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So, this is what I've been making those recent sprites for:

More info here:…
Eh, why the fudge not. I rarely go with the "Everybody's doing it" mentality, so might as well for once.

  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?
9 years, according to my homepage.
  • What does your username mean?
"Fontes" is my last name, which I'm more used to be called by than my own name. Weird, I know. "Makua" is the name of a race from a fantasy lore I started working on in high school, which is currently on stand-by. I'll get back to it once I can.
  • Describe yourself in three words.
What an asshole.
  • Are you left or right handed?
  • What was your first deviation?
This piece of crap, right here: 
An old drawing... by FontesMakua
  • What is your favourite type of art to create?
Digital Illustration. It IS what makes up most of my gallery.
  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Like many, backgrounds. I don't draw enough of those.
  • What was your first favourite?
This one, I believe: 
Fighting Evolution- Pin-Up 3 by UdonCrew
  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
Without question: theCHAMBA
  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Eh... this one'll take some pondering.
  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
By influencing the way I draw, for one. There are also the fine folks who help keeping my fridge full by asking me for commissions.
  • What are your preferred tools to create art?
Digital. To be precise, a scratch-built desktop PC with a Huion GT-190S Tablet Monitor, and openCanvas6.
  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
The fridge. It's where I keep the energy drinks.
  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Again... this one'll take some pondering.
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Got me a copy of Smash 4 3DS, so for everyone feeling like challenging me and my Yoshi, here's the code: 4313-0237-8001

Post yours below or send it by note, it's up to ye. Availability isn't guaranteed (work, and all), but I'll be popping around now and then.

Seeya in the arena!
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Like the sketches I've been uploading? Want one? Look up the info here:…

A while ago, I made this simple space shooter, called Last Stand, after learning some basic programming. Nothing special, but it did what I intended and was pretty much glitch-free, so I was happy with the result.

Now, why shouldn't I share it with everyone? CLICK HERE!

And... that's it, for now. Hope you enjoy the game, and seeya next time!
So, here's the thing: after working on quite a bunch of board games as an illustrator, I decided to roll up my sleeves and do one of my own! Or better yet, a collaboration with Level 99 Games, with me and Brad Talton (L99's overlord, and creator of board games like BattleCON and Pixel Tactics) working together on the gameplay, and me handling the lore (world, characters, etc) and artwork.
I've always been a big fan of mecha anime, like Gundam, Gaogaigar, TTGL, Getter Robo, etc. Also, it kinda upsets me that us westerns aren't getting much mecha-themes videogames, SPECIALLY the Super Robot Taisen series! I know, licensing's a b*tch, but there's no excuse for the Original Generation spin-offs!
FW Journal Logo by FontesMakua
So we started a project of our own, called Frame Wars! This is a combat board game featuring giant robots beating the living crap outta one another (if that alone doesn't get your attention, then I friggin' give up). There's not much to show yet in terms of gameplay, but expect the core engine (if we can call it that) to be similar to Super Robot Wars, but on a board, and with cards. And in a smaller scale, as we're currently focusing on 2-player 3v3 combat.

All in all, we're aiming to deliver something that feels pretty dynamic, and with a HEAVY focus on staying faithful to all those glorious super-robot tropes many of us love so much. All this while trying to keep the game as accessible to everyone as possible (wishful thinking, I know). I mean, who wants to show a game to a friend, only to have said friend scared by all the components layed out on the table? I sure as hell don't!

Check art for this project below:

Frame Wars - Prototype Preview by FontesMakua Frame Wars - 02/October Playtest by FontesMakua  Frame Wars: Oct 29th Playtest by FontesMakua Frame Wars v0.2.3 by FontesMakua

So yeah, this is the personal project that has been taking a big chunk of my time. I sure hope it pays off, and by that I mean I hope you guys end up liking it. Don't be afraid to ask any questions (comments, notes, whatever), and stay tuned for more updates!!!
Just lettin' people know that I'll be attending GenCON 2013. I'll be at booth 475 with Level 99 Games. I'll be giving general assistance around the booth and I might draw stuff for some of L99's upcoming projects.

So for anyone who's planning to attend, feel free to drop by!
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Yeah, activity over here hasn't been all that hot, lately, has it?

To those who don't know, these last months I've been doing work for a few projects from Level 99 Games, related with their "Devastation of Indines" Kickstarter, which included not only it's titular game, but also Pixel Tactics 2, Disc Duelers and 7 Card Slugfest... to which I've been working on.

Just now I've uploaded alternate costumes for the characters of Devastation. It was quite the upload, so for whoever missed a few in the middle of all the spam:

BattleCON ALT - Arec by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Clive by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Clinhyde by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Malandrax by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Iaxus by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Kajia by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Ottavia by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Endrbyt by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Joal by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Karin and Jager by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Adjeena by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Alexian by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Runika by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Voco by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Rexan by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Mikhail by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Lymn by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Gaspar by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Pendros and Kavri by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Gerard by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Byron by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Kaitlyn by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Tanis by FontesMakua BattleCON ALT - Cesar by FontesMakua

I'm not done uploading stuff, but that'll be it for now. Currently I'm working on stuff for new projects, which I'll be showing soon enough. Until then, seeya next time!
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DA did something useful? Like... HOLY SHIT!!!

On another note...

I want this person's head!
Check it:

Come witness the epic battle between me and my ISP, as I try to stream some art making. Lookin' forward to see ye in there!
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Yep, I decided to put that up for free. So, for anyone who'd like a read:


And hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave any feedback on the page itself, here, through note, email, or wherever. ^^
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Word of advice: there's a "disable" button on the bottom-right corner whenever that stupid pop-up appears. Click it, and no more feline annoyance.

... and that's the only thing I like about this year's DA April Fools. -_-
You know... it's easy to point out at whatever it is other people might be doing wrong. But when looking at our own works, we easily get used to our mistakes to the point that we don't even notice them. So I'm making this journal so you, who follow my work, can tell me of any flaws I commit often... if you want to, that is.

Keep in mind, this isn't for flaws that I may have solved over time, or flaws that you've only seen on a single picture. This is for shit that I keep doing wrong to the point that I need someone else pointing it out for me. For things that you've only seen on a specific picture, feel free to leave a comment in it instead of in here. And heck, if you wanna ignore this journal and post criticism on my work in general somewhere else, like an upload, go ahead. I ain't picky.

This was the paragraph where I had stuff like "these are the limits by which I'll allow you to criticize me"... But none of that pussy shit. Someone has already mentioned something? Eff it, you mention it again to reinforce it. Not too fond of my art style? While doing a complete 180° on that isn't practical, if there are certain elements you think my style could benefit from (like a shading method, or whatever), by all means mention it. Had a bad day and wanna use this to practice your profanity typing skills? Sorry, but mindless bashing isn't criticism.

Lastly, I will NOT be replying to your suggestions UNLESS you point out something that actually requires a reply, like a direct question. I'll just keep all of this for reflection (and evolution) on my work.

So, don't be afraid to tear me a new one. Come and get me, maggots! XD
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Ok, people... watch this video:…

Now, for those who watched that video, and are probably crappin' your pants, right now...

Let's get one thing straight: the US government does NOT need to shut down MU just for a handful of IPs. If they REALLY wanted to arrest us all, they could simply contact each and every ISP, and ask for browsing registries for MegaUpload, RapidShare, Torrent downloads... Yes, because YOUR ISP can keep a record of EVERYTHING you do online!

So no... they're not coming after your asses. If they did, they'd have to turn the entire state of Texas into a prison. And EVEN THEN I don't think there would be enough space for everyone.

PS: Made a blog post about this with more detail:…
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Already mentioned this on both my blog and my webcomic, but I might as well make a journal entry specifically for this.

Click the image!

After two years, Ranter Works now has a forum. So, if you follow my stuff, and would like to discuss about it with other people, or if you just want a place to have some chit-chat, be sure to hop in!

Just remember to read the rules, or Takeshi might get you! XD…

Thanks for slapping that on my face, Microsoft!

EDIT: It's fixed! Got the scanner software running on a virtual machine with Windows XP, and all's working just fine! Wohoo! Used VMware, btw, for anyone who might have this problem (or knows someone who has it).

Also, this ain't Microsoft's fault, but HP's, for not making the HP Director software for Windows 7. The OS detects the scanner just fine, but without the proper software, we can't ask him much, can we? ^^;
Since I've done a few, already, might as well put 'em on a list. These are arranged from oldest to newest, according to upload. The ones done through a poll will be marked with an asterisk before the character's name.

- Fighter class (Final Fantasy):…
- Robo (Chrono Trigger):…
- Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog):…
- Knuckles (Sonic the Hedgehog):…
- Megaman (Megaman):…
- IA (Misc.):…
- Megaman (another) (Megaman):…
- Megaman X (Megaman):…
- Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy):…
*- Sheik (Legend of Zelda):…
*- Gadget (Inspector Gadget):…
- Protoman (Megaman):…
- Zero (Megaman X):…
*- Axel (Kingdom Hearts):…
*- Fierce Deity Link (Legend of Zelda):… - (BONUS:…)
*- Dante (Devil May Cry):…

Why do I do these redesigns? Is it because I just feel like it? Is it because there are flaws on a random character that I might want to fix? It depends. On some cases, while I find the character to be interesting enough as he/she is, I feel like taking the idea, and expanding it, or sometimes turning the concept upside-down, and give it a "what if" scenario. Sometimes, it's characters that I like, but their visuals might be a lil' behind the well-made concept that they are. This will lead to little more than an apparel change. Then, there are characters that, at least from my view, plainly suck, but still have some potential behind it's core concept. What I try to do, here, is to focus on that potential, and ignore COMPLETELY on the development it had. This may lead to redesigns that are nothing like the original, except from the starting concept.

Finally, we have characters that no matter how many times people ask me, I will NOT pick them up. This could be because the character's already perfect as-is... or, on the other hand, the concept's too stupid to even bother giving it a chance. While the latter will be kinda hard to come by, the former has happened before.

So, whenever I make a poll asking you guys for a character to redesign, ask yourselves first: "What would this character need, IF it needs something?"

And if you can't find any reason to suggest that character to me, ask yourself why. Try to go as deep as possible, because in the end, you might just find something. Or not. But that's what this is all about. Exploring a character concept to the tiniest detail, in search of ways to expand it.

And that'll be it. Seeya around, everyone!
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Yeah, it's like it is in the title. The winning character of the latest redesign poll was General Armstrong, from the Fullmetal Alchemist anime series.

The thing is that... I think the character looks just fine as he is, and I can't think of a way to recreate him, and simply changing his clothes is too lazy of a job, for me.

So, yeah... sorry if I'm lettin' anyone down with this one, but it's best not to force it. I don't wish to ruin one that is already a great character. :P
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First 5 people to comment will get a review on an art piece of their choice!

When commenting, be sure to post the art piece you want me to review. Your comment WILL NOT COUNT if you don't do so! Also, show me YOUR work. I don't wanna be held responsible for causing dramas on anyone's page for posting criticism that wasn't asked for. And if you already asked for a review, don't worry, you can ask for another one!

If you know someone who would like a review, let THEM post here, ok?

I'll do my best to point out it's good aspects, and what could be done to improve. My intention is not to destroy your work, but giving my own insight on how to improve. I may sound a bit harsh at times, but pay no mind to that, that how I talk. And those who follow my webcomic know that better than anyone. XD

Don't be afraid to show your stuff. I ain't gonna eat ya! XD