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This has been yoinked from my tumblr for the sake of having an easier link, and so I can show people without the dA splashscreen.

Let's chat.

Now this is not something I have gotten on tumblr as of writing this, but I get it in public moreso than anywhere else, and considering I direct a lot of people here when they ask about me, I figured it'd be nice to have it up. A lot of times people like to look through my college notebook because I draw on my notes and I always get asked that question and honestly I freeze up a lot because telling them the blunt reasons is a bad idea.

Here's the long reason.

So let's start with society - no, this is not a soapbox, this is simply a comparison. Provided you're a 'normal' person of a 'normal' persuasion (i.e you find the other gender appealing due to various factors, or your gender appealing due to various factors) you're very familiar with the thought of the perfect being rousing your interest. For a lot of people, seeing an appealing person is a precursor; you're not instantly turned on, boing, by seeing said person - unless you are, in which case I'm pretty envious. You see the hot actor, the gorgeous movie starlette, and you fantasize. "I'd love for them to ________ to me."

This is where society widely dictates our appeal of 'hot' and 'gorgeous', however. The chiseled abs, the huge bust - there's nothing inherently sexual about the human body aside from the penis and the vagina, biologically speaking. Sex is sexual, so sexual organs are sexual. Your face, your ears, your chest and your ass have nothing to do with actual sexual reproduction, but we like them anyway. Now why is that? (There are several scientific theories as to this, but, for the sake of argument...)

If I can speculate, I think it's because sex gets boring. Penis + Vagina + Friction = Climax = Sexual Gratification. Humans are greedy creatures - we need more than just the PAENIS or VAEGENA in the end, so we find joy in other parts of the body as well - the breasts, the pecs, you know the spiel. We find each other attractive in different ways because... well, we have eyes - we have things to look at, and in a society where there's more to life than just eat, fuck, and have babies (like our ancestors) that's to be expected.

Different people like different things. Maybe your friend Todd is an 'ass man', or your friend Sindy loves a man with rugged facial hair, or you just melt at the idea of Captain Jack Sparrow taking you into his den for the evening. See what I mean? We all find different things attractive, and not all of them are possible; either by physical or moral barriers, there's a lot we can't do, so we leave it to the imagination.

Why? ... Well, sorry, but Jack Sparrow is kind of busy being super fictional.

Fiction is great - fantasies are encouraged in our world. If we can't have what we want, well, just imagine it and boom, you have it, even if it's temporary, even if the real thing would be better, you're going to eat your imaginary steak because it's all you have and god dammit that's good enough for you. First Manhattan, than the world, right? Right.

That's kind of where the blabber stops and I just cut to the chase - I'm attracted to people that don't really exist, like our fascination with the mass media figures who have been airbrushed into another species and plane of existence. I usually like animated characters because they fit my definition of 'attractive', but as I said before? That's... really not enough. At least not for me. Seeing them is glorious and exciting, but honestly it's not enough to raise the white flag. (I'd say I'm sorry for being crude but I'm really not.)

For some odd reason the stars aligned and decided I would forever enjoy heftier figures - I would forever enjoy things in pain and irritation, overall unwilling. I would forever find those disgusting things attractive in a fictional situation, on a fictional person who couldn't argue with me about my fucked-uppery - not because I already knew, but because they can't necessarily find where I live and kneecap me. (If they would I would die a happy man. ... Awwwwyissssss.)

So I like a lot of things - I like BDSM, I like toned men, I like women with huge breasts; I like forcefeeding to the point of impossible weight gain, I like the thought of a human being blown up like a parade float with their bodies vulnerable and exposed. Why? ... Honestly, I don't know why. Would I change it if I could? ... Actually yeah I would be all over that, but we're beyond that point. I like a lot of things, a lot of which I don't even draw because it takes practice to fuck up the human anatomy like I do. It takes a lot of irritated grunting to take all I've ever learned about anatomy and trash it for the sake of a boner.

It's annoying, it really is.

You like your things, and I like mine. We're both terribly ugly people on the inside for liking people for their looks, but hey, people will be people, regardless. We're going to do what we're going to do, and provided touching myself in the shower isn't actually hurting anyone, quite frankly I don't give a shit what people think.

I like balloon-people. That is why I 'make them fat'.

( I'll be publishing another on my specific fetish for bursting/popping inflated chaps later on, this is all I have in me for the evening. )

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xXDarkQuxxnXx Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are a beautiful writer. Clap 
FoolishReplicka Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! ; w;
xXDarkQuxxnXx Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hug Your welcome!!
Yamisamurai24 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
EdwardSerif Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
well Even if Inflation is a niche kink. Being a person who's "fluffy" or "heaftier" than normal people I think people who Love fat chicks would be all over me but Honestly I get made fun of for being overweight. I think of myself a huge pillow. :3 I dont understand why people call fat people such mean things when deep down we are people too. Its not our fault our genes fucked up to the point where we cant lose weight. I think I suffer from a Slow metabolism problem. Where Its almost very difficult to lose weight.

But yeah I endorse your opinion and kink. :) <3
FoolishReplicka Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Another issue is our society demonizes bodily frames that they deem unsightly and the like; it's unfair, considering heavier people are often more healthy than someone who tries to keep themselves skeletonized. We're too busy being stuck in the thin-trend we look down on those who are different from our 'ideal' shape and size of a human being. It's wrong, which is why so many people (like yourself) are changing how people think by simply being confident in yourself! There's nothing wrong with being hefty, especially if you're healthy that way.

Too often our society prioritizes a fetishized 'look' on either sex and it's an impossible standard to reach; we need to learn to be content in what makes ourselves happy as opposed to what makes others happy. With all due honesty I believe people are mean to heavier people because they think lowly of how they live; and if they think so lowly of someone being happy, they need to look at themselves a little deeper.

Thank you! I'm glad to have your two cents, as well! ^^
EdwardSerif Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
And I agree with you. I dont understand why people demonize our frames. Its not like I chose to be fat. Sure I like to eat more than the other person and not get up and move as much because my body hurts from Arthritis and back strain from my chest and stomach. There's a lot of things that being overweight goes with. Sure Skinny is a great thing to be but Its not for everyone. I've learned to love my size and just be okay with me being me. No one else is me. I'm myself and no one can tell me otherwise.

I've even gone on a rant about how people Airbrush people to look a specific way in ads. I'm sick of Fake look gimme Real look and I might buy that product more. But yeah I've been in the Graphic Design Industry for about 10 years and its just that one thing that sickens me. We are meant to convey Communication through Artwork, we aren't supposed to airbrush a model till she looks perfect. Fuck that noise.

I changed my major because Graphic Design is not my medium. I dont want to get stuck showing non flaws to the nation and be famous for doing so. I want to animate my imagination and show flaws and weaknesses to the masses and be great at it.

One of my nitpicks is these dumb asses who I play video games with (You know the ignorant masses who are potty mouths and general trolls) And they learn that I'm a heftier woman. "WOMAN GET YOUR FAT ASS IN THE KITCHEN N MAKE ME A SAMMICH" I tell them "Okay So you want to get stabbed? Cause that's where the knives are. ;)" And then they shut up. or call me a fat bitch..Either or. :/

But yeah All this stemmed from your explanation on your kink. I love the fact that you adore bigger people. :3 It gives me hope in the world. <3
weirdPicasso Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Jesus, this times one gorillion! Normally when I try to explain why I like inflation, it goes like "Uh... Well, uh... I just like the look?" You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.
FoolishReplicka Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not a scholar, just a chode with too much free time :heart:

Thank you!!
red899 Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I like the like comment for some reason, not sure why.
Gojira007 Featured By Owner May 22, 2013
Honestly? I can't add much of anything to this. You make your point, eloquently and compellingly, and I think it's just a damned good read to boot. :+fav: :hug:
SignoreMirtillo Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Well said!
Colonel-Eviscerator Featured By Owner May 21, 2013
I'm just gonna fave this.
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