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#FooChamJam jammy jam! And next on the plate, We got some more 90's toon reboots!

Went with Good ole' DW for this set. I think my approach on this one was a bit simpler, just imagined it with a more comicbook flavor. Definitely enjoyed working on this one.

Wanna participate? Simple guidelines:
* Pick a minumum of 3 characters from the following properties:


* Draw the characters in an updated/re-envisioned/rebooted way 

* try to at least make them recognisable to their original counterpart. 
Grab the backing template at either chamba or my Twitter or (FooRay on Twitter and dA or theCHAMBA on both) Upload with the hashtags so we can see em! Social Links in my bio!
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oh shit my child hood with edge