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Cataphracts across the world, 5th c BC - 6th c AD

By foojer
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Made with iOS IbisPaint. Speed draw here

Equipment notes:
Achaemenid Persian (5th c BC) - 'Assyrian' type helmet, scale gorget (grivpanvar), laminar arm guards, scale horse chest and flank armour (peytral and flanchard)
Greco-Baktrian (3rd c BC) - Attic-Boeotian helmet, muscle cuirass, laminar arm guards, cloth thigh guards (pteryges), greaves, lamellar peytral
Ptolemaic (2nd BC) - Konos type helmet, linen cuirass, felt arm and leg guards, felt barding
Seleucid (1st c BC) - Konos type helmet with face mask, muscle cuirass, laminar arm guards, pteryges, greaves, scale barding, crested plate chamfron
Sarmatian (1st c AD) - Spangenhelm, scale cuirass with shoulder guards, scale barding
Sogdian (1st c AD) - Lamellar helmet, neck guard (gorget), shoulder guards (spaulders) and forearm guards (vambraces), thigh guards (cuisses)
Eastern Han (1st c AD) - lamellar helmet, thigh-length cuirass with raised collar, shoulder guards / 'sleeves' (pauldrons?), lamellar 'trousers' (my interpretation but knees seem weirdly unprotected), felt or linen peytral
Parthian (3rd c AD) - Conical spangenhelm with full-face mail aventail, thigh-length scale and plate cuirass, laminar arm guards, mail leggings (chausses), plate greaves and foot guards, scale barding
Sassanid (4th c AD) - 'thimble' type helmet with face mask, mail aventail, thigh-length lamellar cuirass, laminar arm guards, laminar leg guards, scale barding
Roman (4th c AD) - Deir el-Medina type Spangenhelm, scale shoulder guard and thigh-length cuirass, laminar arm and leg guards, scale barding
Goguryeo (5th c AD) - lamellar helmet, gorget, spaulders, cuirass, and armoured skirt, lamellar barding
Romano-Byzantine (6th c AD) - Baldenheim type helmet, lamellar spaulders and thigh-length cuirass, plate chafron, lamellar peytral and neck guard (criniere)
Arthurian (6th c AD) - artistic license - Deurne type helmet (possibly evolved into Staffordshire type helmet), chainmail hauberk, lamellar cuirass, plate greaves, felt peytral
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So Bactrian and Ptolemaic where before Seleucids? wouldn't expect that Only from 1st century BC Did Seleucid deployed cataphracts? that was far from their status as main power

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Well the seleucids probably fielded cataphracts pretty early on, but this figure is based on pretty late evidence, around the 2nd or so century BC
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yeah but 1st century? they were pretty much left with Syria

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i thought Cataphracts were limited to Armenia, Roman and Sassanid/Parthian empires

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Yo! I Watched Your Video! Glad I Like Your Art!

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ye, sub here too :)
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