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Like Herrings and Onions #7: Pandemic (4/6)



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The Korean-American guy here is supposed to be much older than Helen and Alyson, like in his mid-to-late 20s, which is why he's hardly bothered by the yelling of the girls, as they're just annoying teens to him. I originally had no clue on how to end this with Helen and Alyson yelling at the guy to go back to China, even though he's American. As I was developing this and created Helen's theory/manipulation of Alyson earlier, I was thinking back to Cartman and recalled how often he doesn't end up on top and how good that feels. I, the writer, basically became my own audience member and thought like one. Thus I have this ending where Helen is proud of her apparent success.

"Wait Mr. Foolish-Water/DoorJam person, if this is the ending, how come there are two pages left?" Find out by clicking the links above.
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