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Dragon - Tarasque

2nd one of the 'ignored dragon' drawings I'm doing. I've decided to go with pen again. ( can you tell I used 2 differest pens? ...I know, I'm horrible! I forgot to bring the pen I first used when I went to my other home. ^^; )


This is a Tarasque, some sort of French Dragon.
I know... It doesn't look much like the dragons we're all used to. Head of a lion, claws like a bear... But that's just what makes this kind of dragon interesting. :)
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He looks awesome. :) The Tarasque is definitively a unique creature that it's a shame that it's not shown much.
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That looks soooooo realistic!
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One of the far to rare good pictures of a Tarasque. I have a book about dragons and this one is shown as one of the different possible dragons. I love it's design and you're one of the few to draw it in an excellent way. That's how I imagined it. This really helped me get on with my story. Thanks, keep it up :)
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Intense-looking beastie! I would not want to run into something like this...!
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Wow, I don't know why these dragons are neglected, I saw all of them in this… . I didn't realize they were rare...
Very nice rendition - it's good to see a take of the Tarasque that does not derive from the Corpus Christi replicas or its D&D grandchild.
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OMG, love it! Really accurate pic from what I've read in my research...
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That's an awesome Tarasque!

And yeah, they lived in rivers in France and terrorized small villages by eating animals and people who came too close to the river.

You should do a mushussu (if you haven't already done it).. Wait, never mind, I just looked it up and you have..
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Thanks. :)

lol yeah, I made a Mushussu too. :D
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well known as tarasque or faramine's beast this creatures have a lion s head a bull s body with 6 short bear s legs he is covered by a huge and spiked carapace and has a very long tails with a sting of scorpion.
it reprsents the paganism and was tame by saint marth (he was absolutly horrified by her woody crucify -_-')and be killing by the inhabitants of the tarascon without defendint himself.
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I profer dragons like this to those stupid "clisical" dragons or as I like to call them D&D dragons. If there were real dragons in the world it would be ones like this and not those miss proportioned flying aligators.
And it is the best rendition of its species I have seen in a long time.
DarkCakeDunsparce's avatar
Actually, the Tarasque is in D&D, too. Chromatic and Metallic dragons aren't the only ones in the game, so by all technicalities, your term is invalid.

Not that I expect you to stop using it or anything. I'm just pointing something out, as a D&D player.
SheTheTDE's avatar
I know but a D&D Tarasque is a diferent creature to a real Tarasque.
D&D Tarasques look kindof like godzilla.

so my term is valid because I class D&D tarasques a seperate species.
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I think I prefer the strange and/or ignored dragons too. :)
I still like the classic ones, but you just see them everywhere and they're not really that interesting anymore. ^^;
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Yeah its like:
"oh no a dragon!"
"not again!"
but with these ignored dragons every time you see one its worth a parade.
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This is gorgeous. Much Kudos. Actually you can find the story of the Tarasque and Saint Martha here. [link]
FoolishLittleMortal's avatar
Thanks. I've read the story somewhere before. :)
MerenRave's avatar
You're welcome. I just recently heard of it in a book so was curious and had looked it up.
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Also, just to add. Supposedly Saint Martha charmed it with song.
this is realy awsome :D your realy talented wish i could draw like you
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My favorite kind of dragon!
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This beast was probably the inspiration for Bowser...
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