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Hi,  good people=)
It's been a while I draw anything, loaded with other crap...
Here one from the 2007, i think. Found in a labyrinth of my file system.=)
16 colors
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yellowroseartHobbyist Digital Artist
looks like DoS
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Nice! Thanks!
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greeneye1981Hobbyist Digital Artist
-- O A Ob
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16 colours!? O.o
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keep it up 
keep it up 
keep it up
this is awesome
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Carlotta4th General Artist
A seemingly more simple pixel art than fool's usual fair, but I think deceptively so. It LOOKS easy just because it's well done--but those lines where the color scheme has to change at every intersection is by no means easy to do, and there are a LOT of shifts in the piece. The gradients are well done as always and I particularly loved the curved lines juxtoposing with the straight ones here.
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bihmHobbyist Digital Artist
i love your use of color in this!!
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Aconashade Digital Artist
Love the purple shadows
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BizmasterStudios General Artist
Such a piece of art!
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soulSmith1Student General Artist
amazing job
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cameraguyyProfessional Photographer
I'm glad you still make pixel art. I remember being so impressed when I was 13. Your work is still just as good now that I'm 24
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GisAlmeidaProfessional Digital Artist
Beautiful choice of colors, I really like it.
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MadHatterWorkshopHobbyist General Artist
Awesome :)
How much time do you need for that?
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The-Last-PhantomProfessional Digital Artist

Deadpool - Chimichangas 
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ImportAutumnHobbyist Artist
Really cool :)
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RetronatorProfessional General Artist
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infinityloop Photographer
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