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Yoshi gonna Yoshi

Something I did during stream as a warmup. Also, Yoshi is most likely my favourite Nintendo character EVER. Consider this as part the sketches I've been uploading, recently.

9.5cm by 10cm piece of paper, cyan color pencil for sketch, HB 0.5mm mechanical pencil for lines, color pencils for coloring.

Yoshi © Nintendo.
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Yoshi is kool but i'm kind of getting sick of all Yoshi's Island Games.
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Well, at least Yoshi's Wooly World is showing promise, along with some good inicial reception. We'll see how that turns out.
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Yeah, I guess seeing the same Story over,and over is abit annoying which i think would be neat if Baby Luigi was raised by Bowser but doesn't really have the heart to be evil till he meets his real Brother, Mario and joins him.
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Meh, I'll always prefer the older story of the Mario Bros. coming from Brooklin. XD
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Yeah, I guess it's wrong for me to say that about the Yoshi's Story/Island Games since alot of the Mario Games has you save Princess Peach.