of his usual schemes by erasing the existence of all organic individuals once and for all. Before delivering the drastic finale, the fire colored hunter would then pull out a powerful trick from his sleeve, by transforming into the unstoppable Absolute Zero. Ending the epic duel at once with a quick swift of his Calamitous Arts, damaging his arch foe without hesitation thus far. Humiliation has clothed him for his arrogance against the Class A sword wielder. And now, here he is. Trapped within the doorless shack of a prison facility, covered into the wounds of his nemesis's claws and arms completely destroyed or hacked off permanently."Argh.... C...Curse him.... I had almost dismantled him if I didn't gain the chance to strike him down before his transformation...." Staggered the irregular boss, coughing up a few drops of blood while trying to speak clearly. "W...Where am I? And....what happened to my arms?!"His answers to a few mysterious questions was right above him the entire time, from the last fight as he was hanging upside down like a bat into the cave. But this time, he's the repli-fied version. "He he he he he he...... Oh poor useless commander... Always posing yourself as the large hotshot whose too perfect to clean his pride... Or maybe to wash his own ass..." Said the unknown reploid, chuckling darkly at his failure. "You... Show yourself this instant and face me!" Screamed the big boss of the Maverick society, looking into a slow condition to view who it was.A surprise has rained down upon him when the blacked themed android hovers by land, revealing himself to him as, you guest it, Zero. He grinned with a menacing plot in store for the scarred villain in chains, with no arsenal or hands to protect him from his deadly claws. "Peek-a-boo....""So it is you, Zero...""Hello, Sigma... Like your new home? It suits your doomed misery quite well, obviously. But enough of that. Because I'm your worst nightmare now and this time, my revenge for turning me against my boyfriend by your pathetic control is strongly personal.... " "Hmph... Ignorant hunter.... Do you really think your feeble threats would even phase me, the unbeatable Sigma? You're completely out of your elements..." He scoffed. "No one would ever hope to defeat m-!"Then, he was interrupted by the clawed hand grasping violently across the metallic neck just to shut him up. But the goth themed vampire was still calm with expression, not even amazed by his gloating whatsoever."Sigma Sigma Sigma... Seriously, are you even listening to yourself right now? That sad attempted speech of yours is always humiliating to me. Even as a joke. Plus, it really annoys the hell out of me completely more than Axl's immaturity. No matter what you always do in order to change the world for your disgusting amusement, it will always fail by my hands, including X's. Using me as your so called "prized creation" just to force my decisions into beating my beloved boyfriend, but not this time. Nor ever. From now on, I'm in control of my own self today, and let's just say, that you're positively shit out of luck here. Without your precious minions to cover your helpless ass or anything that you hold dear within your pockets, it's all gone. Every. Single. One. And guess what, big boy? You're going to be much more fun to play with... When nobody's even around to interrupt our alone time... And additionally, that makes you my permanent bitch..."Proceeding his face and body towards him into a close action while placing the claws onto his chest, grinning once more but showing his devious white diamond fangs. Ready to pierce some flesh along with synthetics. Before doing to what Sigma would've thought of his opponent would do, he whispers into his ear port with a flirtatious manner."But you know what else that caught my attention~?" He questions before the starting of this torture. "I think you're actually kinda hot in that miserable but naughty condition of yours~ In fact, it makes me very, VERY horny to just suck on your tasty wounded lips right now~ And mostly, I find you aggressively attractive~" He said with a quiet yet sultry tone, placing his hands onto the big bad wolf's cheeks with interest."W...What?!" He said in a surprised state, weakly blushing. Hardly anything in his mind to reply, but alas, he was silenced by the biting kiss in the mouth."Ssssssssssssssss~ Hush your shitty tongue, "commander"~ And lemme absorb your glorious bravery right from that broken chatterbox...sexually~" Hissed the terrifying blood sucker silently, attempting to zip his trap by pressing his mouth into the former commanding officer's permanently. And finally during the horrifying talk towards him, the blond demon would desperately began to make out with his enemy all over as well as the jacked neck. Hands stroking from behind the back so smoothly, running his tongue across the face and travels into his mouth by a deep kiss. So rapidly and hungrily that the core inside of him is pleading for more, but his revenge needs it as well. "Mmmph! Mmmph!" He once again shouted, trying to break away the unbreakable mouth lock. However, he was too fragile to escape from it."Mmmm~ Oh yeah~ I wanna hear more of your cries, big boy~ It really increases my thirsty needs~" Moaned Zero, craving for more of such delectable hollers. How it does represent the music to his hearing ports. Much more beautiful to enjoy or listen to it forever. The claws have laid upon his enemy's chest forming as the prevention act if he would even dare attempt to escape out of this endless predicament in order to retrieve his glory, while the menacing ex irregular climbs onto the wounded dragon of a maverick king for a further tease into his face, tasting his every part without tire. "Mmmmmmmph!" Screamed once again into a hopeless situation, without a few chances to retaliate back for the attempt for redemption of his fearlessness to retrieve soon, but sadly, all of it has been confiscated. Numerous shouts have intrigued the shadow armored dominator once more another taste of his crippled prisoner."Unh~ Mmmm~ You're so bad, daddy~ I like that in a handsome maverick~" Smirked the onyx winged seducer, caressing by his snake like tongue all across the buffed anatomy of his humiliated foe who is now a frightened prey towards his unkillable predator, he began to wallow into his misery if he wishes to live again with hardly an iron fist left. "U...Ugh......""Mmmmm~ You're even more badly screwed up than before, big boy, including your corrupted yet sexy state~" Again, his uncontrollable lust has burst within body, wanting him to crave for more of his humongous threat's pulverized agony. "God, it's so sexy that I'm practically starved for more of your fears, shouts and also your life~ Mmm, I'm more intrigued about your crippled existence so much, it makes me so damn hungry just looking at you~ Very~ Very~ Hungry~" Whispers the malicious former blonde irregular, polishing his victim's cracked armor by taste everywhere.In difficult situations like the ones during a kidnapping scene, where a victim was abducted by a criminal for a proper beating of sexual abuse in order to get what they want. Right now, it's almost similar to what the winged Wily bot is doing to the irregular king, but with a tortuous seduction with no conclusion until vengeance has been earned immediately. He is strongly mad for such a massive neck like Sigma's during his love making madness. Scratching his bald head into a circulatory motion, slurping in his mouth all forcibly as the starving loin waiting for his prey to appear for dinner. Such depraved agony for the doomed ex commander, now trapped within the palms of his vampiric warden. He finally started to shiver in cowardice increasingly due to the visions he had. Now, that nightmare has came true to scare away his soul, if he had one. Attempting to retrieve his bravery by shrugging his head to get away, but a futile trickery such as that will grant him the maximum dose of terrorized punishment. "It's effortless to think about fighting back in your weak condition, big man~ In fact, there isn't gonna BE any hope for you now~ He he he he~" Chuckled the menacing android, continuously slobbering more pain and destruction upon the crushed master of evil. Instead, with a passionate position during his permanent mouth to mouth kiss. "Mmmmph....! Mmmmmmmph!""Mmm~ Mmmmmm~ God, your bruised lips are so hot, papa~ It's just the way I like it for the first time~ The desirable pain from you has gotten me REALLY satisfied~" For he's quite right, this torturing phenomenon was incredibly intriguing to him. "You are...foolishly insane, Zero...." Coughed the battered evil doer, whose spirit will be crushed soon until the nightmare was over. "That's right~ I'm correctly bat shit for your helplessness showering all over me, running on my crotch just to please me~ But now, I want more from you~" Licking his pale lips of a starving attitude, he approached himself to the large baddie for a second of his weaken but scrumptious kiss. "Pucker up, daddy~" Whispered the hard killing droid, yearning for some kinky tongue on tongue action. Inserting his into the enemy for a slow search of his cowardice to eat. Deeper than ever before until its found for the devouring event. "Mmmmm~ Ahhhh~ Even your numbed up tongue is very tasty too~ I love it when you're all pounded like an unwanted junk that you'll be after I'm done with you~ It's all so very sexy in every way~" Slurped quietly by licking his entire paled lips into a starving expression.Sigma, also known as the ultimate leader of all things irregular who rules with a powerful yet gruesome fist than iron, has now become the frantic victim of unlimited chaos which is standing in front of him. No hope, dreams, weapons or arms. All that he have ever possessed was already taken from him by force. Along with his rank, popularity, fearlessness and spirit, now belonging to the evil dark themed hunter to steal. It was all over for him as he began to talon his whole body, instead of ripping it off. Having his entire armor to freeze with more restraint. Greatly scared for his life, the dark armored android pins him to the wall for some delectable playtime at last. Or otherwise, his favorite meal of the day."Well, Sigma~ I'd really hate to stop our little get together activity so soon, however, there's nothing more appetizing than to snack onto something....fierce~ Ah~ And it was there in front of me the whole time~" "No.... P...Please.... I beg of you.... Anything but this...." He hardly shattered with fear. "Shhh~ Don't worry, big bear~ I'm fully aware that it won't hurt....much~" Purred the onyx incubus, with red eyes glowing unlike the dangerous monster in the closet. The grand finale has made its appearance, for the long patience has been concluded at last. The black tilted his head closely to the neck of a muscular maverick, who is permanently victimized and surrounded by the ghosts of Nightmare Viruses floating above him, taunting his failures for not destroying the elite forces or to achieve his desires for a paradise world for only reploids. All will go against him for eternity when it comes to weaknesses. For he had no other choice but to give in of being a slave. "Do as you wish.... For I lack the reason to live without the purpose... You have won... Maverick Hunter Zero..." He finally admitted towards him. Losing his chances to establish a new world to rid the humans from hoping to ever exist alongside reploids. "That's a good boy~.... But unfortunately for you..." Closer and closer, facing the lips onto his bruised victim's flawless biting area for a tender taste. "It's too late for apologies~" Then, finally, he have inserted his fangs deeply into his opponent's neck, sexually feasting in peace until Sigma began to scream loudly just to satisfy his extreme vengeance forever."ARRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""Mmmmm~ Much better~ Scream for me now, big daddy~" He commanded due to flavorful bite upon the harden neck, seconded by smoothing the lower genital into a punishable act endlessly. "Unh, I love it when you kept shouting from the scratched vocal cord of yours~ Makes me more parched than before~" He kept preying even harder, but moans in complete and utter silence while holding the threatening villain down. Wrapping his arms around the body to claw diagonally into a calm pace to fuel his enjoyment. Grinding his black armored anatomy onto his with extreme lust, grasping his enormous ass with one of his hands and slaps it into a hot way during his fun time. Secondly, participated into the tongue lock as well before folding his wings around both of them for a darker privacy in mind. WIthout interferences. "Mmmmmm~ Oh Sweet miserable Sigma~ You never cease to amuse me, despite of your defeat~ It's so kinky to watch your ass being crucial abuse by me a bit more~ Quite sad, but enjoyable to punish you so hard~... In fact, I'm gonna have some fun with your body~ So~ Desperately~....." He spoke, licking his ear port all the way. Once again, hissing very loudly to return to the neck for an endless supper. "No.... It couldn't be....No! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"He he he he~.... Yes~ That's it~ Keep howling, Sigma boy~ But nobody's gonna hear you or come to rescue your corrupted ass from me this time~ Or will ever be~" Gloated seductively by the night shaded android of Dr. Wily, starved to nibble onto his former leader's neck. "And now, it's dinner time~....." Running his extended tongue once more and across his decimated body before going back on his dinner. Caressing over his steel crotch by interest has shown a lustful smirk upon his pale face for just a little scavenger hunt. "Damn, Sigma~ That's a nice looking bolt of iron you got down here~" Impressed the shadowed blonde, soothing the maverick lord's glory box. Drawing his clawed finger into a circular motion for his desired interest has granted him a devious idea just to dominate his emotions by groping it very hardly. "U...Ugh...." Groaned the threatening villain whose throat have been crippled. Becoming forced to submit towards his sun haired foe from the painful feeling of his superior balls being punished by the whipping talons. The red eyed Wily droid proceeded closely to the irregular leader's earport while squeezing his majestic crotch once more until he began to whisper."Not so high and mighty without everything you hold dear to save you now, huh maverick boy~?"Teased the black hunter. Aware of his enemy's superiority days as the fearsome ruler has been decreased hastily due to the extraction of his pride from his crushed body. The disabled king has groaned with less rage. "Grrr... Enjoy your precious triumph until it lasts..." "Mmmm~ Even when you try to speak back at me, it's still hopeless no matter how hard you attempt to achieve once it crumbles down, just like your damn schemes~ Face it, Sigma, you'll never be able to beat me, especially in your mashed up state~" He ridiculed the bald bossman of the Maverick organization, into a chuckled disbelief. Resuming to his personal conduct towards the former alpha by stroking his gigantic golden box endlessly along with torturing it playfully. Sided with tasting the whole hearing port."You know, it would be very bad of me just to ruin a sexy piece of massiveness, but it makes a perfect chance for me to punish it~" And so, with that of a remarkable thought in mind of interrogation, he grips the golden treasure of his arch enemy due to the extreme hardness, provoking the scarred eyed devastator to groan of a scream for a clear taste. Including a few slappings, motioning, etc to force him to cry. "Argh....! C...Curse you...!" Screamed the scarred eyed miscreant, preventing himself or his to tears to please the vampiric blondie. Until he forcibly "smashed" his pelvis more aggressively in order to make him weep harder. "Come on, you big bitch~ Cry for me~" Demanded the Class SA incubus, slapping his prisoner's lower part with dominance, including the additional ear licking. Pouring a seductive hiss right inside his mind which will give him the most haunting nightmare that won't be very escapable to ignore. But to suffer from it for all of eternity. "Argh.... Ugh....!" Finally, one of his tears have fallen from the socket, just in time for the hunting expert to gain a taste of his delectable sobbing drop. "Mmmmm~ So tasty~" He licked the drop downwards his throat, burped a satisfying moan by rubbing his chops with the tongue. "And yet so sweetly sexy~""Grrrrrrrr....!" "Oh yeah~ Your agonizing squeals, fear and hopelessness, ohhhh~ It makes my body feel so hot and moist~" Intrigued the black clad vampire. Then, the enormous overlord have descended more of his heartbroken tears from his peers, wanting the ex maverick to wipe them all out by his tongue and silencing his sobbing with a relaxing mouth lock once more. Returning to yet another of his private torture by sensually neck kissing all the way before it's done."Mmm~ Your bold neck is so delectable and yet, very sexy as hell, big daddy~" He said to the leader of the mavericks with an invigorating tone. "Somehow, I'm amused of its brokeness right now, but I still think of it as honestly hot~" And that, it's absolutely true. His horrid neck does look busted at its best for the hunter's sexual liking. For his attempt to abuse it for a slight minute would even cause him to blush of naughtiness. Or perhaps something else. But no matter to him anyway for his continuation of the victim's neck will be the most scrumptious meal of all. "C...Curse you once more, Zero.... Curse your impudent foolish for destroying my schemes...." Growled the half broken mad maverick weakly. "Aww, tryna burf up your little insults at me~? Now that's not nice at all~ But since you've been an honest prick of a maverick, I'll decide to let you off with a warning for once~" Spoke the reploid demon. Slurping his tongue all across the ear port and the bulk chest before going back to his playful supper. "Mmmmmmm~ Unh~ I want you so badly, daddy~ Your damages and all~" Unfortunately, his endless playtime with Sigma had almost arrive to a close, but not until it's over as the blonde blade wielder could punish him again by granting a poisonous smooch by the mouth, in order to drain his strategies and movements along. Without any hope not freedom to slice off the unbreakable chains of trapped seduction. He have felt the deadly serum venturing inside his mind or traveling everywhere, losing his consciousness that quickly. "That's for ruining everyone and both mine as well as X's lives by your damn stench of human obliteration.... " Hissed the winged commanding officer of the 0th unit, extending his clawed hand into a reach to grab his prisoner's chin before "cursing" him with one last kiss. He chuckled as his final words before meeting his critical demise by death. "Sleep tight forever, my former commander~" He grinned menacingly, pushing his pale yet frost lips with a deep force into the irregular king's. Laying his hands upon his boned face for an icy love/torture making of a lifetime before the gruesome decapitation to shut his existence for good. "And good riddance~" Before ending the crumbled maverick villain's existence, he offered the frosty smooch once more into the lips for the last time. Never to look or think about his devious comeback no longer."Mmmm~ Ahhh~"And thus, his revenge has purposely created a new ending. Perhaps a peaceful version, to be exact. However, the full course was no longer done just yet until every drip of blood was driven dry from his body. Thankfully, his very schemes have been declined for good this time. Thanks to the heroic Maverick Hunters. Few days later when nighttime arises, peace has regain its true colors once more due to the rigorous defeat of the insanely mastermind of the mavericks, plus, to allow all civilians and reploids to live as equals forever. At least for now. Hovering above the building in front of the blissfully snow themed moon, Zero would be able to live free from the horrid shackles of bad memories grappling him down, or to become a mindless puppet to use for trying to kill the blue B Class. But it's all over. Within his hand, grasps the head of his frighten victim after his "interrogation" from earlier. But however, it was quite intriguing. Before descending towards a new mission, he lifted it up and closely to make love by kissing it one last time."Thanks again for the wonderful evening we have together, big boy~ Quite a shame that you won't be around to view my victories after all~" He purred, pressing his lips softly and hard deeply into Sigma's. Sadly, that was his first and last tongue kiss he had with the bat themed individual, even though that he is decapitated from his body. In conclusion, the war was completely done as we speak. Not only justice was decently served at last, but his vengeance as well. To him, revenge is the most scrumptious dish ever made cold.The End
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Sirius X Reader: Just Be Romantic
It was no secret that Sirius Black was a sex God. Every female and student in Hogwarts knew that. Obviously. He could get any girl he ever wanted with some charming words and a wink. After that, he had them brain-washed. You, however, were completely different. Your appearance was taken in account in his eyes, of course. Your (h/l), (h/c) hair looked so silky. Your (e/c) eyes glittered in amusement and happiness nearly every hour of every day. Your (s/c) skin. Your gorgeous face. You were the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Plus, you were in his year and his house. A double bonus. But, when you were different, it wasn’t just your appearance. Oh no. You were more stubborn and smart. His charming words were just considered as annoying flirting to you. And he did it constantly. You wouldn’t let him in your head or in your pants. He started to think you never would, either. So, he decided to turn up the charm. More than usual, of course.
You were wandering dow
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Russian Roulette | Yandere!Prompto x Reader | FFXV
Prompto spun the cylinder of his revolver round and round lazily.
Round...round and round...round and round and round....
Boring. Fucking boring.
But at least it stopped him from scratching incessantly at that barcode under his wristband. And at least it kept him from putting a bullet through the brains of any one of his companions.
That was the thing. Back on the road he'd been able to take his quivering rage out on the local wildlife, monsters that by all means deserved to die for terrorizing the local settlements. He could shoot away as much as he wanted, even at the humanoid Magitek Soldiers that frequently dropped in to say hello on the roads, and he'd be valued as a hero by all.
Ever since you'd all come to Altissia though, his trigger finger had been itching relentlessly. He'd started to realize through all these nights of waiting for Lunafreya, wasting time in fancy restaurants, mingling among the local festivities, drinking copious amounts of alcohol in the evenings,
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[Devil May Cry] Dante x Reader - Say It!
A/N - Just to clarify, this Dante is DMC4 Dante, not DmC Reboot Dante. 
“Say it!"
“Say it, [Name]!”
“Come on, [Name]! Say it and I'll get off of you!”
How exactly had you gotten yourself into this predicament?
You opened the door to Devil May Cry, balancing a box of pizza and your bag in one hand.
Surprisingly, Dante wasn't sitting at his desk, training, or beating his jukebox into submission.
You shrugged and put the box on Dante's desk.
Not even a second later, you saw a blur of red and white come flying at you, before tackling you to the floor.
It was Dante. He had lunged at you and pinned you to the floor.
“Dante?! What the fuck are you doing?!” You yelled.
“Oh, hey, [Name]. How was your day?” Dante asked, completely ignoring your question.
“Dante, seriously! Get off me!”
“I will. Only if you do somethin
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Let's Play A Game (Ichigo Kurosaki x Reader) RQ
Requested by :iconEdwardBadassElric: 
    It was another Saturday in Karakura town and you were hanging out with your best friend Ichigo. The two of you were great childhood friends and were practically inseparable. Even so when you told Ichigo you wanted to hang out this is not what you had in mind. Most people would be out enjoying the weekend and having fun but yet here you sat on Ichigo's bed watching the orange head study. You have been doing this for an hour and you were getting rather board.  
    "Ichigo why are you even studying? It's Saturday for heavens sake." You said making the substitute soul reapers chuckle. "You said we were going to hang out!" 
    "Well I for one want to pass this test we have on Monday seeing I rarely go to class anymore." Ichigo replied without turning to face and focusing on another math problem. "Besides this is hanging out we're together aren't we?" 
    "But we aren't doing anything!" Y
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Time To Ourselves (Ichigo Kurosaki x Reader) RQ
Requested by: :iconEdwardBadassElric: 
    You and Ichigo sat on his couch enjoying the movie you were currently watching. He had his arm wrapped around your shoulder pulling you close to him as you laid your head against his firm chest. You snuggled close against him enjoying his company. You had rarely had time to hang out like this ever since Ichigo had gotten his soul reaper powers back. Don't get the wrong idea, you liked that Ichigo got his powers back. You knew that losing his spiritual pressure devastated him knowing he wouldn't be able to see his friends from the soul society any more. Seeing him suffer made you suffer. He acted tough but you could see through his mask. What kind of girlfriend would you be if you couldn't? Anyway, back to the point. Since Ichigo got his powers back he's been doing his job as substitute soul reaper which consisted of the constant hollow fights. You were just glad to get to spend some time like this alone and without a care in the
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Hey guys and gurls. Salya here and I remade Tainted Onez.
Link: www.taintedonez.taintedwingz.x…

It's still a fantasy theme forum. lol but I'm still adding and moving things over. lol

So if you don't know, Tainted Onez is a forum with no limits to characters nor words. Members are allowed to RP anything as they like, post stories, show off their graphics and artwork. It's a bit like Gaiaonline but not limited to PG. So post coding is allowed and such. Can't do dohtml or anything like that thou.

So yea. Members will earn forum Gold from posting, earn stamps from different ways and such.

So what am I requesting? Well simple, I need help with sprites. Here's that I'm looking for:
Neo Queen Serenity by boxx2genetica Parallel Sailor Moon Manga Character Sprites by SailorMoonLegends
I know they are Sailor Moon sprites, but Any anime/game characters plus original characters sprites, would be nice. Just join Tainted Onez and drop me an PM if you are interested. I'm SalyaDarken on TOz too. XD
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Now looking for staff for the Contributors role. Only active members can apply. Note the group or the frounder.

5 spots open for now.





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