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DTIYS for Art Raffle [open]

Y'all!!! I made it to 400 watchers!!! Let's celebrate! Hey!! Remember that drawing that I said was definitely not for anything? Surprisingly, I lied! It's actually the prompt for my new DTIYS Raffle! Why a raffle? I've said it before, but I'm not one to judge my own contest, all art for me is equally blessed


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At - Kyrin

Art of my OCs by Other Amazing Artists

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Tamrielic Tea Party

My OCs + Your OCs

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mermaid and cat


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RP Scene : Parasitic Problems

Very Cool

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Heck Yes

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Follow the Sun


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THIS inspires me

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Double Chins for the Win

This Makes Me Happy

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[fanart] naked when you go

This makes me feel things

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Sunset with a Talkneck

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Hail Sithis

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RJ MacCready


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overwatch Tracer Punk


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Cicero in his twenties

The fool of my heart

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The Thrill of the Hunt: Chapter One

 CHAPTER ONE The wind howled and yanked at the cart that slowly rolled through the heavy snow covering the small mountain trail. He couldn’t stop. Not now, not when they were so close to finally finding a home again. The horse tugging the cart was straining against the wind and snow, snorting miserably. The shadows of barren trees loomed over the cart. Clawed branches seemed to grab at him from out of the white sheet that had absorbed the world around him, causing him to shiver and hug himself tighter as his body trembled from the intense cold. He had been hoping to beat the blizzard, but the wagon wheel had decided to break on him and

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Dreams Cover

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Hey, How's it Going?


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Jest a Gift

Bound by Madness

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Trust me

Soul Taker

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the p in wilson p higgsbury stands for patrick

Goggles, Glasses, and Lab Coats

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Taro Darah

Wicked Smiles and Bloody Boys

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Jonathan Crane


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Darkness and light


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The End


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Neon Wasteland Final Hours

Eye Candy

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KH Inktober Build

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5 minute ship - Cicero and Hel

Art and Character Memes

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Raffle Winners!

Yo yo! And with a round of sleep and me spending too much time making this journal, we're done! :la: Before I jump into the raffle: A few words of thanks to those who participated and to those who drew something for me! here's the wonderfully blessed collection I've accumulated from these past two months: Please check them out and give them some love

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Commissions [open]

Commissions are open! If you are interested, you can check my art on this blog. If you have any questions feel free to ask me ☆ I need the following information from you:The main idea, a short description of what you want to see in the final art.Character/pose/outfit/background references or examples (strongly welcome). The more references, the better I understand your idea, the easier and faster I draw.Some additional information that you consider important for understanding the character’s emotions or plot of the illustration. Rules:I have the right to post the final drawing in my galleries.You’re free to publish commissio

Commission Info

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Art Trades (Ask)

If you ever want to do a trade, just note me and I'll try to put something together for you. There's not much I need to know, just make sure that you have the following info somewhere in either a comment or note: Character name Reference Trade Type (fullbody, halfbody, etc) Fullbodies take longest to draw, so while they might not take priority, I'll still get them done. Same rules for what I draw with commissions also apply here. nothing inappropriate and no fanart. The character must either belong to you, or be a gift to someone else on here. The only extra rule is that you must be a watcher.

Art Trade info

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Curly Hair. Tutorial | How To Draw

Refs and Blank Templates

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Oh My...

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Contest Entries for Scribes of Nirn and Dawnstar

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an order: toxic wings


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Ryuk Scratchboard

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