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Boopers (Art Fight)


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Everything Happens For A Reason


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Fun Fact!

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Do the Purification

Ancient Blood ART

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The Passage of Time

Indigo Children ART

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Cicero Vitellia reference sheet 1/3

Character Info and References

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Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood 001

Chapter 1: "Fool's Gold"    ***Author's note: This on-going story has a handful of chapters that have a "mature content" filter on them due to subject matter and adult situations. Everything is written in a tasteful and relatively non-graphic manner, but to abide by Deviantart's terms, the filters are there. To view these chapters- you MUST be logged into an account and your mature content blocker must be OFF. These chapters are typically very important to the plot's progression, so skipping them will cause holes in the story and result in confusion.    The crisp northern air smelled fresh and clean to Jade as she trudged down the cobbles

Ancient Blood CHAPTERS

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TES: Indigo Children 001

Chapter 001:“White Rabbit” **(ATTN: This is the follow-up story to Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood. Please read the disclaimer in the description below!)**            Jullien took a long deep breath as he skimmed over the numbers he’d scribbled into his daily log. Everything matched up to exactly where it should be. As always, he was vigilant about following his father’s instructions on how to correctly maintain and thoroughly document any changes with the lunar tower. It had been his main responsibility for the last few years and he took great pride in it. Sebastian trusted him to keep a detailed log of every calib

Indigo Children CHAPTERS

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Symbiotic Failure (Raz and Len)


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(1 of 12) Year 1: Sebastian's Journals #1

Part 1 of 12 -----------------Year 1:Sebastian’s Journals #1 Project Paradox: Entry 01 Date: Turdas, 4th of First Seed, 4E 203 Time: Early morning, around 04:30 Topic: Creating Fate                Yowza… Where to begin? Ha! That really is the ultimate question now, isn’t it? I’m having a hard time keeping quill to parchment; my hands won’t stop shaking. I’ve had an entire day to process this event and I still can’t quite wrap my head around it all.                I made contact. I didn’t think it was possible, but I was just too curious to not try. The lexicon I found in the Bthar-zel li

17-Year Journals

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Xaccaeus art dump

Sketches and Art Dumps

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Insatiable Curiosity

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Made You Yawn!


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Good Morning, Snow Princess

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A is for Ancient Blood

A is for Ancient Blood

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Go For It, Jullien!

Memes and Parodies

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A Boy's Best Friend Is His Mother

Random Fun

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The Creation of Jullien

Famous Painting Parodies

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Cicero's Descent into Madness

Remastered Art

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Darsharan (Art Fight)

Art Fight 2020

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Something to Take the Edge Off... (Art Fight)

Art Fight 2021

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12 Dragon - INKTOBER '19


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04 They're Watching~ 30-Day Madness Challenge

"MADNESS Challenge" 2018

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Sibling Rivalry (Gift Art)

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Lady Dimitrescu


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