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Anyone still looking into this journal, my commission info can now be seen on a pinned tweet on my twitter account:

You can still contact me through DA notes, mind you!
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Hi, I noted you, and emailed you about a logo for my review blog called Media Cram Reviews.
I have the money now.
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Hello! Are these still open? 
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Oh, hey. They definitely are!
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I feel like you're a fan of Akira Toriyama. Maybe I'm wrong.
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I'm replying to this during a re-watch of the original Dragon Ball. :P
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How convenient.
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But yeah, Toriyama's a big influence on me.
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So after my much needed trip to the beach next weekend - I should have some cash left over for the Barefoot Bikini Mud Wrestling Bath extravaganza. And my friend said I can use his paypal soooo............ 

I guess we can figure out the details via notes? 
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Notes, Emails, Steam Chat, Discord, Carrier Pidgeons, whichever.

... just make sure the pidgeon took a dump BEFORE taking off, I don't want any surprises!
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ugh and blech to that
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And that's why we have the internet.
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I'm in :) Prepare the mud bath for me and Felicia Day barefoot and bikinized shenanigans :P WOOO! lol

Or at least send me a quote on what that nonsense would cost :) :) :) 
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You got notes and other means of contact, ye know. Now, how to make the mud...

*remembers he lives next to a graveyard*

... oh well, dirt's dirt!
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Don't be a fuddy duddy - screaming into boxes after two chardonnays is much more fun
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It is awesome seeing my ranger in your example set!
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It only makes sense to use commissions as examples, since that's the most transparent way for people to see what they'll be getting. ^^
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Yay! My name is on the list! I'm happy ^_^ Your art is awesome, I'm honoured to be able to get one for myself x3
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mikehollowhead is on your "to-do" list? HaHa :-D
Yup, and glad to be on the list.
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Yep. And not his first time at that! :V
So, by Logotypes, you're referring to any and all art that are solely logos or potentially contain it? I just want to make sure, is all. Maybe when I have the funds I'll consider making a request. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm broke, I'd email you with what I have in mind.

Oh well. Maybe I'll cross that bridge if/when I get there.
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If I mean logos, well, that's what it is. You got some samples up there in the thumbnails. Lemme know whenever you're up for it!
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*clears throat* xD
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