Good bye, kiddo.

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Thank you all, friends. I hope now her confused soul has heard  your voices and found her way out.

Sorry, I still have a hard time to think straight, but one thing I want to say - I thought I had a tough life, there were times i fight for my life, and truly believed that human being is really hard to kill, no matter how bad the damage looks, life like water - always find a way, very small gap and widen it up. What strikes me bad is death come and claim young life effortless, without the fight, like everyday thing - just to show how fragile in fact the life is.I think it is a reason enough to hug you beloved and don't let death ugly face any near. Dead needs to be remembered, alive - being taking care of..Thanks again, I'm really appreciate your support.

I hope I'll get back as soon as I learn how to laugh again.
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My condolences to you, Fool.