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CCC-jams 90s reboot Gargoyles

Hey guys! this is my 2nd entry for this coming months "Chipper Chap Chat Jam" over at :iconchipperchapchat-jams: with the theme of 90's Cartoon Reboots.

have to redesign at least (3) members of the cast of (1) of the following (3) shows

- Gargoyles
- PowerPuff Girls
- Captain Planet

Went with Gargoyles this time out and did it as a mix of on comp and on ipad..

1 of them happened completely on ipad and 2 more were a hybrid. Wont tell ya which.........unless you ask.

I actually love their original designs so i Didnt change too much on any of them.

Theres some subtle things I was never big on goliath's flat top.

I guessed that was to give him a more stone creature look, but i never liked it soooo its gone.

I remembered that they were from a scottish castle so I tried to infuse just a little bit of braveheart into Goliath's design.

And a gave a little flavor to Brooklyn. I imagine At Least one of them would take a liking to a more modern day fashion. 

Had a great time with this one!

Want to join in the fun for the next one?! Check out the info in the link below!

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I'm liking the reboot elements, here. all goliath needs is a tartan pattern, the bigger ears on whats his face are a nice touch, but brooklyn with Hammer Pants? heh. very 90's

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Theyre not intended to be hammer pants, more just 2nd hand baggy jeans and a tank top. Intentionally 90's inspired though, just less hammer, more late 90s New York Hip-Hop.

I also like the bigger ears on what's his face. ^__^

Thanks for checking it out!

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I am absolutely all over this. An actual reboot needs to happen. This was a masterful series, just soooooooo fun to watch
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I'd love to see it. I heard a long time ago that Jordan Peele was interested in directing a live action version, and Kevin Feige from the Marvel Movies has expressed interest in producing. So ya never know.

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Very cool.
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It's a brilliant take here. You've definitely added something of your own onto this one that gives it a modern upgrade from the original show. :)

If they do reboot this series, let's hope they do a better trend of it compared to the other reboots these days. :P
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Thank you! I really had a lot of fun doing these. I loved the OG show and also would love to see a reboot, but fear the potential 'Thundercats ROAR'potential of the rebooted designs.

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Totally in agreement there. We may have to search harder for some capable hands!

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Where's broadway and hudson
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They give me teenagers vibe. Sure, Brooklyn, Lexington and Broadway are/were teenagers in the show, but Goliath and Demona were clearly adults and now I'd say they are only a few years older.

That being said, I do find this to be awesome, well done!
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Oddly enough I didn't imagine any of them to be teenagers even in the old show, I thought some of them exhibited more innocent behavior, but I attributed that to less battle experience/ hardships. So for this I think I went in with the same thinking but Skewed them all a bit edgy cool in the faces to appeal to today's aesthetic and my own preferences. I guess because they were all hundreds of years old already I imagined them having a sort of eternally youthful appearance sort of in the same vein as Vampires, but these ones have wings and turn to stone in the sunlight instead of burning up.

Thanks for checking it out and taking the time to comment.

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I love this tv show as a kid so much and your re-interpretation is amazing!
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Wow, this is pretty good.
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Thanks!! ^__^

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Thank you for checkin it out!

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Fantastic redesign!
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