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Healing -RAID- :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 0 0
Baby Steps -RAID-
The day was cloudy and solemn. No one spoke as they walked into the forest. Jae kept his head down as he walked last in the group. Jord led the way, followed by Skadi limping behind her, followed by Tyr and Venus, with Jae bringing in the rear. It has been exactly a week since "The Incident", and Jae found it hard to be in everyone's presences, especially Skadi. His guilt with what he did to her just seemed to weight ever heavier on him. She still limped, even a week after the fact, and now two dark black scars decorated her pearly white flank. Jae's heart felt ever colder. But he was trying to make it up to her; he really was. He vowed to help her today no matter what.
Today, they were on the other side of the forest, a section none of them had ever been to. It was especially dense and thick in this part of the woods, but Jae could hear a river nearby. He lifted his head as Jord called a halt.
"Ok, this is a good spot to split up. This time, I don't want anyone to be too far away. Jae
:iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 0 0
A Lesson Learned -RAID-
This week, it was cold and rainy for this Autumn day. The heavy downpour caused all 5 horses to shiver as they made their way into the forest. Jord, as always, was leading the group to a new part of the forest, hoping to avoid any bears here at least. Venus was as happy and bouncy as ever, eager to explore a new area, and Skadi was indifferent as always. Tyr was pretty calm, not bothered by the rain in the least. Jae grumbled as he pulled his rain blanket closer. He hated getting wet. Scratch that, he hated being there. Finally, they broke through a particularly thick part of the underbrush into a relatively clear clearing.
"We can stop here and search the surrounding area. Try to find more gems and plants; our haul was pitiful last time", Jord said, as she turned back to her group.
"Do we really have to? It raining cats and dogs!", Jae complained, as he shivered. Jord sighed.
"If you don't fill at least one of your packs this trip, you and I are going to have a punishment session. Tru
:iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 1 0
No Bears About It -RAID-
It was a warm day for Autumn, as the 5 horses slowly walked through the slowly turning forest. The leaves were slowly turning into beautiful shades of gold, red, orange, and brown. It felt like the forest was on fire. A dun mare with beautiful shimmering marks in blue, green, and gold lead the group, her branch antlers and branched wings also full of Autumn colored leaves, which she kept folded to her sides. Behind her, sulking, was a pure white stallion with brilliant blue eyes and a rusted colored underbelly and around his eyes. He looked rather grumpy to be there, as if he would have rather have stayed home than be out in the forest with these other horses that got on his nerves. Walking next to him was a brown colored mare with a dark gold mane and tail, and faded white underbelly, with two white stripes on her shoulder. Unlike the white stallion, she seemed to practically bounce on the spot, her tail wagging much like a dog as she sniffed the air and whined excitedly. Behind her w
:iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 0 0
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DA! by Forbidden-Hanyou HAPPY BIRTHDAY DA! :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 2 0 Six Classes- Elisif by Forbidden-Hanyou Six Classes- Elisif :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 5 2 My Heart 4 U by Forbidden-Hanyou My Heart 4 U :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 3 0 10238 TKS Eikthyrnir by Forbidden-Hanyou 10238 TKS Eikthyrnir :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 9 6 TKS WBS Baha Malik by Forbidden-Hanyou TKS WBS Baha Malik :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 9 0 TKS WBS Dahab Huriyyah by Forbidden-Hanyou TKS WBS Dahab Huriyyah :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 4 0 Tora -Finished- by Forbidden-Hanyou Tora -Finished- :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 6 3 Kitsunebi 100 Member RAFFLE! -Pastel Stars- by Forbidden-Hanyou Kitsunebi 100 Member RAFFLE! -Pastel Stars- :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 22 19 Tora WIP 4 by Forbidden-Hanyou Tora WIP 4 :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 2 2 Tora WIP 3 by Forbidden-Hanyou Tora WIP 3 :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 3 2 Tora WIP 2 by Forbidden-Hanyou Tora WIP 2 :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 3 0 Tora WIP 1 by Forbidden-Hanyou Tora WIP 1 :iconforbidden-hanyou:Forbidden-Hanyou 2 6

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About Me

DA ID 2 by Forbidden-Hanyou
Ok, so now that I have actually spent the time to figure out how to make these boxes, I will sit down and tell you about myself. I am a currently unemployed 26 year old woman. I will open Paypal Commissions as soon as I can have some good examples of them.
I have loved horses since before I could talk (my mother says so) and I have been drawing them since I could pick up a pencil. Granted, my early works looked like a bowl with sticks and circles for legs, and an oval with a stick for a head, but I have to say I came a LONG way since then. :XD: My style is derived from a how-to-draw-a-horse book I was given as a Christmas gift many years ago. Sadly, I have lost that book, but I have kept the knowledge with me always. I use circles, lines, and other shapes as a guideline to when I draw horses, and then draw the horse over them, erasing the circles and lines when the final sketch is completed.
I enjoy hiking, fishing, swimming, camping, riding horses (when I can), drawing anime, drawing horses, making videos/AMVs, reading, watching TV, writing fan fiction, and taking care of my new baby kitten Hime.
I also LOVE anime. My very first anime (though I didn't know what it WAS at the time...) was Sailor Moon. I haven't seen it in years, but I still remember loving it and wishing I was a cool Sailor Scout. Other anime I have seen and watched are: InuYasha, Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, My-HiME, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fairy Tail, Wolf's Rain, The Boondocks, Bleach, Full-Metal Alchemist, ALL of Hayao Miazaki's Films, Ginga Densetsu Weed, and many others I can't remember. I am an avid fan of anime, and an avid fan of horses. Odd mix, no?
I am not sure what I want to be; but ever since I can remember, I have always ALWAYS wanted to become an equine veterinarian. I would also like to try my hand at making my own manga/anime someday, but my number one goal has to always be an equine vet. Anyways, info is below if you would like to contact me, see my fanfiction, my AMVs, or whatever. XD Working on getting a Skype, so that will soon be added as well. ;)
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Sun Oct 7, 2018, 1:56 AM

This birthday has turned out to be one of the best in a long time.  Not only did I win the raffle for the Raids dom mutation Eitr starter Drakehest, I got the money and then some for my two day retreat at a hotel, I got a free 9 piece chicken from KFC today, I got to see and hear my mom sing me happy birthday while I blew out the candle on my Oreo ice cream pie, and a little boy had his mother buy me another slice of said pie just to give me for my birthday, since he saw me blow out my candle. I am so blessed. And then Citharoedum paid for Tenjigoku-Registry 's super group again, and so many people have already wished me a happy birthday. I am so happy, thank you guys! What would make me happier was seeing entries for the O-Bon Festival for Tenjigokus over at Tenjigoku-Registry ! <3 Thank you all! <3



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That moment when someone acts like no one cares when they post an adopt and get no bids after only a few hours, and want to rage quit their species. Really? 
Second day and still no Rascal. I'm getting worried and now not 100% sure the cat I heard was even him at all. Really worried... :(
I know why Rascal.slipped his harness now and I am HOT. The "new" neighbors "moving in" cut bushes too close to my side (they are not supposed to come so close). Rascal hates these people and is always scared when they come. His harness was hanging on the opposite side of the dollhouse to where they were cutting. As a cat I am not as worried since he's a normal cat, but being scared off leads me to worry he may not come back in a few days; or not at all. :( So mad at those people right now... 
Would anyone be interested in buying Tenjigoku-Registry customs for USD? Prices are linked on the group page. I only have one more day of data left and need moolah for food. ^^°



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Warlordgab Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
Hey, sorry to bother you but I'm asking some questions to NaLu fans...

Do you remember this pic?

Do you remember the NaLu moment at the end of the 1st FT manga?

Well, GrayLu wankers are using them to convey the idea of NaLu being less "natural" and ultimately inferior to the Gray/Lucy relationship. Could you please explain why? I'm trying to understand what's wrong with those moments
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Lensational-Photos Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks so much for the watch, sweetface! <3 
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FluffballCharlie Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday! :hug:
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Oh shit,  happy birthday!!! I hope you had a great one!
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