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That was an original scketch for that iso castle before i go iso on it. I thought give it a chance too.=)

here it goes - 18 colors ~12 hours in and out

WIP [link]
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This person seems to have stolen your art.

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Thank you=)

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You should really DMCA them :/ they're using their grandma death as an excuse, in that thread

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I am putting it on here so that the person that made it can get more likes so stop being so rude thank you >:(

FeatheredRainbovv's avatar

You never credited fool, and you even claimed ownership of it.

You're the one being rude here.

When you're going to repost something, ask for permission first. But in general, don't repost things you didn't make regardless,otherwise you're only going to get banned.

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Can you stop rn, My grandmom died today and I don't have time for this

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Don't use a family member's death as an excuse for your shitty behaviour, how low can you fucking sink right now? :lol:

FeatheredRainbovv's avatar

Stop reposting stuff you didn't make.

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Leave me alone rn :( I am going through something and I don't need u making it worse with my grandmom dying

FeatheredRainbovv's avatar

Do you know what a DMCA is? It has to do with copyright law... And lawyers. Meaning that if you don't stop stealing art, the original artists could sue you and want money from you. Do you really want that to happen?

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Omg, this is why I love pixel art
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this is so creative. Incredible!
Great job! Is there a way to contact you?
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¡Uffff, impresionante, y hermoso!
This looks like a scene that would not be out of place in Avatar: The Last Airbender, with the Giant Croc Spirit!
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Kind of reminds me of The Legend of Korra where all the old towns where on the backs of lion turtles
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Oustanding work! 
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wow! great work. I'm betting that town is safe from bandits
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I didn't even realize this was pixel art until I looked at your gallery. Awesome!
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