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A  gallery mockup for my site I did  quite a  while ago. Never finish it since can't get it to work   right  in flash.
Some parts are missing with hd crashes... I think I'll post this here while it is still around on my laptop.=)
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This would be me lol
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Wow ! This is amazing. You have taken pixel art to the next level O_O
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you can really help me make my 2d sidescroller skyrim /daggerfall/morrowind/oblivion/craziness game im making
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T...T...Tell me, please tell me you're making a game... :o
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Sorry, I'm not=)
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Oh well, you're still exploding retinas with your pixels...

I think I've never seen pixel art THIS good on this website! I'd just like you to know. B-)
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you're the god of the pixels
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это просто невероятно...
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good glob the detail and movement on this is amazing.
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Holy crap, masterpiece !
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I'm always amazed how detailed your pixel art and how lively your animations are!
Also glad to see you posting again! :)
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I love all the little details and the colors! Did you limit your color count?
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the character looks so 3D ... amazing
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amazing!! that's me in the morning :)
Не подскажешь, с чего ты начинал? Сейчас передо мной стоит выбор чем заниматься в жизни, твои работы склоняют весы в сторону обучения рисованию и пиксель-арту.
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Боюсь, что эта не очень здравая мысль.. Возможно тебе лучше поговорит с проффи, но что-то мне не кажется, что на это реально прожить. В качестве хобби, как у меня - очень даже, а серьезно рассматривать как вариант...Не знаю.
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Very talented mate! Love your pixeling
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Good to see you back. I hope there is alot more to come :happybounce:
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