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You, sir/ma'am, are a pixel art legend. I sincerely hope that you've got a job in the games industry, because your work deserves to be turned into something that goes beyond solely visual beauty.

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luckily I will remain a hobbist. Job brings no joy.=)

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Make trees happy! Trees should be happy cause coffins from happy trees are so pleasent.

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I like that art.

Also do you know that there's a scammer account here in comments?

I think you should do something about it.

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very amazing work

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Your pixelart is fantastic!
Excellent work, although your colour scheme is a tad uninspiring and flat looking for this piece. I think something like this works better, improving the contrast and clarifying shapes in the foreground, as well as adding more visual interest. Of course, all in the eye of the beholder. ;-)

Recolour by Delennea  
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Your work is awesome and very inspiring, made me want to try to do some Pixel Art!
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Awesome.  Love the leaves on the ground. =)
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may i ask how you learnt /where
you and others inspire me i started to liked pixel art two years ago and i really have wanted to make a game or just sprites for fun i always have wanted to try different art styles and this looks fun love what you do keep it up :)
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This piece has so much charm about it. Very nice work.
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Always i see your work i have one question how you choose the colorS
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