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The Desenrasca mk.II

Improvement on this: 
The Desenrasca Hotkey Unit by FontesMakua

Rundown on improvements:

- More ergonomic layout (for me, at least).
- Actual sturdy housing made out of layered PVC sheets instead of foamcore, and ABS plastic for the key switch mount rather than plasticard.
- Larger wrist support, which doubles as space for the shortcut diagram (instead of having it in a tiny stand next to the device, like before)

I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Some more improvements are planned (like making the cord removeable with a Mini B USB port, for better portability), but as is I at least don't need to worry about the thing crubling on it's own. And my thumb feels a lot happier, too.

Yoshi plush Amiibo not included. :p

I'm also heavily considering making an arcade stick housing out of those PVC sheets. Those things are sturdy, yet VERY easy to work with!
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Damn man. That is bangin' out of control.
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Wait till you see Mk.III...
Chocoppyica's avatar
There's going to be a Mk III?! I can't wait. :D
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Otherwise it looks bloody brilliant.
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I would advise that with a later iteration you make it so that the removable usb cord can be stored within the controller. So that the cord doesn't get lost while being moved or stored.
FontesMakua's avatar
Hmm, not a bad idea at all. There's a bit of space inside the palm rest.
vader3321's avatar
I usually think of stuff like that as somebody who likes to keep his work space clean and uncluttered. -ignores the fact that currently his work space is the exact opposite-
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Run lil Yoshi run! Run from the madness! 
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