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Quick Slifer

A rough picture of Slifer the sky Dragon I made.

I think about 3 - 4 hours time went into this.
Working fast is not really my thing. But I kinda liked how the overall picture looked so I thought I might as well upload it.

I'm sure you can guess what inspired this... (besides yugioh obviously!) :>
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I love the pose for this one! Almost reminds me of Shenron! And on Slifer, it’s quite imposing!
can i use it as a print?
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Make a wish to the dragon god :v 

Really cool girl (Y) :D
gokuthepower-art's avatar
So now you get Osiris instead of Shenlong when you gather the 7 magic balls? interesting
soniku200's avatar
He's doing his Shenron impression.
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Slifer can grant people wishes in townsvile, if they find all 7 of his orbs ?
rainous's avatar
some1 got all 7 yugioh balls?
JohnDGD's avatar
Woa! Awesome... great job man
Mephistofelesword's avatar
oh shit oh shit oh shit
this is EPIC
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Muito bom! adorei as cores e as luzes!
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So coooooooooool :wow: (by `electricnet) I BUY :happybounce: (by ~jamal1)
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Very good dynamic in this piece of art.
Good job
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Hm. I wonder what the Dragonballs used to summon him would look like.
Krazed-Blue-n-Freaky's avatar
it looks like goku summoned the wrong dragon
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Words cannot describe how happy this makes me.
FoolishLittleMortal's avatar
But you just used words. :icontrollfaceplz:
Thanks. :D
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You're welcome. X3
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slifer is so big and beautiful in the picture
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I don't know why but this reminds me of , darn it can't remember his name curse my temp. mem. loss, that dragon from Dragon Ball Z that grants a wish on earth. Awesome work by the way
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