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When you can't get a dog...

... You create your own pet! :D

This is for :iconpegasusxcroquet: :) Because I could have her Blue-eyes Ultimate Dragon card. <3 :glomp: :D
Thanks so much for the card!!! ^_________________________^ * glomps even more *
>> << >> Yeah, I really had to draw you something. =P And like you said; Pegasus makes everything better. X3

I hope you like it. ^.^
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Awwww, sooooo cute. 😄😄😄😄
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That's the smartest thing every.
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XD Absolutely great. When in doubt make your own.....
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WOw, I just looked at this artwork since 08, and here I revistate,  still cute, yet funny at the same time! XD
FoolishLittleMortal's avatar
Aww, I'm glad to hear you still like it after all those years. c:
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It'd be funny if Ultimate Toon Dragon started bickering like the Hewdraw from Kid Icarus Uprising.
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WOW, amazing.
Blue Eyes Toon Dragon, come boy, is cute, good job.
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awesome! i personally have 3 blue eyes toons, am really raging about the fact there is not ultimate toon dragon XD

anyways i love that dragon =3
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Thanks. :)

It would be nice if there were more toon monsters and some better support. I would love to try a toon deck.
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yeah, but there are more toon monsters than shown
ones when i was reaaly reaaly reeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllyyyyyyyy bored i went to the official site and started reading the rules for some cards

bickuribox can be summoned as a none fusion monster if you have toonworld on the field, so he is somehow a toon aswell =3
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I don't think it can be summoned that way. Only in the tv show that was somehow possible.

There are still some cards from the show that have not been made into real cards. I really hate it when they do that. I have really been looking forward to some of them, even though most people probably think they're useless. Personally I would love it the most if they finally made those other Dark Scorpion cards real. They are the one archtype that REALLY lack support. Which is a shame, cuz these guys are friggin awesome. :(
And the toons need some good support too.
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you mean [link] ?

anyways yeah somewhere the rules said bickuribox CAN be summoned this way... but just to play fair when i used to play it with someone i first asked rather they agreed with it or not, they mostly did
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Yes, them. In total there are 6 monsters (that card and each character has their own card) 1 spell and 1 trap. That's it.
They also appear in the artwork of 3 spell/traps that are not support.
In the anime there was 1 spell and 1 trap support that was never released and 1 spell and 1 trap with one of them appearing on the artwork. I was hoping those would be turned into real cards, since they were giving olf archtypes new updates the last couple of years. But they always skipped the Dark Scorpions. And they never made any new support. These guys are my favourites, so you can imagine I'm very disappointed and somewhat irritated by this.

Well... I have never seen any rules anywhere that that can be done. If the cards say nothing about it then that means it cannot be done.

There are also still people who believe you can special summon Thousand Dragon like how they do it in the show. With Time Wizards effect being succesful while having Baby Dragon on the field. But that cannot be done. Anime and manga are different from the real thing. Also, certain games do not work like the real thing. You must fuse Time Wizard and Baby Dragon. Or use some of the other ways that certain cards provide. Like Cyber Stein.
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yes i know that is why i always first ask rather my opponent agrees with the special bickuribox summon

well personally my favorites are bickuribox, blue eyes toon, tri-horned dragon
aldo my strongest are: black skull dragon
and goblin king cause if he is on my field, i hve 4 other fiends and my opponent has 5 fiends he has 9000 atk and 9000 def then if i use a card that has the affect that you have to target him (like my vampire zombie prince or whatever he is called) then you can't attack at all cause goblin king can't be attacked when i have fiends on the field XD it's sugh an evil way of playing, meanwhile my legendary fiend cars is getting +800 atk for every turn i don't use him so at the end i have 2 unstopable monsters and the opponent is not allowed to attack XD
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And then they used Fissure, Smashing Ground, Dark Hole, Lightning Vortex, Mirror Force or something else like it. :B
A monster with high attack is hardly any thread nowadays really. ^^;
Or they will troll you with a stall card. 8U
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So adorable :D
Thats one cute blue eyes toon dragon
Nice Work
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lol i want that kind of pet XD
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I'm waiting for the chance to steal his little doggie.
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D'aww! That's so cute! I wanna take him home with me! Pegasus, I mean. But the Toon Dragon can come, too. ^^
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Haha. Adowable.
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I lost that shirt!

Do you know where it is~?!
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maybe in your basement? most lost stuff goes there
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