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The Desenrasca mk.III

And another update, this one far more relevant than just aesthetics.

- Arrow keys replaced with an analog stick module. No analog input due to the PCB not supporting it, so it'll behave pretty much like a d-pad. Oh well. This also means less wiring inside, making it more manageable.
- Layout reworked, mostly to accomodate for the analog stick.

Tried it on a few games (started with Minecraft and went up from there), and while it felt HELLA weird to use an analog at first... it's actually pretty nifty! This way, instead of using 2-3 fingers on the WASD keys, I only need the thumb to move the character, while keeping the rest of my fingers for other things (currently got the Spacebar allocated to 12, pressed with my ring finger).

A few more enhancements are planned, but nothing major like this. That I can remember, I'm just gonna make the cable removeable (already made it shorter, as you can see).

What's better than a fun project? One that's fun AND practical! Now I just gotta build the rest of the mech... damn, did I say that out loud?

Previous versions:
The Desenrasca Hotkey Unit by FontesMakuaThe Desenrasca mk.II by FontesMakua
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The idea of a sideways analog seems weird to me. Or do you hold it sideways instead? Can we see this in use?
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It actually feels more natural to use the thumbstick while pressing the keys, this way. Like, imagine an XBox or Nintendo controller (Playstation ones aren't as good an example for this) tilted 90 degrees, so you still push forward for Up.
Chocoppyica's avatar weren't kidding about Mk III. :O