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Lady Caper

this is the next in the 50 = full color commissions.

this one being of Supergirl AND Batgirl in the Animated series costumes for :iconjohnnyalien:

I tried to get the costumes as requested but i took a bit of liberty with the length of their capes heh.

hope yous' all dig em!

(fun fact) i actually drew these ladies at this years 24 hour comic festival. sure it wasnt a comic but i felt pretty productive either way. more to come.

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nice always good to see the animated series look
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Agreed. it had some fun designs.

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I like it very much :D
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woooooooooooo really really very good
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a - mei - zing (yep,i know thatis a really stupid joke)
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This looks amazing! Well done!
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Good form nice shading, iconic pose sort of Ying Yang pose dark light really like it.
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Good job i love when I find artist with skills
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thanks for checkin it out! hope you like the new content.
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Superb work! The cape length adds a great dimension to the piece. Will you be at Comic Con this year? Hopefully you are at Artist's Alley.  Also, would you mind if I share this on Tumblr (with all the appropriate links for credit and fame)?
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Aaaaaaaaaaaand this pic just earned you a fan. Great job boss
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I keep meaning to do another one of these. thanks for checkin it out. hope ya stick around. :)
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Believe me, I will :D
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World's Finest Team, Double-X Chromosome Edition.
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Perfect team!! I love the slight anime feel. Also, this is the only Supergirl costume I have ever cared for. The others look like poor imitations of Superman’s. Nice work!!
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Kara is HOOOOT!
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Amazing work. Though that's not my fav costume for Kara, the one for Babs is just so great.
Very nice work.
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