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Graphic Novella

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 23, 2018, 12:03 PM

"Fate whispers to the warrior "you cannot withstand the storm" and the warrior roars back "I am the storm!"

Me thinks I may actually get around to it. I got the story, just a way to open it up is what baffles me so I may just wing it any who.

Until then I've been doing a few doodles and practices.


Journal Entry: Fri Jan 19, 2018, 8:42 AM

"Fate whispers to the warrior "you cannot withstand the storm" and the warrior roars back "I am the storm!"

Hello all,

I'm deciding to work on a project but I need your help.

I'm requesting if people (who want in) send me a photo of themselves (not naked) make up or non optional and you can send me it in a link through stash so only i'll see it.

I want to make a project about people. 
I want to paint your portrait, and  hone my skill. And to sweeten the deal for all participants I will paint a full body your character (human, anthro, animal, alien, chimera, the lot) on either a dark grey or white background.

I'm going to do a few more personal pieces and one for my best friend PowerofBen so if you want to wait see how that one will come out feel free. i understand the need from anonymity and things being completely confidential and you can post and use the portraits with obvious credits fairly given. I'd appreciate the help. Note me about it if you're interested.

I've been thinking of doing this for a while, more for myself maybe but also for my watchers and friends. Whether or not it's a strange animal, strange species, strange alien, or a normal human male or female. Can you send me one of your characters to draw. I need the practice. I'm unsure as of yet if they'll be full body or just head doodles but maybe full studies of the characters on top of that you can use the piece later if you wish.

I'll be doing some doodles for some creature designs for now. you can leave a comment here or in notes whichever you prefer. It would really help me out. I may open these up later a few times. Thank you so much in advance.

I have the right to decline, I am fine with nudity I am fine with anything and everything just not rude in peoples.

this point it's one per person unless and one character per page the character's are a couple or its a species both female and male.

Edit: Again. only watchers and friends and I will ignore those watchers that watch for the express intention of exploiting this journal. 

Edit2: Now Closed