Good bye, kiddo.

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Thank you all, friends. I hope now her confused soul has heard  your voices and found her way out.

Sorry, I still have a hard time to think straight, but one thing I want to say - I thought I had a tough life, there were times i fight for my life, and truly believed that human being is really hard to kill, no matter how bad the damage looks, life like water - always find a way, very small gap and widen it up. What strikes me bad is death come and claim young life effortless, without the fight, like everyday thing - just to show how fragile in fact the life is.I think it is a reason enough to hug you beloved and don't let death ugly face any near. Dead needs to be remembered, alive - being taking care of..Thanks again, I'm really appreciate your support.

I hope I'll get back as soon as I learn how to laugh again.
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My condolences to you, Fool.
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NO! =(
your such an awesome person!
I'm so sorry that happend! =(
life is very short ;/
I will miss you man! your one of my MOST memorable idols!
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:hug: it's been a while, I still love that pixeled castle you made. :)
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I'm sorry for your loss and I'm glad you are back and you can laugh again ([link])
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I'm sorry for your loss and I'm glad you are back and you can laugh again ([link])
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I'm so sorry about your loss man,I wish I could say something else but... hope you be ok dude.
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Oh, I almost cried when I heard about this. I don't know you, nor is there any chance I ever will, but I share your sympathy. That must be such a horror to your family. But, you must live on, so try and make the most of the rest of your life, and always remember your daughter, and think how proud she would be if she learned that you have overcome this loss, but never forgotten her.
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I was looking you up on DA, heard you where good, i saw this. Mi dispiace vermente.

Distini saluti,
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I'm Sorry for your loss.
May she rest in peace.
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I dont know you,but good luck to you mister,may you overcome your problems and join the laugh again
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I'm very sorry for your loss.

I hope she is able to rest in peace.
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I am so sorry to hear about your loss.. I will pray for you and your family. ^^ She is in a better place now.
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I am deeply sorry for your loss. No one should ever have to suffer the loss of their child. But chiyuko is right, she would want you to live happily, so live for her, do what she would have loved to do. Talk to her as if she was beside you, tell her your thoughts, share your joys and sorrows. And doing so, perhaps, she will live through you.
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I'm terribly sorry for your loss. I don't have any children yet so I honestly don't know how you feel, but if it were my parents then I would be crushed and I wouldn't know what to do...
But I'm sure that she'd want you to live happily, so you should.
I hope that you feel better soon. :)
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I was browsing your dA, and stumbled on this comment someone gave you:

"You, sir, are not human. Not even remotely. I salute you!"

I just want to say that this is false.

You ARE human.

You have feelings like everyone else.

With this said, I end this comment with my condolences.

PS: I'm putting my emoticon as 'Joy' because I believe you'll make it. Life is full of bad moments and good moments, and humans have the ability to stand up, even in harsh moments...
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hang in there buddy! :tighthug:
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you have my condelences brother.
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For every dream
there should be a star.
For every hope
kept in a jar,
let us pray
from wherever we are.

Let us stand
against pain and dread
for the people we lost--
to those that are dead.

I hold out my hand
to lend you my strength.
Hopefully a love from a stranger
couldn't be counted as late;
that a prayer to your angel
bring her to a better fate.

Take care of yourself. Know that there is a world of artists who hope for your eventual recovery. *hugs*
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I came across your work through your website and I also looked for you on Deviantart because I admired your talent and inspirational work.

I was surprised at the news I found when I was here.

I have two 7 year old daughters of my own and could not begin to fathom what it is to lose a child. It's every parents biggest fear.

I don't know any details of what has happened and I don't know what my words could possibly do to help take the pain away...but I look at death of a close loved one this way. I ask myself, what would the person tell me if they were right next to me and see my suffer and crying? Would they let me suffer in pain and agony? Or would they want their life to be remembered and celebrated?

My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. My god give the guidance and strength to focus and overcome this great loss. I know
you will pull through.
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My condolences, I'm so sorry for your loss.
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damn, that's terrible. heartfelt condolences.
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I'm deeply sorry for your loss..My prayers are with you. May she rest in peace...
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