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Another background. Foreground objects not included.
33 colors, 4 frames.
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Is it opensource? I mean, giving the due credits of course.
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Everything I post on internet is opensourse. Otherwise I'd keep it private.=)
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I know, right?
I wish some people thought like you. Thanks for reply. ^^
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impressive :o
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33 colours - fairly impressive. But the fact that you've only used 4 frames is absolutely unbelievable for such a smooth animation.
I've always liked pixel art because it demands efficiency and I've always admired your work for how well you handle that challenge. This piece is definitely a high-ranking favourite.
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That's impressive! Great pixels mastery. ^_^
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O.o Whoa. That's amazing!
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Holy shit. Is it even possible ? MASTERPIECE.
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This is beautiful. You put other pixel artists to shame.
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Fucking amazing!!! really great!
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How do you achieve such an even flow of the water? It's absolutely beautiful.
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wow!!!!What a wonderful scenery!!I love this waterfall~So beautiful!!!!!
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You are really THE pixel art genius ! I'm impressed each time you post something. (*.*) 
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i wish i could watch you as you do this. . .
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companion video -… 10 Hours of Waterfall sounds :)
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this is 4 frames? o_O
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