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Show Me Your Cass~

To feed my current obsession with the depressed Duke of Dementia, here's a delightful little showcase of others' art of Cassius... and some "YASS" ship art mixed in for self-indulgent purposes. Yavni x Cass= happy Digi :3

TTOAGM(Art Trade)
Yavni Cassius boots by AJ-H
YCH - Yavni + Cassius
DWBUDU(Art Trade)
[request] the duke
Pleased to meet ya
The Duke of Sass [p]
Art-Fight (3) Foolish-Hearts
[G] YASS With Legs
Cassius by KymiraHaze
[AF] Duke of Sass!
over here buster (AF for Foolish-Hearts)

Xacc's Icarus Malformation by @SkadefroDane

Sage by Enothar

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My Bio

Hi! I'm Digi! (AKA: Digital_Replicant)

Adult ∙ TES fan ∙ Schizoaffective ∙ Awkward

Just a professional amateur who draws OCs

I write and illustrate a stupidly long Elder Scrolls fic for fun.

💕Fav bombs, badges, and gift art are always welcome! <3

🚫I don't do commissions or requests (Maybe someday!)

👥 Trades: close mutuals and vetted artists

🎁Gifts: friends, gestures of appreciation, interactive readers

🎨Want art? Join one of my raffles or find me on Art Fight!

Comfort Kyrs by AJ-H

Comfort Kyrin by AJ-H

Favourite Movies
Fargo, Moon, Death to Smoochy, Memento, Pi, Cube, Sin City, No Country for Old Men, Burn After Reading, A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Pontypool
Favourite TV Shows
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Black Mirror, Three Sheets, Breaking Bad, Shameless, Fargo, Raising Hope, The Inbetweeners (UK)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Tool, Apashe, REZZ, Ganja White Night, CloZee, Mindless Self Indulgence, Fatboy Slim, Infected Mushroom, Shpongle
Favourite Games
The Elder Scrolls series (+ ESO), Fallout series, Borderlands series (+TFTB/NTFTB), BioShock, Silent Hill (2 and 5), The Stanley Parable, Ace Attorney series, Steins;Gate, Oxenfree, Statik: Institute of Retention, Inside, Portal 1 & 2...
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Surface Studio 2, Clip Studio Paint EX
Other Interests
Elves, robots, goggles, mad scientists, lanky lads, busty ma'ams, danger bois, gremlin girls, and that little bit of squish at the top of thigh high leggings~

Post Spotlight

Good Vibes by Foolish-Hearts, journal

What is Ancient Blood?

It's book one of my on-going illustrated Elder Scrolls original story.

Taking place after the events of Skyrim, it's a social drama about the Dark Brotherhood Uprising, the curse of the Green Pact Oathbreaker, Dwemeri prophecies, and Daedric Prince mischief~ >Click here for the plot synopsis<

Waiting for a signal

Start Here Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Chapter One

:skyblue-orb: Ancient Blood is currently being remastered with new art and extended content, so now is the perfect time to jump in! ^^

:skyblue-orb: If you have any questions about characters, lore, or anything at all, please don't be afraid to ask. I love chattering about my OCs/story :3

Sage sprite by ThatOneLittleArtist

I am also working on the follow-up story called:


*Indigo Children is book two. It is the continuation of the already developed characters and plot of Ancient Blood, so it is highly recommended to read them in order.

Son of a Beast~

"Be the thing in the woods that terrifies the townspeople"

animation by Gosh-Heck

(click >HERE< for actual video)

Spotlight Art by Others!

Spotlight art by others!

(full credits at the bottom)

Dd By Syawesra Ddl39se
Jullien by TWAI
Kyrin by 7greenTears
The Witness by 7greenTears
The Creator
AT - Lord Sage
Pandora by GalooGameLady
Recreating Fate - AT
Hector by the-caIamity
Commission: Ruby
Ruby hugs
Sage By Sloimie
Sage Fanart
Comin' in HOT [AT]
[Art Fight] not quite a princess but almost
[AF] Slow Dance With You

Credits in order:

(These are the usernames used when the art was done and the links to where I last knew them to be most active. Art that was posted to dA is directly linked to the thumbnail above.)

Kyrin by Mbrisa || Jullien by Twai

|| Kyrin and Jullien by 7greenTears

Sebastian by Vogelfreyh || Sebastian by AJ-H

Lord Sage by SkadefroDane || Pandora by GalooGameLady

Hector by MMakku || Hector by the-caIamity

Ruby by LemmeGetCoffee || Ruby by Snowy-Weather

Beastie Sage by PETRiCHORo0o || Sage by NanumiARTS

Rage and Krow by AJ-H || Krow by Gosh-Heck

Clover by Bleizez-Art || Ruby and Sebastian by BooBooTheF00l

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Thanks a lot for the fav, Foolish-Hearts! <3

Thanks a lot for the fav, Foolish-Hearts! <3

Congrats to the senior! And many thanks for faving.

Thank you so much! And you're quite welcome :3

Whoa, congrats on becoming a senior member!

Eee! Thank you! It was a huge surprise but I'm incredibly honored. This site is my home. ^^

You're welcome!