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Heya folks, I'm not dead & am not leaving DA or anything. However you want see the latest various art werks & what nots I'm up to, I'd suggest you follow my Twitter. I'm drawing stuff all the time over there & have even taken art requests on occasion.

You can follow my Twitter >>>HERE<<<

If you don't want to or if Twitter isn't your thing don't worry, I'll be posting more stuff here soon~


Hey there every buddy~

Me & my friends have decided to group together & share our love for video games, by forming our new "Let's Play" channel, Co-op Adventures!  The channel will not only focus on video games, but lotsa of other fun larger projects down the line~

Feel free to check us out & tell us what you think!

(Also, I'll still be posting all kinds of art here, so don't worry about me leaving DA or anything)

That's all for now


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Image from Technolestia by Amarcato


Interesting start so far if I say so myself.  Took a while for things to get going (also Fluttershy would rather go on a "Dangerous Journey" rather than hang with Spike?...Ouch) but I became immediately hooked the moment Starlight hit the scene.  While her exact motivations for this whole debacle was rather unclear (I guess she just wanted to take over Equestria??) I really liked the unconventional approach they did with this villain compared to other devious fiends.  Add to some excellent highlights with Pinkie Pie & Rainbow Dash and this was a fantastic start thus far!

Will the rest of the season build off the momentum, or burn out on repeated themes, we'll have to see.  That said, I can't wait to join you all in the next episode~


P.S. art coming soon!
Thank you, all of you, who took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday.  Truth be told, I was feeling somber with my approaching big day this year, but seeing all of you greet & message me, has truly lifted my spirits!


I know I've been somewhat quite the past month, but rest assure, I DO have big things planned & will be showing off to all of you soon!

Thanks again & I wish you all the best!


UPDATE 12/10/2014

My Patreon supporters can view the entire next comic 'Five Nights With Pinkie -Night 4'- in its Finished Lineart form RIGHT NOW on my Patreon site.  

You only need to donate as little as $1 to view it~



Fooly's Patreon! by foolyguy

I've created a PATREON account~

Hey Every Buddy~

I've decided to set-up a Patreon account in order to help support myself & my work!

What does this mean?

In terms of content, not much.  I'm still gonna keep making the same brand & quality of works you've come to expect from me this past year.

HOWEVER, with you'r support, I'll be able to produce more comics, artwork & even BIGGER projects down the line than normal~

PLUS, with donations of as little as $1, you the donators will be privileged to vote in what kind of content you wanna see me make in the future : D

What if I'm not available to donate right now?

That's okay!

Even if you can't donate, you still will get access to ALL artwork & rewards for when we meet our set goals!  

HOWEVER if you want to dictate what work I'll be making in the future & faster, consider adding your support!


Support my Patreon Today!

The project I've been helping out with in conjunction with :iconflamingorich: and many others, finally released its full trailer containing actual footage for the upcoming pilot.  Check it out & be sure to leave your thoughts~


Now THAT is how you wrap up a season~ :happybounce: Would have liked to see Twilights friends and the whole 'Rainbow Power' get a little more screen time, but I'll admit, from beginning to end that was a pretty solid finale!

     I was in almost constant awe and gotta say not just the finale, but this entire season has been some of the best the show has ever produced.  If I did have to lay out some criticism, its that this season did tread on familiar territory a couple of times, rehashing some themes & character conflicts that honestly we have seen before (looking at you Fluttershy!)

To summarize, rather than go into detail, I'll list down some of the past season's best & worst moments for me

-Best character : Rarity
     I really wanted to give this one Pinkie, for having some of the best presence in the episodes overall, but outside of Pinkie Pride she had very little character development this season.
     Rarity on the other hand had a three episodes with incredibly strong & unique character development, continuing the demonstrate often she is the most 'mature' of the entire cast.  To boot, even when an episode didn't focus on her, she was a active presence, engaging with tons of the other characters in deep & humorous ways (Filli Vanilli & Trade Ya in particular) 

Seems to me like the writers were making up for Rarity's lacking presence in season 3~

-Worst character : Fluttershy
   Don't get me wrong, Fluttershy is a very enjoyable character to watch usually, but this season, all we've seen is the same old Fluttershy we've seen time & time again. Bored  A lot of people often spoke highly of her in the episode BATS! however for me that episode was a poorly thought out & forgettable experience.  The episode attempts on trying to touch upon a deeper subject, but falls on its face more than anything with a forced in trope, leaving a throw-away episode all the more so with that cheap cliffhanger ending.

-Best song : Find the Music in You
     Immediately catchy & holds a commanding presence even outside the episode itself.  Just about any song from 'Pinkie Pride' are just as catchy & memorable, but the only problem I felt is that THOSE songs are best in the context of the episode itself & not as stand alone tunes.

-Best Episodes - Pinkie Pride, Rarity Takes Manehattan, & Maud Pie
     These episodes showed some of the strongest character development this series has pretty much ever given & hold tons of memorable moments for me~  Pretty much every character had at least one strong episode, but these were truly the most shining examples overall!

-Worst Episodes - Daring Don't & BATS!
     Daring Don't had to be one of the series most logically confusing episodes.  The idea itself was there & overall the message was clear, but the actually justification for these characters actions, could have used more follow through in the writing.

    BATS! however is the real deal, with a moral that makes pretty much no sense in context to the episode & a conflict that ultimately has little to do with the original problem.  To boot, this forced in Vampire trope wasn't even taken in a very entertaining manner like Power Ponies was, leaving this awkward sensation that you missed out what could have been a lot more.


OVERALL, when all is said & done, I think Season 4 might very well officially be the best Season for me yet, finally triumphing over the long lauded second season with some of the most exciting continuity developments yet & successfully flushing away the bad taste season 3 left in many people's mouths IMO.

Let me know what were some of your favorite OR most hated moments of the season~

ORIGINAL SONG BY: :iconpsyguy: :iconserenamidori:
VIDEO ARTWORK: :iconfrobman:


Rarity's Tear's has received a cover by the one & only The Living Tombstone


Wanna see the original video?  Go HERE!
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Just a reminder, you can follow me on Twitter to keep up to date on my going-ons


You can also follow me on Tumblr and see what random stuff I'm watching~
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If you missed it, the next motion comic adaptation of Game Derps was released~  Featuring the talents of EileMonty, Nowacking, & CrikeyDave~

Check it out HERE~

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So the first major 'story arc' of the My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic comic book series has come to a conclusion with the recent release of issue #4.  So what's the verdict on this expansion to the popular franchise?  Personally I think this is a fantastic addition to the series & I will definitely
be collecting future issues (and the many cover variants that come with each issue)  However, that isn't to say the comics are not without a fair share of criticism as well.


The art: First off I can not give enough praise to :iconandypriceart: His artwork truly set the benchmark of translating these colorfully animated characters into the comic book form.  Packing each page with highly detailed panels that routinely show incredible visceral depth & peppered with numerous fun extra's for those with a keen eye & a sharp wit.

The story: My Little Pony's first foray into creating a story arc in comic book form was pretty much a complete success.  I honestly feel this could have easily been an episode from the show its based on.  This is made all the more incredible with the incredible numerous nods to the 'brony' fandom, that should make any fanboy glee with delight, all the while never breaking the core plot.

That said I have to say this story, while throwing in a few creative flourishes that made it an enjoyable read from beginning to end, seems to tread familiar ground a couple of times.  The over arching plot with Queen Chrysalis echoes two plot points already used within the show.  That being the characters feeling 'betrayed' by one another similar to their discorded personalities in 'The Return of Harmony' during issue #2 & the final conflict is an almost perfect echo of the Queen's defeat from the season 2 finale.

These two complaints seem to somewhat stem from the fact, I believe, that the comic doesn't want to upset the status quo established by the cartoon.  Appropriately so none the less, as it would quickly become problematic if anything too drastic was to occur to the signature heroes & villains.  Does that mean the story isn't enjoyable?  Absolutely not, despite the somewhat reused plot lines, this series was absolutely fun to read from beginning to end thanks to some cleaver writing and wonderful artwork~  Which honestly, as long as you get a smile out of each issue, could you ask for anything more?

With all said & done, I truly applaud the work of Katie Cook & Andy Price & look forward to their return with issue #9.

What will the new team for issue #5 hold?  I don't know, but I honestly believe if they follow the trend established here, then it can't go wrong~

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Watch the first chapter 'Game Derps' on you tube, with a complete cast of talented voice actors!  Including 'Crikey' Dave Smith, Eile Monty, & Serena 'Gabby' Midori



The first chapter of the new Game Derps is now live & ready for your viewing pleasure. Check it out~ and follow us on Tumblr & Facebook to help keep track of our latest updates~

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Earlier this year, you may remember, I made the 'boxart' to the Video Game remix 'Rarity's Tears'.

Well now, a new 2012 mix has just been released with an updated composition by :iconpsyguy: & whole new visuals courtesy of :iconfrobman:

Check out the new '2012 mix' HERE~

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My fancomic to the entertaining little series Game Derps has now been VOICED & RECORDED by none other than the talented people I originally made this for.  Check it out~


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Twitter & Tumblr
-While I'm not always active on Deviant Art you can follow me on Twitter & Tumblr to keep with my latest day to day activities.  Stop on by & say hi, ask me anything, or share with me your favorite stuff!  I'm always happy to chat to my followers & fellow artists~

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Some important updates for June Sale

-YES: You can have ANY character (not just ponies) from the show in your request for just 1$
-YES: I will draw anthro & human versions of any character from the show
-NO!: I will not draw characters from other shows for the 1$ price, characters from other shows
& non OC-Pony characters will cost extra! (but not by much)
REMEMBER!  -NOTE ME- your request on DA!  DO NOT just message me on my front page, deviations, etc!

Page 2 is already up~ Check it out!


From super-star artist "Crikey Dave", comes his 10 years in the making personal project, 'Maiz'!

Outside of his own work, Dave :iconsupacrikeydave: Smith is known for his continued efforts as artist for the popular web-comic "GG-Guys", which has been the top-voted comic multiple occasions on

On top of that, Dave has been a growing talent in animation as well, currently assisting in projects like Christopher Niosi's 'TOME' project & known for some of his contributing segments to the 'Nin10Doh' series, as well as his own short film 'Begone, Little Wolf' which earned a Daily Deviation honor~


'Maiz' is currently expected to update once a day for the first Chapter, so be sure to check it out!  You won't be disappointed~

For further updates, keep an eye on Dave's Deviant Art, or Follow him on Twitter~

The Deviants and their favorites pics of yester-year~  ENJOY!

:iconwoif16: fav Boss meets a Pug by peachiekeenie

:iconveggiebad: fav Larry Koopa - Commission by GaryStorkamp

:iconrodent347: fav My Halloweenesque Contribution by Parororo

:iconmisterdonsir: fav Wood robot 10 K by AxelMedellin

:iconsoda-sama: fav

:iconkataoi: fav :thumb210211493:


So, I'm getting some odd responses, regarding this idea.  Some people are saying this is too much work & others are saying they need more time.  I just want people to select a piece they enjoyed from 2011 or earlier than that.  This is, in part, just a reason to help people explore their favorites and recall all the great art they've seen over the years.  You just have to send me any one piece you enjoy, you don't have to give a reason why you like it, or compare it to others necessarily in terms of quality. The only condition has to be that YOU yourself enjoyed the work, that's it.  Just send me the link in the comments or note me on DA & *I* will compile a complete list of everybody's past favorite 'favs'~

I'll extend the deadline by another week, but after that I'm closing this journal down.

From "Chris (Kirbopher) Niosi" come's the revival & imagining of the animated series 'TOME'

Based off his old TTA series from :iconkirbopher15: this new version is shaping up rather nicely in its first episode.

You can watch it on Newgrounds, HERE~

This has been rather exciting for me as well, as I contributed five different background to the animation, such as this one here.

More episodes are suppose to come each month (though I don't know just yet if I'll be working on those as well) None the less, whatever the outcome I look forward to this series future, and hope you too will find it enjoyable~



New Lock page to come out soon, after I finish a quick commission for :iconveggiebad:  Remeber if you wanna order your own, go here~

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