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I'm Gonna Get'cha Valentine! -SECRET CUPID- by Forbidden-Hanyou I'm Gonna Get'cha Valentine! -SECRET CUPID- :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 2 3
Alone forever
On this lonely day
But hopefully not
:iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 1 5
10348 TKS Lucy Heartfilia by Forbidden-Hanyou 10348 TKS Lucy Heartfilia :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 5 10 Paca Gift by Forbidden-Hanyou Paca Gift :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 12 7 With These Tears... by Forbidden-Hanyou With These Tears... :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 2 7
Winter's End -RAID-
It was the final week to explore the Winter Wonderland area, and Jord was feeling a bit sad. They had yet to befriend a reindeer or hart that decided to come back with them. Instead, they indeed made friends, but without expecting any to follow them home; which again didn't happen. Lucy and Natsu were just focused on each other. Ugh, young love. Jord rolled her eyes. She hoped they never experienced what she did in the grand game called "love". Jae on the other hand was a bit more upbeat after his depression the week before. And Venus was just as playful and bouncy as ever. Honestly, Jord had no idea why she decided to lead this group of idiots. She shrugged. Guess no. She did not L-word them. Nope. Not her. She was a player now, not a "one who was played".
They walked carefully through the knee deep snow, as the northern lights once again danced in the starry night sky. Truthfully, Jord would never tire of seeing this beautiful winter wonderland. She was definitely going t
:iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 0 0
X2054 TKS Arianrhod by Forbidden-Hanyou X2054 TKS Arianrhod :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 3 4 F125 TKS Coffee Stains On My Heart by Forbidden-Hanyou F125 TKS Coffee Stains On My Heart :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 5 4 239 TKS Eonic Shimriah by Forbidden-Hanyou 239 TKS Eonic Shimriah :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 6 2 The Lucky One by Forbidden-Hanyou The Lucky One :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 0 0 Eyes White As Snow by Forbidden-Hanyou Eyes White As Snow :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 4 6
Winter Blues -RAID-
This week, Jae, Jord, Lucy, Venus, and Natsu entered the Winter Wonderland once again. However, Jae was in an unusually dour mood. This time of year he normally felt depressed and sometimes lashed out at people, but he was desperately trying to hold it all in; he had swore to never repeat the "Incident" ever again. But that didn't mean he was infallible...The Winter Wonderland was as beautiful as it always was, however today it was night when they showed up. the strange time of this area was a point of fascination for Jae, and he would really love an explanation for the strange phenomena. Jord, as usual, led the party of five horses into the wintry forest under a sky full of stars and the northern lights. Once they got to a sizable clearing, deep enough into the area to have a sizable search area, Jord called a halt and started assigning the teams.
"Jae, you are with me this time. Lucy, you are with Venus for this trip. Natsu, I will trust you on your own this time; do NOT get sidetrac
:iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 2 0
Down by Forbidden-Hanyou Down :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 1 4 Snowglobe by Forbidden-Hanyou Snowglobe :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 2 0
Winter Heaven -RAID-
Lucy, Natsu, Jord, Venus, and Jae were back once again at the Winter Wonderland area. Last time they had been here, it was the dead of night, stars lighting up the sky, with the northern lights dancing high in the sky above them. Lucy looked up to the sky, and already the Northern Lights were dancing in the sky above them, as it turned orange, red, and gold. The northern lights however were pinks, greens, and blues. Where the sky began to darken, stars started to wink and twinkle through the orange of the sunset sky. To put it in simpler terms, it was simply the most beautiful scene Lucy had ever seen. Jord quickly took charge once again.
"Natsu, you and Lucy head West; Venus, you and Jae head East, I'll head North. We meet back here in 2 hours max," Jord stated sternly, making sure she had everyone's attention and they all nodded before they split off into their own respective teams.
With Lucy and Natsu, they made their way west, where the sun was almost fully set. The time in this ar
:iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 2 0
Daughter Of The Moon by Forbidden-Hanyou Daughter Of The Moon :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 5 6

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About Me

DA ID 2 by Forbidden-Hanyou
Ok, so now that I have actually spent the time to figure out how to make these boxes, I will sit down and tell you about myself. I am a currently unemployed 26 year old woman. I will open Paypal Commissions as soon as I can have some good examples of them.
I have loved horses since before I could talk (my mother says so) and I have been drawing them since I could pick up a pencil. Granted, my early works looked like a bowl with sticks and circles for legs, and an oval with a stick for a head, but I have to say I came a LONG way since then. :XD: My style is derived from a how-to-draw-a-horse book I was given as a Christmas gift many years ago. Sadly, I have lost that book, but I have kept the knowledge with me always. I use circles, lines, and other shapes as a guideline to when I draw horses, and then draw the horse over them, erasing the circles and lines when the final sketch is completed.
I enjoy hiking, fishing, swimming, camping, riding horses (when I can), drawing anime, drawing horses, making videos/AMVs, reading, watching TV, writing fan fiction, and taking care of my new baby kitten Hime.
I also LOVE anime. My very first anime (though I didn't know what it WAS at the time...) was Sailor Moon. I haven't seen it in years, but I still remember loving it and wishing I was a cool Sailor Scout. Other anime I have seen and watched are: InuYasha, Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, My-HiME, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fairy Tail, Wolf's Rain, The Boondocks, Bleach, Full-Metal Alchemist, ALL of Hayao Miazaki's Films, Ginga Densetsu Weed, and many others I can't remember. I am an avid fan of anime, and an avid fan of horses. Odd mix, no?
I am not sure what I want to be; but ever since I can remember, I have always ALWAYS wanted to become an equine veterinarian. I would also like to try my hand at making my own manga/anime someday, but my number one goal has to always be an equine vet. Anyways, info is below if you would like to contact me, see my fanfiction, my AMVs, or whatever. XD Working on getting a Skype, so that will soon be added as well. ;)
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Drakehest Eitr Starter USD Slot Auction!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 13, 2019, 7:46 AM

I have ONE slot I am auctioning at this time to Lucy, now that she has been registered, since I desperately need money for food for myself and for the fur babies!

10348 TKS Lucy Heartfilia by Forbidden-Hanyou
Drakehest Export 10348 by DrakehestOfficial

Sale Rules

:bulletred: You MUST sign my General Breeding Rules here:  Theoris Khepri Stud Stable And Sales Rules 2019
:bulletred: T
he only items allowed to be used in the breeding are the Loki Potion, Sage Wands, Mushrooms, & Gemstones! No Sacrifice item allowed UNLESS bidding exceeds $100!
:bulletred: This is for a dominant or recessive foal!
:bulletred: I
f natural twins are born, I get one twin. 
:bulletred: By bidding, you fully agree to these terms!

Auction Rules

1. Reply to my Featured comment to bid!
2. Keep the bidding chained! Check the string often before you reply, since others may have bid over you! I want a clean bidding string, so no talking please!
3. Starting Bid is $50 USD, No Minimum Increment, No AutoBuy. 
4. Bidding ends 24 hours after last bid!
5. Happy Bidding!


Designed by KovoWolf & coded by sergbel



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Community Love!
I love the community of the members of Drakehest and the small community members and admins that make up my breed Tenjigoku-Registry ! I also adore everyone in the Fantsunekos community!

First Love!

So I believe this is the very first deviation I faved here on this account: 

Mature Content

Sunrise Tempis: an Illustration of Horse Mating by JNFerrigno

I love it when people just don't give you an answer on an offer, then hide your comment instead of just telling you no so you can be on your merry way, and then saying you are "causing drama" when you are just asking why. Smh xD
I just LOVE listening to people shoot off machine guns and shotguns on New Years Eve.... Dx



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Padfoot7411 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch :D
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DuxNuclear Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for the watch! You are so kind~
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Neezineri Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey hun, sorry for being an inactive turd, I was wondering if I could reach you anywhere?
Am mostly active on Discord and don't even use skype anymore. Haven't talked to you in ages and would love to talk with you again. Would be super happy if we could have contact again :heart;
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Warlordgab Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2018
Hey, sorry to bother you but I'm asking some questions to NaLu fans...

Do you remember this pic?

Do you remember the NaLu moment at the end of the 1st FT manga?

Well, GrayLu wankers are using them to convey the idea of NaLu being less "natural" and ultimately inferior to the Gray/Lucy relationship. Could you please explain why? I'm trying to understand what's wrong with those moments
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Lensational-Photos Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks so much for the watch, sweetface! <3 
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