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Street Sharks: Streex

Yo! This here was one of the Random squares I do over on my instagram. --->

Lately ive been in a 90's nostalgia kick for these... this being one of them.

Hope to see you around them parts! *random country accent*


If you'd like to get a commission from me, head over to my journal below for details.

Commissions Comic by FooRay

Hope ya dig it!

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Awesome drawing of Streex!
Hey, I administrate a group which celebrates anthro cartoon fandoms like these. I'm currently trying to build a fan art collection for Street Sharks. I would be SUPER grateful if you'd accept a submission request for this to be included. Are you cool with that?
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I want to say jawsome but everyone has already said it so I can't, except in my heart.
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Strait up BAWS!!! His toothy grin looks so beast. Friggen sick drawing :thumbsup:
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Love me some street Sharks, great work!
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Dude this art is Superawesome, can you do the rest sharks like that? (I'm sorry if I wrote something wrong, I do not know much English)
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Nothin' but teeth and attitude. Nice. :)
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Thanks! best I could hope for with such a JAWSOME character.
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Most welcome. Haha, nice. :D
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holy~one of my fav cartoon!!!!!:happybounce: 
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yay for 90's toons! few more of these on the way.
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The absolute throw-back I had just seein' this in my newest deviations yo - Insane.
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heh thats good to hear! ive got a few more of these 80's - 90's throwback pieces. my nostalgia senses are tingling!
Oh god this is awesome beyond awesome. You made this guy look like a motherfacking boss. Just damn, I'm at a loss for words. O:
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hey, thanks! glad to hear people dig it at all! :D
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yesssssssssssss the best one!!!
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he was definitely my fave of the group! them rollerblades.
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Thanks for put in the theme song in my head now, great work homie
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hahaha those old theme songs are the best!
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